Ryan Reynolds Does ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Magazine


Ryan Reynolds, whose new film The Proposal opens in theaters this Friday (a movie that I got to see at a sneak preview last weekend and LOVED!), is featured on the cover and in the pages of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine. This week’s issue is the mag’s annual Must List issue and hottie Ryan was chosen as the coverboy star for the 2009 edition … here is his cute coverphoto:

Ryan Reynolds is simply too smart and self-aware to be so good-looking. The reticent hunk—who kicks off our Must List for 2009, thanks to his big-screen summer double shot of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Proposal–spent his EW cover shoot wielding a giant water gun instead of an ego, and try as he might, he simply cannot muster the arrogance to flaunt what he’s got. When asked if he’s comfortable as a sex symbol, Reynolds sighs. “If you take any of that seriously, you need to be euthanized, ASAP,” he says. “There are moments when you can use that to your advantage. But it’s really embarrassing. I think I fear more than anything just sounding like a complete a–hole when I have to answer that question.” So let’s skip to the work, where the 32-year-old Canadian is more at home. Of late, he’s certainly done enough of it. In a span of 15 months Reynolds shot four consecutive films: April’s teen comedy Adventureland; Wolverine, soon to spawn a spin-off for Reynolds’ sarcastic mercenary-turned-mutant, Deadpool; The Proposal, a romantic comedy (in theaters Friday) that lets him crack wise opposite old friend Sandra Bullock; and Paper Man, which debuted this month at the L.A. Film Festival, where Reynolds plays Jeff Daniels’ imaginary superhero friend. (He also found time last September to wed actress Scarlett Johansson, a marriage he prefers not to talk about beyond calling it “fantastic.”)

The coverstory on Ryan’s hotness continues after the jump — where you can also see another photo from inside the mag. Never fear, Ryan is still shirtless in the second photo …

The more prominent of his two tights-centric roles fit the actor perfectly, and it’s hardly an accident: For the past six years, Reynolds had been trying to develop a Deadpool franchise on his own. “At its core, this is a movie about a guy in a red spandex suit who’s in the midst of a shame spiral. That cracks me up,” he says, promising the next film will hew closer to the original Marvel mythology than Wolverine allowed. Meanwhile, in The Proposal, Reynolds dials down the bang-bang and dials up the charm, playing the assistant to a hard-driving book editor with an expired visa (Bullock). The two trade a sham marriage for a promotion, and high jinks ensue. A much-discussed naked Bullock scene aside, the real draw of the movie is a chance to see its charismatic stars go head-to-head. “We had a kind of Abbott and Costello routine we’d been doing for years anyway,” says Reynolds of the natural partnership. “When I get someone like Sandy to work with–who’s so good at hitting the gas–it’s perfect for me.” But even if the cross-gender appeal of this summer’s labor vaults Reynolds into the marquee stratosphere many have long anticipated he’ll reach, the Man Who Was Van Wilder But Has Since Proven He’s Capable of So Much More will still probably pass on the arrogance thing. “I’ve always just liked working. I like being a working actor,” he says. “There’s an old saying that you don’t ever finish a movie, you abandon it, and I really believe that. I never walk away from a take and pat myself on the back. You always walk away going, ‘Dammit, I should have tried this!’ It’s that possibility that keeps me coming back for more.” Wait, artistic integrity and hot abs? Did we mention the guy’s a Must?


Must Movie: Being There

Must TV Show: Intervention

Must Band: The Be Good Tanyas

Must Book: The Tale of the Unknown Island, by Jose Saramago

Must Videogame: N/A “I don’t really play videogames,” he says. “Is there a way to waste more fucking time? The Internet’s enough. The last videogame I played was Ms. Pacman.”

Must Website: The Huffington Post

Must Gadget: The Kindle

Must Scapegoat for the Moral Decline of Modern Society: Jon & Kate Plus Eight “I find that whole situation to be horrible and awful. Every time I see the headlines, I begin an inner hurricane of throwing up. I wanna see Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the Musical. Jon versus Kate. I wanna see four kids on one side, and four kids on the other, snapping menacingly to music as they walk toward one another.”

Le swooooon! See, Ryan looks pretty damn fantastic in these photos. While I’ll admit that he looked very “normal” (but hot normal) when my friends and I ran into him in person last Sunday, it’s in photos like these that I’m reminded how hawt he really is. EW is right, Ryan Reynolds deffo is a “must” … you simply must check out The Proposal when it opens this weekend. I really think you’re gonna love.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to pick up this issue of EW to find out what other Musts you simply cannot miss out on this Summer.


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    Truth be told, I will be buying this before the cover with Chace:)!!

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    God he’s so damn hot, and cute and sweet and Canadian!!

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    Holy 8 PACK Batman!!!

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    Man, his abs are impressive! He’ s got a good body, and is boyishly handsome. Much better looking than fugly ass Robert Pattinson.

  • Sweet lord jeebus…..I need a cold shower after that

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    Ah thanks for sharing things like this Trent. Warms me up inside ;) LOL

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    HOTT, even though he’s airbrushed within an inch of his life.

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    Still jealous you even saw him though…

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    He’s totally dreamy. Heard him on the radio this morning and he’s nice, sweet and even CUTE on the radio. And the fact that he’s married to Scarlett makes him even HOTTER. Will be seeing the movie based on your reco, Trent. Sigh…loves him!!

  • tatiana

    Okay….Am I the only one that thinks that his head looks STRANGE in that first picture? I’m not even sure its him. And he looks like hes lost alot of weight, coupled with the (usually not) weird spiky body hair. Im lot feeling the luv guys. (debbie downer).

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    dear goodness. he is so terribly fine. easy on the eyes, great voice, seems to have a sense of reality.
    swoon much, drool or anything.

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    ScarJo is one LUCKY bitch. And so is Alanis Morissette. They’ve both hit this. UGH IT MAKES ME SICK. I want to hit this =[

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    *swoon* That second picture is so cute! I love actors that don’t take themselves too seriously – plus, I’m a sucker for a cute goofball! ;) ScarJo is a lucky chick!

  • WOW!!!! Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. He’s the third one in my list of hottest bodies, Jason, Hugh, Ryan.
    Wish I could dream with him tonight

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    am feeling so jealous right now.. esp looking at EW’s cover of him.. *sigh*

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    i love ryan reynolds!!! he’s lookin’ so cute on the cover pic! & i love the ‘fun-ness’ of his pics! =] gimme more of him any day! =]

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    As if I didn’t already hate Scarlett for her movies and her awful personality!

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    hummanahummanahummana. I love Ryan Reynold’s hotness, because he’s been in the business for so long, I kinda feel like I knew him before he was hot and now…w-w-w-wow! He’s not only hot, he’s ridiculously funny.

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    I loves me some Berg!

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  • He is soooo HOT. I could cry.

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