Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant . . .


Here is our first look at Lindsay Lohan’s baby bump … which will be featured in her new ABC Family TV movie Labor Pains which will debut on July 19. As you may recall, Lindsay spent part of her Summer last year filming a new movie titled Labor Pains that was originally slated for a theatrical release … but has since been downgraded to a straight-to-DVD release which will first be aired on the cable network ABC Family in July. This scan of Lindsay and her bump is featured in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine:

Lindsay Lohan Acts for Two in a TV Movie — Labor Pains, an ABC Family comedy airing July 19, stars the onetime Mean Girl as a secretary who falls for the boss’ brother (Luke Kirby, right) while faking a pregnancy to keep from getting fired. Lohan had no qualms about swapping her usual designer duds for mommy gear, says director Lara Shapiro. “She’s so unselfconscious. We wanted to accentuate her stomach, and Lindsay was very game for that.” Their solution? “A no-muumuu policy.”

While it’s a shame that Lindsay’s big movie got downgraded to a mere TV/DVD release, at least we’ll get to see Lindsay in action in a new project. I am absolutely not expecting to be blown away by this new flick but I am hoping that it erases all memory of her horrid movie I Know Who Killed Me (the last movie she made that I paid money to see). Will this be a hit a la Mean Girls (which is entirely possible) or a stinker (which is prolly more likely) … I guess we’ll find out come July 19.


  • April

    Please don’t so that to me again.
    I was seriously scared when I read that headline.

    whew. what a sigh of relief…..

  • April

    *do that

  • nisha

    god i nearly fell of my chair in shock when i saw the title.i can’t wait to buy this dvd when it comes out sadly i have to wait for while.i am sure she will be great in it as she is extremely talented in acting which has been proven especially in comey but people have just forgoten and ned to be reminded so hopefully they will be.can’t wait to hear the reviews.rooting for lindsay always thanks for posting

  • Cristina

    LOL! Trent – the photo of Samantha Ronson you added with the caption was one of your best yet. The only thing missing would be the Aretha Franklin bow hat.

  • yeah i saw your tweet about her being preggers and was just hoping it wasn’t true.

  • Jadedkitten

    LOL oh Jesus that made me laugh so fucking hard.

  • Mrs Cullen

    *sigh of relief*

    Thank Xenu that wasn’t true…

  • nae

    LMFAO! love the pic of sam there too!

  • AngieKat

    GEEZZ! Talk about a heartattack first thing in the morning! hahaha Great pic!


    Samantha is so disgusting.

  • Tom

    Holy f*ck! Don’t EVER do that again…ya scared the crap out of me! Ps: I’m so buying Labor Pains..I really liked Georgia Rule..

  • Anne

    AH it’s a SAM

  • troyS

    “She’s so unself-conscious. We wanted to accentuate her stomach, and Lindsay was very game for that.”

    Wow, what a brave, committed actress. That quote is so idiotic.

  • I am LOLing about the Sam Ronson ‘it ain’t mine’ cap – good one, Trent!

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  • Tsktsk. There was a time when I thought she was a good actress.

  • Joanne

    Listen to the haters … how boring. How many actors have done BAD movies recently? – Lots. Lindsay will get over this career slump …
    I remember when everyone said Nicole Richie would be the worst mother … and look at her now.