Behind The Scenes With Kylie Minogue


Last month we got to see a batch of very fun, very colorful photos from the latest Tous jewelry ad campaign featuring Aussie princess Kylie Minogue. Today we get to see a bunch of behind the scenes photos from that photoshoot … behold:

A surprise party in honour of Ms Kylie Minogue’ — the face of Spanish jeweller Tous, which launched in the UK this year — was the theme of the latest ad campaign for the brand. Cue a Parisian hotel suite filled with balloons and party paraphernalia. The photo shoot’s creative team, led by renowned German photographer Ellen von Unwerth, prepare for a shot on the ornate bed. Kylie with Rosa Oriol de Tous, co-president and design director of the family-owned jewelery business. Founded in the 1920s, the brand now has over 350 stores in 42 countries, including shops on London’s Regent Street and in Westfield shopping centre … The team sets the scene for one of the key campaign shots. “It was a party scene so the acting wasn’t difficult. Everyone was so joyful and energetic and we just had such a fun time with it. But I promise it was lots of hard work too,” says Kylie of the all-day shoot … Although Kylie had her modeling hat on in Paris for Tous, she chatted on set about a possible new album: “You know, a lot of people keep asking me about it, and I’ve also been thinking a lot about it myself…so I think the two combined is a sign that I should start working on it, and soon,” she jokes. The result — a campaign shot featuring a gold necklace (£173), bracelet (£179), earrings (£1,111) and ring (£1,087), all Tous. “There is so much sentimental value in jewelery,” says Kylie. “When I was eight my parents gave me a gold charm bracelet with a little frog on it. Don’t ask me why they chose a frog, but I love it! It’s tiny, but I still have it. It’s amazing that I have never lost it.”

I really love this campaign … it reminds me a bit of the opulence and colorfulness of Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette. Kylie is such a doll … and her talk of a new album is very exciting. As some of you are well aware, Kylie will be touring the US this Fall for the FIRST TIME EVER and I think those shows would be the PERFECT opportunity for her to try out some new material on the fans … just a thought. After the jump, check out the video that was shot for this new 2009 Tous ad campaign …

Very cute, very fun!! All this Kylie talk is so just foreplay for her coming US tour. September seems so far away … but it’ll be here soon enough … and then the US will finally get its true taste of Kylie Minogue. Looks delicious, right?



    I’m not a fan of her hair color. In my opinion it makes her look older than she is.

  • Aidan

    She’s so effing gorgeous! *sigh* OMG NEW ALBUM FTW!

  • mimi

    she’s totally got a carrie bradshaw vibe about her.
    gotta love kylie! doing us aussies proud.

  • Dee

    Have always loved kylie with the curly hair, takes her back to her Charlene days.