Britney Spears Takes Her Sons Toy Shopping In London


Here are a couple supercute pics of Britney Spears taking her young sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, out for a shopping excursion earlier today in London, England. As you may already know, Britney just completed her 2-week residency at the O2 Arena in London where she kicked off the second leg of her tour The Circus starring Britney Spears earlier this month … but clearly she is making time to enjoy as much of London as she can:

Britney took the kiddies to Hamley’s toy store to pick up a few things on their way out of town … since last night’s show at the O2 Arena was her last London performance, she’ll be packing up her shizz and making her way to Manchester, England on Wednesday night before she heads to Dublin, Ireland on Friday. Alas, Britney’s time in Londontown is quickly coming to an end … but the Circus continues to roll on.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • What is up with celebrities ignoring the dental needs of their children? First Suri and her bottle, now the younger Spears child and a pacifier?! That kid is just days older than my daughter, who has not had a pacifier in almost two years. Yipes.

  • Paranel

    Britney looks absolutely beautiful. Boys look adorable.

  • Lou

    These are nice pictures.

    Winona, take care of your own kids. Good for you and your daughter, but Suri or Jayden aren’t your kids, so MYOB — your advice is unnecessary.


    Britney looks absolutely amazing! Trent, I’m surprised you didn’t post pictures of her looking EXTREMELY skinny in her low rise jeans – they were hot! Anyways, about the pacifier, some kids just need a little more time than others. There’s no need to compare other kids with each other when they’re so different with different needs. It’s just silly. Do you want a cookie or something?

  • Jadedkitten

    So cute I love that dress and her hair and Winona like Lou said mind your own bidness they aren’t your kids. Besides JJ is 2 years old it’s perfectly find that he still sucks on a Binky the average age for kids to stop is 4.

  • Malcolm McCrae

    Winona in order for ur statement to be true ur daughter would have had to stop using her pacifier at months old. Lol isn’t hayden only 2 about to turn 3!?
    So for your child to not be on la ifier anymore means she never even caredfor one.
    Britney looks hot though!

  • PixiesBassline

    I haven’t noticed anyone else make the observation, but I’ve always wondered why Brit is always pushing or carrying Jayden and someone else always has Sean….. Not that it’s bad or anything… I just noticed that she almost always has Jayden whenever they go somewhere…


    @ PixiesBassline – Yes, a lot of people are starting to notice that. I was reading on Exhale that someone pointed out in this picture that Jayden is wearing a nice collar shirt and Sean is wearing a white beater that doesn’t even fit. IDK. Maybe it’s favortism? Who knows.

  • Summer

    Jayden IS the baby…I know I carry around my youngest because she is more needy than the older one. Plus, Jayden may just be a momma’s boy and Sean is a daddy’s boy. Who knows…I’m sure she spends equal amounts of time with both. People read too much into things!

  • Jadedkitten

    @ summer don’t bother they just want something to try and tear her down about. If any of u lazy bitches would bother to look at some pixs of her with them u would see she actually does hold and play with Preston hell she had an SP necklace on yesterday. you would also know that Preston left the hotel in a nice shirt but took it off before he got to the toy store.

  • jill

    There are many pictures of her holding Sean, even on vacation last month but they are never posted. If you go to fansites you can see them more. It’s silly to assume she likes one more then the other. She spent nearly two years lugging Sean P around when Jayden wasn’t born or stayed at home. Then people said she didn’t like Jayden. SMH. Stop analyzing everything she does. She looks good.

  • It’s true, kids that age shouldn’t have pacifiers with their mouths with their teeth still growing and developing. My mom used to say, if he can start to talk, you shouldn’t plug him up…

  • Sue. on the right is a video player with videos of Brit, Jason & the boys in the bahamas. In the first video titled “Britney & Jason with kids” you can see Britney kissing Preston. Jason kisses him too, btw.

    He is her first born, he’ll always have a special place in her heart. People seem to forget that Britney missed a lot with JJ.

  • Christy

    That paci needs to come out of that little ones mouth,it has been proven it can rot the baby teeth and cause dental problems later on.

  • Ana

    is that her real hair now? she looks good

  • J

    She looks really nice. Mature, motherly & just beautiful.

  • PixiesBassline

    @JadedKitten: Do you have PMS ALL the time, or is it only okay for YOU to “tear people down”?? I wasn’t tearing the bitch down anyway and I don’t give enough of a shit about her to actually go through the trouble of researching what she does with her spawn. Try valium.

  • She looks good. And it’s fun to read the comments here. :D

  • Wow ppl!! My son LOVED his binkies he had on that matched every outfit he wore and in every car and room and house!!!
    They look so happy with Mommy. :)