Robert Pattinson Makes The Girls Go WILD


Robert Pattinson, who we know is currently working on his newest film Remember Me in NYC this week, was met with a few rabid fans yesterday … and barely escaped with his life! A mob of overzealous fans attempted to get close to him for photos, autographs, etc. and ended up attacking him with their lurve. Here are a few pics of R. Pattz trying to avoid being crushed to death by his lady fans and some deets on what went down:

Amidst the hundreds of screaming fans, it was impossible to even spot the film star. British actor Robert Pattinson was lost in the crowd as he tried to leave his trailer yesterday. The crew of his new film linked arms to protect him after a solitary police officer was overwhelmed as fans young and old mobbed the Twilight star. Luckily, some burly security guards were on hand to escort the 23-year-old Londoner safely through the sea of young women – and men – to his film set. The actor then smiled with relief as he grabbed a cigarette and a coffee and tried to calm down. Former child model Pattinson’s first role was as tragic Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter series – which also launched the careers of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. He is currently filming Remember Me – but is better known for his role as 108-year-old vampire Edward Cullen in the film Twilight. It has thrust him into the spotlight and with three films left in the series – New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Down – his fame seems unlikely to diminish. Pattinson says he finds his new life ‘bizarre’ and is still adjusting to his high profile.

Fortunately, from the awkward smile on his face, it looks like Rob is trying to enjoy all of the frenzied attention but I imagine it can be pretty scary to get caught in the scrum of screaming fans. At least when a boy band gets mobbed by fans (a la N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, etc.) there are a few targets for fans to zero in on … poor Rob is all by himself when he goes out so he gets all of the rabid attention. Here’s hoping Robbie is able to continue enjoying the attention … cuz it doesn’t show any signs that it will be slowing down anytime soon.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • nyc

    hey trent — i was there for this yesterday — one of the craziest things i’ve ever seen! hordes of screaming girls with cameras out literally running after him, right by washington square. i turned a corner and was nearly run over by the mob. there there were all these adults/business people standing around laughing. totally hilarious! poor guy — it was soooo loud and scary.

  • A

    I saw the video of this and it was, to be frank, horrible. I hope he can take it and I hope it’s not like this when he comes home to London.

  • Madsme

    Yeah I second that…poor guy. I’m sure this is really claustrophic and horrible, and having to smile and look like you’re loving it must really take its toll. Hope he can get better security in the future. Doesn’t really seem like the kinda extrovert, attention-loving guy who would thrive in this sort of scene.

  • LOVE G

    AWWWW POOR ROB… it must be overwhelming for him…

  • robin

    man twilight people are nuts! those big ol security guys couldn’t protect him from little girls?

  • robin

    p.s. there are some super hot pictures of him from this incident at wwtdd. and can you imagine how weird it would be to have someone you don’t know run up and hug you? eek!

  • ~ I n F a m o u s ~

    good to see he’s going to be playing edward in every movie. some people use acting skills, others.. like the pattinson’s and efrons use hair. LOL.

  • lyndyloo

    @infamous, Rob is actually a good actor….please don’t compare him to Zeffron.

  • Michelle

    You know as much as it would be cool to run into him in NYC I have enough respect for him to not throw myself into his arms like those chicks did in the pictures. I’m going up there for a bus tour next week and I was wondering where they were filming this… I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye out for crazy screaming girls to get my answer!! On the plus side every other famous person in NYC right now can go about their biz perfectly unnnoticed so they should thank the guy!

  • canuckistani

    New bodyguards – pronto! They should’ve been flinging those crazy fans aside like Rambo!


    Poor guy! I do feel sorry for him… and yeah, those bodyguards need to be like, all up in that! They’re too old.

  • Jackie

    wow those girls are so disrespectful. I was by the filming too and would never throw myself at him like that. So pathetic. I even saw some grown a$$ women w/Twilight bags running after him, LOL…..oh yeah, Rob is sooooo attracted to that. :P
    Usually us New Yorkers are cooler than to act like this around celebs, we pretty much leave them alone. Rob frequents the bars here and NO ONE bothers him. I guess he’s fair game if he’s filming?

  • tatiana

    Poor guy. The only thing he wants to do is walk down the street.