Jeff Archuleta Busted!


You gotta love American Idol because it is the competitive singing program that keeps on giving. It turns out that David Archuleta, last year’s AI runner-up (the Adam Lambert of 2008, if you will), has got a father who was arrested for patronizing a prostitute in Utah earlier this year … and we are only just now finding out all the gory details. Apparently, Archuleta went to a massage parlor and allegedly requested a special service from his masseuse … the cops raided the parlor and daddy dear was busted in the act. Um, EW!

David Archuleta’s dad made plenty of headlines when his son was chasing the “American Idol” crown last year, mostly for what some described as his stage-dad tendencies. Now, Jeff Archuleta is in the news again, only it has nothing to do with his son’s career. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Archuleta, 47, pleaded no contest in January to patronizing a prostitute and paid a $582 fine after a January 14 bust at the Queens of Reiki massage parlor in Midvale, Utah. Sgt. John Salazar told the paper that police had been investigating the business for several days after patients at a nearby doctor’s office complained that the masseuses at the parlor were arriving at the building in skimpy outfits. After the raid, the parlor was cited for operating without a license and Archuleta was given a citation for solicitation of prostitution. “Two of our detectives went back to that room to stop the activity,” Salazar said. “Inside, they found a female masseuse and male client. At that time an interview ensued and the male client admitted to receiving sexual gratification from the masseuse.” The client was Archuleta and the unnamed masseuse who allegedly gratified him was also cited. Court records indicate that Archuleta took a no contest plea on January 30 to the class B misdemeanor of patronizing a prostitute and paid the fine, agreeing to complete a counseling class. The case will be dismissed when he appears in court on June 30 for a review as long as he does not repeat the crime. Speaking to ABC4 News, Jeff Archuleta’s lawyer, Eric Bauer, confirmed that his client had been a customer at the parlor when police raided it, but said he went there to receive legitimate therapy for his back. Bauer said his client did not participate in any sexual activity but was advised to plea no contest to avoid negative publicity for David Archuleta, who was then embarking on a tour in support of his recently released debut album.

Aww … what a caring and loving father. How swell of Daddy Archuleta to NOT plead innocent to a crime that he claims he did not do and instead chose to plead no contest just to avoid creating negative publicity for his son. That is love, folks. Um … yeah, I’m sorry but I’m calling BULLSHIZZ. You just know that Archuleta was praying for the case to be dismissed at the end of this month without anyone becoming wise to his bust … but, alas, twas not so. I’m trying my darndest to not imagine Jeff Archuleta getting serviced at this massage parlor but I’m not being all that successful. I’m gonna go bash my head against concrete until I can wipe those thoughts from my poor mind :( If you’ll excuse me.


  • SuziLee

    I just read somewhere he found out about this awesome establishment on Craigslist. Can you say Father of the Year?!?! So sweet of him to just plead no contest. Nothin says I love you son, like admitting you got a happy ending at the me love you long time massage parlour!

  • Adam

    not a very sensitive post Trent. How would you feel if this was your dad and it was all over the internet? It’s embarrassing for David and should bear no reflection on him. Sensitivity-come on!

    • @Adam — Where did I say that this bore any “reflection” on David? It does not. It bears on his father, the story is newsworthy … and entirely gross.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    @ Adam, If this was my dad I would laugh my ass off. Look, he is grown man, he isn’t doing anything that far fetched. He was getting a happy ending. It is hilarious, sick, but hilarious. If David takes it any other way then sorry but his father is a grown man. LOL…I think this story is classic.

  • Knoxville

    @adam It is embarrassing for David that his Dad was allegedly getting a ‘handy’ in progress. Trent is merely reporting it. Don’t kill the messenger. Anything that involves the police is a matter of public record.

    In the words of Chris Crocker, “Leave Trent alone!”

  • Brian

    This will just make it easier for David when he decides he wants to come out. His father won’t be able to hold any self-righteous Mormon bullshit over his head.

  • troyS

    Skimpy outfits, call the police!

  • CoCo

    Cah cah! Seriously, NASTY! I wish that there was a way to report this story without his picture… because now I have that nasty image of the act in my head, too!!!! BLECK! NO THANKS!

  • Monica

    I feel so sad for poor David for having to deal with this crap just before he goes out on his summer tour. It’s like the whole stage dad stuff was finally starting to die down and now this had to happen. He is literally the NICEST kid who ever lived and and so talented too so it’s a real shame if it touches his career. I hope this story doesn’t have legs and that no reporter is tacky enough to ask David to comment on any of it. :(

  • Joanne

    I don’t think this is newsworthy … as I don’t think Michael Lohan is newsworthy … and this Idol kid really isn’t famous yet. I’d forgotten about him, along with all the others. I miss actual celebrity news.

  • I had no idea David Archuleta’s dad is Danny Bonaducci!

    Didn’t he also beat up a tranny prostitute a few years ago?