Heidi Montag Maintains She Felt ‘Persecuted’ On The Today Show


Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, newly returned from the jungle of Costa Rica after they failed to successfully endure a stint on the NBC competitive reality TV show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!, spent all of yesterday making the rounds in NYC appearing on various TV talk shows to talk about their behavior on the NBC show. Their day started with an appearance on The Today Show where the couple were interviewed on live television by Al Roker. Roker, clearly not a fan of Speidi, grilled them on the behavior they exhibited on I’m a Celebrity and seemed to enjoy making the couple squirm on national TV. Heidi Montag says that she felt “persecuted” by Roker and spent much of the rest of the day giving interviews to that effect. The couple paid a visit to the Extra! TV studios and talked about their appearance on The Today Show:

After surviving in the jungle (and Four Seasons) in Costa Rica, Speidi flew to New York to talk to Al Roker on the “Today Show” — and now they say Al went on the offense! During their interview, Roker asked the “Hills” duo about their stint on “I’m a Celebrity,” and at one point told Spencer that people think he’s a jerk, and quizzed Heidi hardball style. “The guy was a bully — nobody has ever verbally berated my wife like that,” Spencer tells “Extra.” “He got very aggressive with me,” Heidi chimed in. Mrs. Pratt tells “Extra” that she was literally driven to tears by Al’s questioning about the drama on “Celebrity,” saying, “I felt like I was being persecuted.” Heidi adds, “Women should know… he’s not just gonna be, you know, normal and courteous to you.” Spencer admits that he was so upset that he almost threw a punch! “I was like, ‘this guy’s about to get hit.’ My heart was just pounding, ‘be good Spencer, don’t hit him in the face.'” After the interview, Roker wrote on his Twitter, “Heidi and Spencer are an interesting couple. famous for… being infamous. Bad and vacuous behavior. I think we’re at minute 11 of their 15.” Spencer replies, “Congratulations, you get to be talked about for a day. Must be cool.” Heidi adds, “I’m gonna pray for him ’cause I feel like the devil really got a hold of him.”

LMAO!! When Speidi have reached the level where they get into public feuds with someone like Al Roker … you know they’ve made it! But, lest you think that the dynamic duo spent all of their time talking about Roker, they did talk about other issues — like Spencer’s plan to become President of the United States of America:

“When I’m in the White House as the President of the Unite States, this beautiful amazing, county then I’ll be like, ‘Okay, I’ve done what I’ve dreamt my whole life to be.’ That was the game plan to become the most famous person on the planet, so when I’m campaigning, people will know who I am. No one knew who Obama was and now he’s the President. Just imagine what I’m capable of….I plan to be the President of the United States in the next 20 years.”

As well as plans for the couple to launch their own record label:

“Ready for this. Exclusive. Heidi and Spencer are about to sign….our own distribution deal for each of our records through Warner Music Group. Heidi and Spencer. Speidi have their own record label now with distribution through Warner Music, so we’re both going to put out albums…”

Lord have mercy, heaven help us all. I think I’m more interested in going back to that Al Roker interview. In case you missed it (or just want to see it again), you can see the full Speidi interview on The Today Show to see what all the hub-bub is about …

Now that’s entertainment. So … do y’all think Heidi was persecuted? Are you Team Speidi or Team Al Roker?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I understand this kind of behavior is their gimmick but don’t they know what to stop? Who the hell is going to buy anything from these two? They are probably the most annoying people out there today. Also, there whole Jesus bit is trying to tap into the midwest and crazy religious areas of our country. That is all.

  • Mander

    I kept watcing the video and waiting for the “Big Meanie AL” part…. seriously, I don’t think Al Roker did or said anything that could be could be construed as even faintly aggressive. What did happen was that Speidi expected to skate through a fluffy interview and instead got direct, fair-minded questions about their questionable (translation: rude and obnoxious) behavior on the show.

    My mama always told us kids that if you’re gonna dish it out, you’ve gotta be able to take it… looks like Speidi never learned that lesson. I can’t wait for the day when these two fade into obscurity.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Oops. I meant their not there

  • JeY-JaY

    OH NO OH NO!! My hair hasn’t been properly conditioned in the last half hour…….Oh thank god my wife just got me some leave in conditioner that should hold me over for the next 20 minutes until I make it to the salon. For the love God I thought Mis. Paris Hilton was full of Hot Air. These two have got to be the 2 most dimwitted, up tight, still holding mommy and daddy’s hand because I didn’t get the cookie I wanted from the bakery brats. If you’re going to the jungle then more than likely you are going to (you guessed it) the jungle. How dare they not have a star bucks with a 5 star resort and spa treatment. Why these two went on the show is beyond reason but their being together makes perfect sense. It proves that 2 nerds/brats/air headed bafoons can still combine their mental powers and achieve the thinking capacity of a potted plant. Good ridance to a waste of oxygen, flesh, and all that hot air these two mensa members have building up inside them. Puhlease these two belong in a petting zoo where people can hand feed them.

  • Dustin

    Team Roker!

  • Jacq

    It seemed to me that Al was speaking on behalf of the general public. It boggles my mind that these two douche-nozzles are, seemingly, still rising to more fame. And, seriously, what does Heidi expect based on Spencer’s attitude/persona? It is like all the old videos of Lohan calling Paris the c-bomb and turning around with the declaration that she didn’t say what she clearly just said!
    Also, they probably got interviewed by Al because no truly legitimate newsperson would touch them with someone else’s dick.

  • robin

    yeah al roker was kind of a jerk. why was heidi crying about her shampoo not having labels?

  • You know, I think I’ve figured it out. These two aren’t really a pair of vacuous, self absorbed attention whores. They’re Andy Kaufman level satirists!

  • Tracy

    If you ask me, Al was way too polite. I want someone to rip these 2 a new asshole. They are the biggest pieces of shit on the planet.

  • Anne

    @Jey-Jay- LOLOLOL “they belong in a petting zoo where people can hand feed them!” that would be a great show to watch

  • Margie

    How about Al Roker for President?!

  • Sam

    I wish they would just go away…they are two most useless people in the world.

  • Todd

    I love how Heidi is praying for everyone and using Jesus to calm Spencer’s anger and oh oh oh what magazine is she appearing in again??? Was it Better Home and Gardens? Martha Stewart? Oh no that’s right Playboy….what a good christian girl. I look up to her. =P NOT!!!

  • sugaredpeas

    it says everything that spencer pratt actually believes that he could be president of the US.

    the hubris of the mindless.

  • Jay

    Stop hiding behind Jesus you fucking losers… And if we all stopped paying attention to them… They’d go away… Until then they are getting exactly what they want…

  • Heather

    Al Roker was too nice. These two are idiots!

  • spazzecu

    This is great! Al asked them all the questions that normal people think on a daily basis!!! Great stuff!!!! I also agree with Jay. Even bad publicity is publicity. They are getting exactly what they want….attention.

  • Judy

    Please, for the love of god, stop posting items on them. They maintain their fame because bloggers like you decide news items about them are worthy on your website. Can’t we give them the silent treatment until they go away?

  • I look forward to the day when bloggers stop giving them the time of day and magazines ignore them. I hope they keep burning bridges so that other legitimate interviewers will not give them the time of day. (After this I will stop even commenting on them)

    Al Roker was a gentleman.

  • karen

    is there another link? this video is not working anymore.

  • A

    I don’t even think he was that harsh! But at the end of the day this has just got them MORE publicity. I love them, they are utter famewhores and they are completely honest about it, all they want is money and for people to be talking about them and they have both. Spencer for President I say!!

  • samantha

    ughhh they are the most annoying, self-absorbed, irritating people ever. the fact that we have to put up with this childish, immature behavior is ridiculous. i don’t think al roker did anything wrong, he just wasn’t going to let them skate by with unanswered questions. he wanted an answer to the questions he asked them and fortunately for us it was awkward and enjoyable to watch! these people need to fall into obscurity because i can’t take them anymore, at least we now have kristin cavalleri to (hopefully) put them in their place.

  • karen

    ok, its working now..

  • Gaby

    These two are the stupidest people Ive ever seen. I mean if I was at the airport and I saw these two I think I would throw my drink on them. They both deserve a slap but mostly they need a big cock in there mouth just to shut them up. Heidi can’t defend herself and Spencer is just to much. You guy are not celebrities just dumbass who decided on appearing on a reality show.

  • Jstar

    @Mander–I agree with you 100%….I saw nothing that made me think Al was being unfair to either of the Douches or I mean Pratts

  • Natty

    Of course they want to create their own record label. Cause noone real ones will sign them!

  • Joanena

    Trent: Yes please, no more blogging about these cretins. They do not deserve your wit.

  • Leena

    Every time they try to invoke religion by claiming to be “saved” or to “pray for someone” it makes me sick to my stomach. There are millions of people every day that take religion very seriously and its a slap in the face that we give them any kind of attention while they’re talking that mess (or ever, really). Haven’t they ever heard that God don’t like ugly?

  • Lis

    Al was’nt rude to them at all! I can’t stand these delusional idiots!!

  • Ella

    Persecution?? Do they know what that is? President of the US? Holy fuck these are the two most delusional, privileged, spoiled brats in the entire planet. We really need to just all ignore them… I think they will spontaneously combust.

  • Ella

    AHH i just watched the vid and Spencer is just the biggest douche that has ever existed in the entire world. Ever. Remember when he was on David Letterman and Letterman just laughed in his face? Yeah that was awesome.

  • Renee

    the only reason they’re famous is because they’re a laughing stock. hopefully god will strike them down with a lightening bolt.

  • Michelle

    OMG they have now totally and completely crossed over into the world of crazy!! Maybe they drank the water in Costa Rica (can you drink the water there, does anyone know?) maybe they fell and smacked their heads while chillin in that jungle… maybe some exotic bug that we don’t have in the US bit them or something but who in their right mind goes on the record to say the BS that came from them after that interview? I watched it yesterday online and I had to actually watch it more than once before I was convinced that nothing was edited out of what I was seeing. Seriously, they should be lucky they were interviewed by Al Roker, who in my opinion was tame compared to some of his collegaues (I would LOVE it if Barbara Walters interviewed them…. that woman is FIERCE! She can make ANYONE cry!) Can we send them back to Costa Rica?! PLEASE?!?!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Oh and the day that Spencer Pratt announces his bid for the Presidency is the day I get my Passport and hop a plane to Europe!

  • Jennifer

    Please someone make these 2 go away!!!! I almost feel sorry for them when they do finally grow up and have children and they see what absolute fools they have made of themselves.

    And the media is no better than them because they keep interviewing them and running their ridiclious antics in the weekly rags.

    Did anyone see them on the view yesterday? Barbara Walters didn’t make it easy for them either and by the end of the interview Whoopie looked like she wants to rip her hair our. Enough of enough of these two!

  • Jennifer

    @Michelle they were on the view yesterday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-wJxIBTxBE for some reason no one is really mentioning this interview in the media.

  • Andrea R.

    They are absolutely fucking ridiculous.

  • JJ

    I’ll be honest, part of me thinks these two are completely brilliant. They’ve created this whole obnoxious, half-witted, spoiled rich kid persona and people can’t stop talking about how much they hate them. Seriously, 37 comments just to talk about what dumb***es they are!

  • Laura

    @ JJ ditto. And now it’s 38… damnit! Team Roker. T’was a fair interview with reasonable questions

  • Meme

    Douchebags…..I wish I could write something more eloquent to convey how I feel about those two but Douchebag fits so well.

    I think we are at 14.59, just waiting for the last second to tick over. Any chance of a Speidi break Trent, I think you can see the majority of us are sick of them?

  • Karly

    Please stop posting about them. I know they’re messy news loving people but can’t we rise above? I’m so tired of them being EVERYWHERE.

  • Harper

    I seriously don’t think I’ve ever been SO ANNOYED by celebrities. It’s almost like they’re not real people, because I can’t believe some of the things that come out of their mouths. Ughhh I hope these two go away VERY soon.

  • Maddie J

    I love you Trent, but I agree with everyone else here when they say stop posting about them! i HATE that they annoy me so much and that I’m actually posting a comment about these two but uggghhhh!!! I always wonder if in like 10 years they are going to look back and thing “we were such idiots!” but i doubt it because they are so delusional.
    As for Al Roker, I think he did a great job and was in no way “aggressive” with them. I think they are making a big fuss about it, simply to get their names on headlines. They pretty much make a fuss out of anything to get their names out there. Makes me want to pull out my hair!

  • Rachel

    Team Roker….as if there was really any question.

  • I must say also Trent please stop giving these two clowns your attention, I know I am guilty for reading this shit about them too, but I cannot stand them!!

  • Rachel

    Roker was just plain to nice. If that was me interviewing them I’d make sure at least one would be crying.
    Can every gossip column stop following them and then maybe they will finally disappear. Please!

  • kelly

    if i was Roker i would have been hella meaner, i absolutly hate these two vile human beings, they need to shut the fuck up and fade into obscurity like everyone else from those stupid shows…… why in the name of gods striped pajammas would someone let these two start a record lable, are they mental, i could go on forever about my hate for these two. TEAM ROKER!!!

  • Cassie*

    TEAM ROKER ALL THE WAY!!!!! Speidi ooze insolence!!!–Most ignorant people in America, I’m sure!!

  • Maddie J

    well..im glad we are all on the same page here:)

  • Jess

    I missed the Big Bad Boogie Man Roker part. Where was it again? I was distracted by all the shit spewing out of Speidi. These two people are repulsive.

  • G


  • Laura


  • loonytick

    Oooooh, he’s so mean! He insisted she answer his question instead of rambling off in another direction! How HORRIBLE!


    I caught these two on Jimmy Fallon that night. They finally explained the dry shampoo issue: they had hopes of launching a new brand of hair products and had plans of getting those bottles and their labels on camera as much as possible as free advertisement. Without labels, their little (pathetic) business plan was impossible to carry out.

    Of course, I don’t think it would have worked. The IAC,GMOOF editors carefully edited out any reference to the dry shampoo being a product for sale by Speidi (which made Tori’s faux ad confusing, but whatever)…I bet they would have also blurred the label or not included any footage of it being used since Speidi did not PAY to advertise a product.

  • noooooooooo

    Sounds like Heidi found GOD out there in Costa Rica. I thought GOD and Christianity were all against vanity, gloat, envy, deceit, etc? I think those are all Heidi’s top ‘qualities’.