Dustin Lance Black’s Sex Tape Hits The Internets


With fame and success comes the higher risk of scandal and no one knows that better today than Academy Award-winning screenwriter (for Milk) Dustin Lance Black who is now dealing with a scandal of his own. According to Queerty.com, an unscrupulous friend of Black’s has made available a sex tape featuring Black engaged in various sex acts, some of which are unsafe (use a condom, people … every time). The photo agency Starzlife is now shopping around the tape for sale. It looks like you finally made it in Hollywood, Dustin Lance Black:

The Oscar-winning Milk screenwriter is about to be known more famously for another film: his own sex tape. Photos and videos are making the web rounds show Black and an unidentified partner (presumably, the tape’s leaker, though that’s not certain) engaged in bedroom activities typical of two gay guys from back in November 2006; the tape is being shopped around by agency Starzlife. Black is next scheduled to appear in New York City for the Gay Pride Parade, where he’s a grand marshal, followed the next day by the Trevor Project’s annual NYC fundraising gala.

Seriously people, if you record yourself having sex chances are it’s going to get out eventually — it’s just way too easy these days. While Dustin Lance Black may not have known back in 2006 that he would become famous for screenwriting a film, it goes to show that one can never be too careful with what they record on video. I believe Starzlife will be making this footage available for sale … as soon as their site goes back online. Or … if you really wanna see the NSFW uncensored photos, you can check them out HERE at ONTD!

[Photo credit: Starzlife; Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    480—that is an arizona area code. Actually right next to my city!! LOL!!

  • jamie

    u have to laugh don’t you!!!

    and about the whole unsafe sex u dont know how long they had/have been together for ect

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    EKKKK…I saw the pictures!!

  • Todd

    Ya know what…..whatevs. So he had some fun and taped it. Get over it people we all have sex and a lot of us tape it. But for someone to leak it, that makes me think jilted b/f. You go Dustin!!! Like I’d hold something like that against him.

  • Kendra

    I feel bad for the guy but..Umm..The pics were kinda hot..

  • Carissa

    @Kendra – totally agree!

  • AshtonLee

    yes..very hot both those boys are beautiful!!!

  • Hayden

    What…what an ignorant move to post this…you should be ashamed.

  • danielthegreat

    Trent don’t act like you and your longtime love David wear condoms while having sex…but it’s a nice thought to think that everyone should be safe in their sexual lives…monogamy is the way to go…

  • Whatever

    I really thought you were a cut above Perez Hilton but I guess that theory goes out the window with this post. This is not newsworthy.

    • @Whatever — how is this sex tape story/these NSFW pics any different than any other? sex tapes from celebs, when they come out, are worth talking about.

  • Kayla

    I think when sex tapes are leaked it is pretty newsworthy and it’s not like you haven’t posted this type of thing/nipslips before so I don’t know why people are getting worked up about it.

    That said being said…the pictures were pretty hot but sucks for him that they got out.

  • Jadedkitten

    Poor Dustin :( his ex’s is an asshole for doing this but damn these smoking hot damn he’s yummy.

  • mrgoodbar

    Calm yourself, hoes. It’s the first gay celebrity sex tape and I’m enjoying the fuck out of this.

    Let’s all guess how big Mr. Black’s Mr. Winky is. I say 7″.

  • Todd

    @Whatever & Hayden…..you obviously read the post to get this far to comment so LAY OFF Trent. His goal is to fill us in on the celeb gossip and everyone else will be posting it. While it’s not newsworthy in the sense of like Obama lying about DOMA, it’s gossip that will be everywhere regardless.
    Much love Trent, hope to meet you finally at Kylie in Oakland.

  • Ama

    I think matters such as this, should be kept private between the couple. It sucks that it was released but, eh-what can you do?

    Also; I don’t get the point of making a sex tape. Unless you want to star in a porno film , then alright-whatever makes you happy.

    But if you just want to watch yourself having sex, why don’t you just install mirrors on your ceiling, or whatever? XD

  • Brady jay

    Ya! BIG GAY NEWS! Okay, i wud have rather it b an adam lambert sex tape, but dustins hawt. Saw him on the Oscars, and when the link wudnt load, i went to the enemy who is Perez Hilton to c the pics, and OMFG! Thats all i can say! And to those who mock trent, fuck off, he’s THE BEST blogger out there.

  • Jordan

    It’s one thing for people to come in and diss Trent for posting this VERY newsworthy story but for TouchofMyHand to come in here and say that the Red Wings are going down is despicable and you are obviously very dumb my friend Pittsburg don’t stand a chance!!!!!

  • taylor

    I would guess that he’s pretty mortified this got out to the general public. At least he looks hot and in this situation, that’s the best one can hope for.

  • toni

    Hey Trent, I have a question. What closeted male celebrity would you love to have their tape made public?

  • Mark

    More impressive than I expected. Hello there.

    Love Trent, p.s.

  • amanda

    LOLZ. on the ONTD page, the first post… the guy has a michael jackson .gif…… and its deffo LOLZworthy

  • Liz

    So what? He had sex! Who hasn’t? (except kiddies)

  • ab

    lol @ taylor!

  • nysro

    It’s not the fault of the media that they decided to tape themselves, and for someone to release it. If they didn’t want it becoming a celbrity gossip item, then they should have put the camera away. It’s real simple.

  • Anyone who records any sort of private act should know that the possibility of it coming out is huge. I hope Dustin is gonna get through this fine.

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    sorry Trent that your team went down :( But boy, those pics are hot!! Both of them have very nice penis’ :)

  • Veronica

    You know, in Japan, it’s actually considered a really good career move to make a sex tape and/or cross over into the realm of porn. And hey, it gets people talking about you. Just a little tidbit for all you ignorant SOBs out there :)

  • OMG those guys are great!! Dustin you should hold your head up high you’ve have nothin to be ashamed of the bitter boy who leaked the tape should be ashamed!!

    To all you peeps attacting Trent, I just don’t understand why you even read PITNB this story is newsworthy for sure if it offends you than just don’t come back !!

  • Hi Trent,

    I’m still recovering from the Red Wings loss, but we’ll take them next year! As for the tape, I feel bad for Dustin — God knows, you never know when an ex can turn bitter and do something like this! Shame, shame. It reminds me of the Meg White one, where she didn’t even know she was being taped. If you’re having sex with someone, you think you could trust them, but that doesn’t always seem to be the case. Maybe he’ll get a good story out of the whole ordeal.

  • Jen

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • loulou

    EVERYONE ! Use condoms! Gay, straight, married, single….just use them.

  • Anthony

    trent is many steps above perez and im glad i read the story.
    (he even added a safe sex message, what more do you people want)

  • haze

    where can find the pics n tape??

  • Joanne

    Just because the pics we leaked Trent, doesn’t mean you have to do a link … It’s so low brow.

  • REYnoldo

    Trent – You have lowered yourself to the low life level of that fucking pig Perez Hilton.

    I thought you had more class than that.

  • psquared

    is there a link where I can see the ACTUAL pics??? can’t find anywhere…

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