Les News, 061909

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  • canuckistani

    I’m just disgusted with Jon Gosselin. Not because he wants a divorce, but because he’s taking off to NY like he’s free as a bird. He’s got 8 kids and gives the impression he doesn’t want them because they cramp his style. He’s a spoiled, superficial jerk who’s been pouting about his wife and family situation for the last 2 years. He needs to grow up. His situation could be a helluva lot worse, but thanks to his wife and 8 kids, he’s part of a small fortune. He should be grateful but instead he’s standing by doing nothing while the mother of his children is dragged through the press. He’s probably enjoying it because he was too weak to confront her on her behaviour. I don’t blame her for treating him like a dolt, he is! Had it not been for her, he’d have nothing. He was in a deadend job when they met, she’s schlepped all over the U.S. to promote books that bring in money for the entire family and he has the gall to sit there and whine. Fuck off Jon!!!


    I am think it is horrible that woman has been fined for 1.9 million dollars for illegal downloading. I mean, yes, it is horrible to illegally download music but thousands upon thousands of people do it a day and they don’t get fined, do they? NO! I get that they’re sending a message but I doubt it will do any good… IDK. And ew, why is Cristanio or whatever his name is tanning again!? NO.


    OH and 2012 does look interesting because it’s actually ABOUT something but I’m just tired of the whole “world ending” movies in general.

  • manue

    does joe really spill that his brother is dating again miley cyrus?
    don’t you think he was talking of all girls they could have dated ?

  • EmCee

    Oh man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nick Jonas look more ready to kill someone ever. He looked like he was about to stab both Joe AND Larry King.

    Which means he MUST be dating Miley Cyrus now…because really, if it was just a generalization from the past, he would not be as angry at the world about it haha.

  • Green Is Good

    “A Minnesota woman has been fined $1.9 million for illegally downloading 24 songs.”

    Bitch, please. As Ripley said in Aliens “You can bill me!”.

    Where do they think a single Mom with four kids is going to scrap up a million bucks? Do they want them to move into a cardboard box?

  • Lula

    Not really surprised about women liking M/M romance novels. Weren’t straight women a HUGE QAF demographic?

  • Michelle

    I just watched the Larry King video on youtube and yeah uh way to spill the beans!! The look on Nick’s face when his brother made the remark about Miley was priceless… you could almost see the thought bubble form above his head with the word DUDDEEEE in it!! Poor poor Justin Gaston, not only does he know the real reason his gf up and left him, but now everyone else does too!