Paris Hilton Invades Dubai


Paris Hilton, newly single from ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt and separated from rebound fling Cristiano Ronaldo, has made her way to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in order to extend her nefarious reach into the Persian Gulf. Paris will be doing a Dubai version of her competitive reality TV show My New BFF in Dubai as well as making public appearances at various locales in the city. Paris has been posting photos and tweets to her official Twitter profile … so I thought I’d share some of her messages with all y’all:

I’m Loving Dubai :)

Wearing the Evil Eye to ward off evil.

Salam Dubai means Hi Dubai

I Love Middle Eastern Culture and Fashion, so beautiful!

Camels are so cute! I can’t wait to go on a camel ride. Yay!

Dubai Rocks! :) yay

Um … on behalf of the United States of America to the fine people of Dubai … apologies. Also, if you wanna keep her — she’s yours.


  • ally

    i kinda feel bad for this season’s contestants on BFF. they have no idea that she already has plans to kick ’em to the curb for a dubai chick. “irregardless,” i’m still gonna watch her make those poor girls squirm. =P

  • Green Is Good

    I hope the camel bucks her off and spits on her.

  • Kristi

    Too freakin funny Trent…I agree that they can keep her as well!

  • Camille

    “Yay” ? Seriously ? She’s an ass =)

  • Janelle

    when is she going to grow up? really?

  • ~M~

    NO! don’t watch this stupid vapid lame scripted show! NO! It sickens me to see these people that DO want to be friends with her and think she’s ‘hot’ – WTF.
    Also, this picture of her makes her look like an alien… ah, if only we could claim she wasn’t part of the human race.

  • Madsme

    The Eye looks like it’s gone kinda wonky again. Perhaps she has to turn her head that way to see properly?

  • Shell

    Does this mean she’s going to adopt a camel for her petting zoo in Beverly Hills?

  • ohmybuddha

    man i hope she breaks one of their many laws & gets thrown in jail (again) THAT would get rid of her for at least a couple years…

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    LMAO…I love Paris but she looks Ridic!! Poor Camels…I hope they put a blanket down so they don’t catch anything while she is riding them.

  • redhead

    Isn’t Paris like 27,28? At what point will she start acting somewhat like an adult? “yay”? “camels are so cute”? BFF… please.

  • SuziLee

    LOLOLOLOL Trent – looooooved loved loved that last line!!! God, why can’t she meet some Arab Prince & just stay over there & have a bunch of “cute” camel pets.

  • Blair

    Hopefully she will get caught having sex on a beach(very very illegal in Dubai) and get sent to prison for a long time. If nothing more just to stop those ridiculous tweets.

  • Ana S.

    “The Evil Eye” i think its more like her regular wonk eye. Maybe thats her nick name for her wonk eye.

  • Michelle

    Do you think if we offer to pay them support they will be more inclined to keep her?!

  • debho

    I have to agree. She sounds like a 12 year old here. When is she going to do something constructive with her life I wonder? I feel sad and embarrassed for her.

  • LemonFairy

    She’s 28/29 and she talks like a 15 year old teenager, Her twitter name is: ‘Babygurlparis’ (something like that)

  • Shazz

    She looks gorgeous =]

  • debho

    @LemonFairy…seriously? That’s her twitter name? rofl. Even more embarrassed for her now.

  • CoCo

    UH OH!!!! She forgot to turn her head the other way… Her wonkey eye is to the camera! hahaha! Paris, you have lost your touch! ;)

  • Renee

    i hope the camel gets one of those 3 foot long boners while she’s riding it, how cute would that be!

  • nora

    wonk wonk wonk

  • nysro

    Maybe she will get caught with some prescriptions that arn’t hers, or something better like cocaine , and they keep her ass for a few years. Seems like every fiber of her being would be an insult to their no tolerence laws.

    If that doesn’t happen, KEEP HER!

  • ag

    oh god no! we, the good people of dubai, would love to get paris out of here. interestingly, she isnt staying at the hilton here but at the intercontinental.

  • Steph

    I personally hope I bump into her! We need some excitement here in the desert!

  • jennifer

    please keep her