LeAnn Rimes Trading In Hubby Deane For Another Dean?


Uh oh … more relationship drama for LeAnn Rimes. After reportedly messin’ around with the very married Eddie Cibrian earlier this year, the also very married singer LeAnn Rimes was spotted in the close company of another man not her husband … sparking new talk that she is creepin’ around on her hubby Deane Sheremet. In Touch Weekly is reporting that LeAnn is lookin’ to divorce her husband Deane and leave him for a new relationship — but with who?? This report seems supported by new photos of Rimes and actor Dean Cain lookin’ awfully couply together on a dinner date at Nobu here in SoCal earlier this week:

Signing autographs for country music fans at the Nashville Convention Center on June 14, LeAnn Rimes looked as if there was nowhere she’d rather be. “She looked really pretty, and she was smiling a lot,” says fan Miranda Montgomery, who was at the convention center for the CMA Music Festival. But 20 miles away at their home in Franklin, Tenn., LeAnn’s husband, dancer Dean Sheremet, was not in a good mood at all. According to an insider close to the couple, LeAnn, 26, has told him that she is ready to file for divorce — and that she’s leaving him in the hopes of being with her married TV movie co-star Eddie Cibrian. “He is completely distraught and heartbroken,” says an insider. LeAnn and Dean’s marriage hit a major stumbling block back in March when photos surfaced of LeAnn kissing Eddie, whom she’d met on the set of the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. Yet LeAnn and Dean’s troubles are based on more than just Eddie. “It would be incorrect to say that she’s leaving Dean because of Eddie,” says a friend of the country star’s. “They have always had problems. They both got married so young — LeAnn was just 19 — and people just grow apart.” The friend also says that while the couple may soon divorce, they are still “figuring out what they want to do,” and insists that papers still haven’t been filed. But a real estate source says that the couple has put their Franklin home, purchased in 2003, up for sale and “want to get rid of the house fast,” and an associate says they have plans to split the assets. “I am sure that Dean is talking to friends and expressing his concerns,” the friend says.

What a crappy situation. First LeAnn is creepin’ around with Cibrian, then she’s creepin’ around with Cain … what a horrible situation for her poor husband. Here’s hoping she straightens out her biz soon so that everyone involved can move on. It looks to me like homegirl needs to make up her mind and decide who she wants to be with. It also looks to me that hubby Deane needs to decide how much of these shenanigans he’s willing to put up with.

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  • JJ

    Her husband needs to man up! I am all for spouses working it out, if both are indeed willing to do so. But c’mon, those photos of them leaving a hotel together, pictures of them kissing, Eddie’s wife calling Leann a stalker…Dean needs to move on! It is sad, though. I hate it when people try to blame this stuff on getting married young. Lots of people get married young and find ways to work through their probles without having affairs!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    @JJ he is probably staying with her because he knows is wife is a slut and he can get more money the more she creeps around.

  • Melinda

    Cibrian and Cain look a lot alike……..she is a very pathetic woman. If she is unhappy in her marriage, she should just get a divorce.

  • SuziLee

    I hate myself right now, but, I saw this on the TMZ show last night – Dean basically just walked Leann to her ride because she was like bombed, and like weavin while walking. He put her in the truck and closed the door, and hopefully adiosed this bit of a crazy mess. It’s sad what’s become of her.

  • It took me a second to realize that Leann has not been linked to Dean Cain before because he and Eddie Cibrian are such lookalikes!

  • LOVE G

    i feel bad for her husband… but yeah… i hope he gets the money from her hoe’ing around :x
    that’s just terrible what she is doing… ugh!

  • sarah

    It will be interesting to see what the fallout is, from this latest encounter with somebody other than her husband. Dean must feel like a fool, or have no spine. If I was a man, I wouldn’t allow any woman to cuckold me.

  • aimie

    maybe mindy mcready will put a beat down on that girl!!!! seriously, i had doubts when i heard she was a “stalker” but hello… that is almost as bad as the ross/russ thing on friends.

  • nysro

    She isn’t trying to hide this at all, so i think her “husband” doesn’t care for whatever reasons.. If she didn’t want him to know, you would think she would be smart enough to keep it a little more low key..
    but who knows , other than those involved.

  • Jetsetter23

    Eeeew. Dean is @Nobu on a regular basis with a different girl every time. They look like thay want to be seen…although the choice in clothing might suggest otherwise. ;-)

    Anyone who goes Nobu in Malibu knows all the cool kids sit outside…the bar is where you get stuck if you arrive with no res and you have no pull.

    Order the King Crab Special…it’s divine!

  • JessicaGiovanna

    She’s so ugly; she has nose picker nostrils.

  • Joanne

    Maybe her marriage has been over for a long time … she married really young (when she was breaking free from her parent’s control). People have been quick to make assumptions … we don’t know what is really happening behind the scenes … As for Dean Cain, well – we have all heard the rumours – nothing going on between those two.

  • Shelley

    What if these two have an open marriage? From the day they got married, her husband’s sexuality has been questioned. Maybe she’s just not as good at creepin’ as he is. It just goes to show how fickle the gossip world can be.

  • Annie

    I don’t get people making excuses for LeAnn: She got married young, her husband might be gay, maybe the marriage is over?? If any of those things are true, then she needs to file for divorce and walk away.
    But this hanging out with other men, engaging in this couple-y behaviour in public, is just plain wrong!! And trashy! Anyone’s marriage may fail, but end it and walk away with decorum. Does she really expect anyone to still think she loves her husband or is faithful to him?

  • treb

    My guess is her hubby doesn’t want to shave his beard.

  • benia

    @jj and mostly @mr. gyllenhaal, sadly. Sigh.

  • Shawn

    I agree with your comment..maybe it is a marriage of convenience or open marriage..I too have always questioned Dean’s sexualality..but whatever, it’s not for me to question they seem comfortable with one another and accepting…I have met both LeeAnn and Dean out in Nashville on multiple occassions (they do like to party!) and both are wonderful and very genuine people–They seem very happy together regardless of where they are in their marriage or in life

  • Q

    Stop making excuses for LeAnn’s sleazy actions. Her marriage may be over or open, but Eddie’s wasn’t. If he dumped her she needs to leave him & his wife & kids alone!!

    That being said Eddie’s wife needs to face reality that this mess isn’t even close to being all LeeAnn’s fault. Her hubby did her & their boys dirty & she needs to make him pay for that & hold him accoutable for his actions!

  • Cynthia Repsher

    You guys are all pathetic.NOTHING is going on with DEAN CAIN or with LEANN RIMES.They are just friends from way back when Dean and Mindy were involved.Damn! You guys take things way the heck out of context.Geez-SHUT UP! He just went to NOBU’s to wish her a happy birthday that night,and she got drunk on SAKE–that’s all.So he walked her out to her car,no big deal.He was being a friend and a gentleman.So what! Grow up! END of Story as I’ve heard him say.

  • Magnus33

    Do i believe she cheated yes.

    Too much this and that coming from her kind of gives that away.

    Do i believe her and dean cain got it on no.

    Look at the photos that’s not a couple..couples kiss and hold hands and get all romantic.

    That looks just like it is a couple of old friends.

    Totally unlike the Eddie photos which looked like cheating ways going on.

  • isabelle

    l’année passée les média le mariaient avec la blonde à la mini cooper qui avait joué melle churche dans lois et clark cette année ils en ont trouvé une autre….chaque saison notre séducteur est vu au bras d’une fille différente, n’est-il pas mieux célibataire,de cette façon il reste libre et peut faire profiter de sa personne parfaite a plusieurs femmes capables de l’aimer pour ce qu’il est et non pour ce qu’il représente et pour sa fortune