Ed Westwick Does ‘GQ’ Magazine


Sacha Baron Cohen’s nekkid Brüno coverphoto is not the only reason to pick up the new issue of GQ magazine … Gossip Girl hottie Ed Westwick is also featured inside the mag, modeling some of the fashion “pieces that embrace timeless style and construction” that stylish men will be wearing this Fall/Winter. Here are Ed’s sexy GQ modeling pics along with the short article that accompanies his spread:

On the first-ever episode of the outrageously hyped television sensation Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick’s character, Chuck Bass, bookended a pair of date-rape scenes with a weed reference and the memorable zinger—delivered to the show’s principal, Serena—“Your life is over, slut!” “Villain is such a harsh word,” Westwick says from a hotel room in Washington, D.C., where he has just attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It’s hard to imagine what a recently minted 22-year-old television antagonist from England was doing pressing the flesh with Beltway muckrackers. But Westwick, who looks like Jude Law crossed with a pre-psychotropic-meltdown Joaquin Phoenix, assures us in his assured British way that “everyone who is anyone was there.” If that makes Westwick sound like a bit of a dick, surrender now—it’s part of his appeal. Just ask Gossip Girl’s freakishly wide-ranging demographic of religious watchers, many of whom are as entertained by the incestuous nature of the cast as by the show itself. Westwick dates co-star Jessica Szohr (they played kissy face at our shoot) and is roommates (cute!) with Chace Crawford. When pushed to dish, Westwick minimizes the thin line between work and play, and fair enough. You’d date a co-worker if she looked like Jessica Szohr. Still, is there a downside to all that Gossip glare? What happens when TV’s latest prep-school bad boy tours Arlington Cemetery with his real-life parents? “Every time the tram would stop, these girls would come up, giggle, then run off,” Westwick says. “You feel like the kid in school that everyone’s laughing at.”

Fully clothed AND hawt … these pics are great. You’ll forgive me if I prefer this GQ photospread over the one of Brüno. The hair, the clothes, the styling … Ed looks really fantastic in these photos. See folks, proof that sometimes folks look heaps better when they are fully clothed rather than when they are not.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • nicole

    hes so yummy *drools*

  • beeba

    i did NOT know he was british….i thought he was american!

  • bedhead

    ooooh i wanna spank him so hard. me.ow.

  • Jess B

    come to mama…grrrrrrrrr

  • nisha

    he is definately the best looking out of gossip girls and the sexist and the most likely to become more famous.he is just so sexy with the attitude and all i love him.i think its the best he’s ever looked.thanks for posting

  • canuckistani

    The kid’s never been my cup of tea. He’s too pretty and too pure. He needs a scandal or two to give him some life experience so he’s a bit more interesting.

  • Blair

    He has either lost a fair bit of weight or these pictures have been photoshopped.

  • Maureen

    so sexy. although, he is a little guy. i never realized how short and…little he was.

  • CoCo

    I don’t think I would find him HALF as sexy if he wasn’t Chuck. Like, for example, if he were Dan… he would not be so cute. His dark character makes him SO much more sexy! YUM!!!

  • Tracy

    I find him SO sexy. I always preferred him to Chace Crawford who is gorgeous but way too generic looking.

  • He does look way better than he has done of late. Slimmed down and a lot more groomed :)


    He lost a lot of weight. He was kind of a chubby wubby for a little while.

  • PixiesBassline


  • Lisa.

    So fucking HOTT!

  • Jen

    He’s got super potential, but looks like a bobble head. Needs a little more meat on his bones to look more grown up and manly.

  • Jennifer

    OH MY GOSH he is soooo SEXY in these pictures!!!! As Chuck on GG he does nothing for me but as him self he is so hot!!!

  • anna

    Yeah his character makes him for me. Still… can’t. breathe. :)

  • Erick

    Ed is perfect, my kind of guy. he’s young and edgy. I don’t think he needs more meat on his bones to make him look more “manly”. He’s only 22 more meat on his bones will make him look way older than he is.

  • robin

    eh…i don’t see anything appealing about this man.

  • Saple


  • He looks hot in some photos but not so much in others.

  • meg

    omgosh he is such ae robert pattinson look a like at first i thort it was rob but then i was like hold on a minute oh man sexyness!!!!!! =]

  • A

    OK, so we are creating the hottest guys in the world right now here in Blighty – so why can’t I find them!!!!

  • Ally

    He has the perfect face to be photographed. So many interesting angles. So hot.

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  • MAdzioszka


  • Ed-lover

    the things I want to do to this man ;) ;) ;) mmhmmm =]