‘People’ Magazine Names Chace Crawford The ‘Hottest Bachelor Of 2009’


People magazine has released its annual issue devoted to the Hottest Bachelors of the year and have made their selection for this year’s coverboy. You may recall that the mag named Mario Lopez as the Hottest Bachelor of 2008 … but this year, the honor goes to Chace Crawford. Chace has been deemed by People magazine as the Hottest Bachelor of 2009:

Chace Crawford talks to his parents every day, vacations with his younger sister and – unlike his Gossip Girl character – says dating a married woman is “a definite no.” Without question, success (he’ll star in the Footloose remake) couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. But what else is behind those blue eyes? PEOPLE’s Elizabeth Leonard and Jennifer Garcia found out. Here’s a sneak peek of the interview with PEOPLE’s Hottest Bachelor!

On his first kiss: “It was fifth grade. Her name was Kiley Smith and she was my best friend’s twin sister. It was one of those super-awkward things. We were at camp, on a lake, really picturesque – it¹s kind of seared into memory! We’re still friends.”

On a perfect date: “All you need is a pool table, beer, an electric jukebox and good conversation. The day a girl beats me in a game of Beirut [a kind of beer pong] is a good sign!”

On being single: “I’m not not looking for a girlfriend – but I’m not particularly looking for a girlfriend, either. I’m not knocking having a relationship; at the end of the day, you want to share with someone. But I just look at it as, I have the rest of my life to do that. I’m not in any rush.”

On dating Carrie Underwood: “I have nothing bad to say about that experience. It was awesome. I just didn’t know how to deal with it. I learned a ton about dating someone in that kind of spotlight. It was such a whirlwind, but no regrets.”

On the made-up gay rumors about him and co-star Ed Westwick: “You know what we really did the first time we heard it? Ed goes, ‘Oh, did you hear that rumor about us being gay?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, man.’ He starts laughing and we’re kind of like, ‘Okay, you want to go play pool and have a beer?’ “

To be honest, I thought for sure that British heartthrob Robert Pattinson was gonna get the nod from People magazine as the Hottest Bachelor of the Year. There ain’t a day that goes by that People doesn’t do a story or even a blurb about R. Pattz and his effect on his fans. He seemed the shoe-in choice for this year’s #1 Hottest Bachelor … but clearly I was wrong. That’s not to say that Chace Crawford isn’t a great pick … he’s deffo a much-in-demand hottie and is an excellent choice for Hottest Bachelor of 2009. But, Chace is not alone on this list of hawt bachelors. After the jump, check out some of the other single men who made this year’s list of Hottest Bachelors — yes, R. Pattz made the list as did a now openly gay celeb …

Robert Pattinson and Adam Lambert are joined on the list by other single hotties like Shia LaBeouf, Brody Jenner, Common, Chris Pine, Taylor Kitsch, Ryan Eggold, Kellan Lutz and more. It looks like People really covered all the bases again this year … but the full list of 2009’sm 45 Hottest Bachelors won’t be revealed until this new issue of People magazine hits newsstands later on this week. Did YOUR fave bachelor make the list this year? Is there anyone missing that YOU hope will be revealed when this new issue is released?


  • Ana S.

    Yay for Taylor Kitsch! He’s definitely a Hottie!

  • Meagan

    Channing Tatum!! He may be engaged but until the vows are said he is still one of the hottest bachelors around!!

  • ju-ju bean

    I’m all over Glambert…except the website actually says he was the winner of idol. LOLZ. Barf=Brody.

  • ellenez

    Yes to common!! He is usually forgotten but sooo fine!

  • Karly

    I so love Shia! I think his attitude is so hot.
    I DO NOT think R. Patz is hot in any way AT ALL

  • nisha

    no offense to chace but i don’t think he deserved it r patz definately does but shia and chris are better looking too.chace just doesn’t have the wow factor in my opinion.thanks for posting

  • canuckistani

    Maybe people couldn’t admit an Englishman is hotter than a Yank!!!

  • sandee

    Yes he is good looking but at 24 (I’m 42) I feel like a Cougar LOL!

  • Amanda

    I would definitely pick Chace over R.Patz. But I am surprised they didn’t give it to Chris Pine. Fresh off the Star Trek buzz, I would have thought he was a shoe-in for the title.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I don’t think Chace is anything special but when I saw the last picture of him I understand why now:)!!

  • DC

    Robert Pattinson should have been been deemed as the Hottest Bachelor of 2009. He’s just too gorgeous!!!

  • MaxFever

    I just don’t understand how suddenly Robert Pattinson is attractive. Where were all these fan girls when he was in Harry Potter? He was the same then as he is now except now he looks dirtier and his hair is mess. Are people attracted to him because he’s dirty looking or because he has a lead role?

  • Dusty

    @ MaxFever: he had fan girls before there was just no media paying attention then.

    Not that Chase didn’t deserve it, but this was like the year of Robert Pattonson. How did that happen?

  • Maureen

    Adam Lambert. Really? I’m so sick of him.
    And I love me some R. Patz but he looks perpetually constipated. Am I right?? Note to him; looking like you are straining to poo doesn’t = sexy & fierce.

  • Lauren

    Robert Pattinson? Gay? Seriously?

  • Lulu

    No one said RP is gay. The only being referenced in that effect is Adam.

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    I love me some R.Patz, maybe “People” found Chace a better candidate because of the fact he calls his parents everyday and vacay’s with his sister. Not to say that R.Patz doesn’t, but there are a lot of things that make someone sexy, not just looks.

  • Ama

    Hm yeah, the only one I find attractive is Kellan Lutz, though I wish they would have put a better picture of him in there. XD

  • jill

    Common! Swoon! His voice makes me feel like jelly inside. He has great style too. Good choice People!

  • Jennifer

    Brody’s picture, like he’s Fabio on the cover of some romance novel, is totes laughable! It’s the worst kind of cheesy!!

  • LemonFairy

    much better choice than pattinson – he’s gross.

  • nicole

    id put, chris pine, commin, robert, wayyyyy before chace. i know Kellan made the list too – id pick him before Chace. they soo got it wrong this year.

  • random00b

    Chris Pine had some skin issues that were actually distracting (to me) when they did close-ups during Star Trek. Speaking of which, where’s Zach Quinto?

    Also, Common? D-A-M-N! How’d Serena Williams get so lucky?

  • Laura

    Hot!! I definitely find Chace hotter than R-Patz (I know he’s big in America an all) but I have to say it’s pretty funny almost all of the guys who made it to the list have seriously tweezed their eyebrows to death! Ha! mm and yeah, I agree with radom00b, where’s Zach? Pine and Quinto are too gorgeous for words :)!

  • rosyanna098

    I totally loved Robert from when he was first in Harry Potter- I’m not a big fan of twilight
    and whats up with Brodie’s pic?? Ewww

  • velcrodots

    And now for my Chandler impersonation:
    “Could this list BE any more wrong!”

    Seriously, where are all the brits? (Excluding rob, I’m so sick of him its not even funny)

  • B

    Adam Lambert…..YUMMMMMMY!

  • Deb

    Brody Jenner? Are they serious? I was kind of hoping the rest of the list would be filled out with names like Prince Harry, Milo Ventimiglia, Dev Patel and Leonardo di Caprio. But now I suspect we’ll see such glowing examples of male chivalry and hotness as Doug Reinhard, Chris Brown, Wilmer Valderrama, and O.J. Simpson.

  • heather

    chace crawford’s hair is just so ridiculous to me. and as far as sexy…robert pattinson! i about die every time i see a pic of him!

  • elle


  • Becks

    Robert Pattinson is SO unattractive. He always looks like he’s high. How is that hot?
    But I guess that if he didn’t make this list., fans would force PEOPLE out of business.

    Taylor Kitsch is a hottie though… mmm mmm mmm Timmy Riggins!

  • Leena

    Niemand wird ernsthaft bezweifeln, dass Christopher Chace Crawford sehr heiß ist. Denn unser Christopher Chace ist noch immer der schönste und süßeste junge Mann auf unserer Erde. Besonders erotisierend ist unser bezaubernd schöner Adonis, wenn er von seinen Wangen bis zu seinem Bauchnabelchen frisch rasiert ist. Dann nämlich sind seine knackigen, sehr zarten, total leckeren Brüste und sein supersüßes Bäuchlein absolut sexy. Und dann ist schon der Anblick seines unbekleideten Oberkörpers ein Hochgenuss, der sich bis zum Orgasmus steigern kann, wenn man diesen Traumkörper behutsam berührt und ihn immer wieder sehr liebevoll und ganz zärtlich streichelt und küsst. Ich sehne mich so sehr danach, unseren Christopher Chace oft auf diese und auf andere Weise zu verwöhnen. Doch wem schenkt schon das Leben dieses Glück?

    Beloved Chace, I love you very much.