Is Rihanna Coupling Up With Drake Graham?


With Chris Brown’s court date coming up in a couple of weeks where he will face charges that he assaulted ex-girlfriend Rihanna on February 8 of this year, it looks like Rihanna is moving forward with a possible new romantic interest. Ri Ri has been spotted in the company of a Canadian rapper named Aubrey Drake Graham for the past few weeks and just last night was spied canoodling with the man once again in NYC … adding fuel to the speculation that she has, indeed, coupled up with Graham:

On the day it was announced that Rihanna would be forced to testify against ex-boyfriend Chris Brown at a June 22 hearing into his assault case, the “Umbrella” singer hit the town with friends – including Aubrey “Drake” Graham, the Canadian rapper to whom she’s recently been linked. The pair were spotted smooching on May 18 at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in Manhattan. On Wednesday night, Rihanna and Graham (who goes by the name Drake) laughed and chatted at a bash for the Black Eyed Peas’ Target deluxe version of their album, The E.N.D., held at the N.Y.C. nightspot The Griffin. Rihanna – looking stunning in a light grey sweater dress and large hoop earrings – arrived at The Griffin shortly after 11:30 p.m. and stayed nearly two hours. Drake left a bit earlier – only to wait outside the club’s front doors. Both he and Rihanna drove off at the same time, in separate vehicles. While in the club, a happy-looking Rihanna, 21, appeared to be enjoying herself, holding court in a banquette to the left of the stage, where DJ-ed the party – and gave an affectionate shout-out to Rihanna when she entered the club. Besides mingling with fellow guest Wilmer Valderrama, Rihanna also walked hand-in-hand up to the DJ booth with Fergie.

Aww … while it’s entirely possible that Rihanna is merely taking comfort in the care and attention from Drake Graham, it’s nice to hear that she is doing well after what she allegedly went thru with Chris. I imagine it must be very difficult to open one’s self up to another person romantically after being assaulted (a fact that cannot be denied) so if she really is coupling up with this new guy, he must be taking good care of her. I am very relieved that the case against Chris Brown is moving forward. If he is truly innocent, then he will have the chance to prove so in a court of law. If he is guilty of his crimes, I hope he is punished to the full extent of the law. As for Rihanna … I just hope she is happy. If this guy makes her happy, then I’m all for their new found relationship.


  • Angela

    Isn’t that Jimmy from Degrassi??

  • nikkababe

    hahahahah yes it is jimmy!!! love it!!!

  • jo

    Jimmy indeed, haha! And he is apparently a rapper now too! Big moves in ’09! lol

  • Jessica

    I had no idea americans even knew who he was!

  • Shazzer

    Wow…he ditched Ashley for Rihanna!

  • Rachael

    AAAAHH HAHAHA “Canadian Rapper” WTF … this sounds like an ep of Degrassi.

  • nicole

    Drake is a tool…these 2 are perfect for each other. they both annoy the hell outta me.
    Drake = most over rated of ’09!

  • Kyleigh

    LOL@Shazzer! Ashley didn’t support his music aspirations!

  • Karly

    DUDE so he is from Degrassi than? That’s the only reason why I started care hahaha
    I was just gonna ask that

  • JessicaGiovanna

    When kid n play is on the mic… we’re too hype!!

  • Splacer

    He is a rapper?! That is the guy in the wheelchair from Degrassi!

  • Jacintos

    Oh Jimmy…seriously though, he is like a real rapper now, not just making songs on Degrassi anymore. I’ve heard him on the radio and seen him on the top Itunes lists. Granted, he’ll always be Jimmy to me, but I think it’s cool that he’s having success elsewhere.

  • lyndyloo

    this guy is packing, that’s what I hear….it’s nice to know she’s getting some good dick instead of just a dick for a boyfriend.

  • Gillian

    Woah, Since when is the Degrassi guy a rapper? I guess he’s not doing too bad going from his Degrassi fame to being a rapper, if he’s hooking up with Rihanna!
    But, He’ll always be Jimmy from Degrassi to me. Go Canada! haha

  • Jax

    @lyndyloo: LULZ! That is a nice change.

    I hope she’s happy and stays away from Chris.

  • Sylvie

    Ahh Jimmy. I’ve heard that he’s been rapping for a while and according to a friend he even had a duet with Lil’ Wayne. We’ll see where this goes…

  • Marisa

    haha i love Jimmy aka Drake.. his songs have been on my playlist for a few months now.. but he will always be jimmy to me.. uggh i am soo annoyed w/ RIRI…

  • amanda

    haha when i heard this on the radio, the girl said “rihanna is dating jimmy from degrassi”

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  • alejandro

    DEGRASSI!!! XD i’ve herd his music…. :S not what i’d call good but whatever :P

  • Darbi

    OH MY GOD!

    I went to high school with Aubrey! He was a senior when I was a freshman and he was already semi-famous for Degrassi, but this is too crazy to believe. He was a pretty charismatic guy then, so I can totes see how anyone would be drawn to him.

  • jo shields

    That Frankenstein foreheaded chick is fugly as hell but if those pictures are of her at Egotastic, she has one fine body.

    That’s what doggie bags and doggie styles are for after all!@!

  • karen santiago

    yes thats jimmy from degrassi

  • gabriel

    wow i didnt know so many people DIDNT know who Drizzy Drake was and im american. i been on drake ( no homo) for bout the last 2 yrs hes one of the sickest rappers out there check out his mixtapes n you’ll see ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT, COMEBACK SEASON, HEARTBREAK DRAKE, and hs best so far SO FAR GONE… cant wait to hear THANK ME LATER his debut album droppin at the end of this year………..

  • gabriel

    oh yea he sings too. also sick!!!!!!!

  • Jay-O

    Drake is my boy and all but fuck that Chris brown should of whooped her ass even more. THe bitch deserved it she burnt him with a cig and then hit him im from DC and if a bitch want equal rights then I’ ll give it to her. U step to me like a man and u can get knocked the fuck out like a man. Stupid Cunt.


  • Johnny G.

    Jay-O, if you hir women then you must be a very lonely person. yes women have rights, if she did burn chris then he probably had it comin, it doesnt give him the right to beat her senceless though. redneck piece of trash.

  • Carolina

    haha aubrey graham is canadian and NO ONE KNOWS HIM as “drake” lol because he has been credited for the last 6 years as aubrey graham who plays jimmy on our tv show “degrassi” i cried when he got shot on the show and was paralyzed! i dont want him with rihanna though, i hate the girl. i woulda punched her too! jk im not condoning abuse, but yea i dont like her, hes prob just smart and is using her for the publicity. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!

  • Carolina

    plus im a woman and i believe in equality.. if a girl can hit a guy first knowing he is stronger, then she better be willing to get hit back, if you want equality between the sexes you gotta roll with the punches (pun intended) if i hit a guy knowing i could provoke him then im a stupid ass trick and i should be knocked down. whether you hit him or he hits you both is wrong so dont whine just because he hit you back

  • Whitney

    Jimmy can walk?

  • gabriel

    well most ppl i kno know him as drake canadian or notjimmy’s gone n drakes here n he’s sick, way better artist than rihanna she sees his greatness n shes just using him cuz she knows he’ll be number 1 hahaha

  • IT IS JIMMY FROM DEGRASSI!! I laughed so hard when I heard about his rap career. lololol

    and LMAO @ Whitney “Jimmy can walk.” aaaahahahah

  • Doc Grip

    hahahaha Drake is one of the sickest artists out there…. he needs to get his mind right and stop fuckin around with Rihanna’s ugly ass… hes been sick for years and is about to blow big here in the states… he can do wayyyy better than her beat ass (no pun intended lol)

  • The Big Guy

    Why are you putting Drake in quotations? It’s his middle name.

  • Kool Moe Joe

    Call me when he knocks the dick lovin’ bitch out.

  • d@ts crazy that iz drake that sings best i ever had and brand new wow lol

  • bigdaddy

    omg…shes about to get some young money in her…
    drizzy drake..thats my nig…
    weezy is teaching drake well…


  • Spice

    I think that Rihanna should go back with Chris Brown. Everyone should get a second chance. Chris is learning from what he did. Give him a second chance.

    • @Spice – I hope you are just too young enough to understand the magnitude of this whole disgusting situation and mebbe one day you’ll grow up and realize what you’re saying. If you are old enough to know better, I weep for you.