George H.W. Bush & Wife Barbara Are More Fun Than I Realized

Ex-First Family Gone Wild!

Um … the personal lives of the Bush family don’t usually pique my interest but TMZ came upon a couple of photos that are far too odd to not share with all y’all. This past weekend, former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara hosted a small get together at their home in Maine to celebrate Georgie‘s 84th birthday. Castmembers from a local playhouse production of A Chorus Line were invited to the shindig … which made for some very interesting photo ops … behold:

I, quite sincerely, have no words. I’m not sure if someone was hoping to give GHWB a heart attack for his birthday but I’m sure he was very appreciative of the offer. And who knew that Babs was such a cougar … that mostly nekkid young man posing with her is a hottie! I hope she took her blood pressure meds before saying cheese in the photo. I must admit … I never knew that the Bushes were so fun … and randy! I much prefer them away from politics and in the company of mostly nekkid young people. Happy Birthday, George!

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  1. smp7328

    Love it! GHWB is badass!

  2. canuckistani


  3. Alicia

    I think he’s turning 85, not 84. Also, he’s going to take a parachute jump too.

  4. Kendra

    These pics crack me up! Love it!

  5. Ally

    These pictures are so weird…

  6. CoCo

    Hahaha! Nobody ever said that the Bush’s weren’t entertaining! Agree with their politics or not! :)

  7. These are funny! Look at the abs on that dude.

  8. Splacer

    Seriously? Are those pictures real? LOL! They look a bit suspect to me :)

  9. sara

    I love George and Babs

  10. Meghan

    This is hilarious!

  11. Daniel

    That is Justin Clynes with Bads. Super hot!

  12. JJ

    This is hilarious!

  13. BriK

    Haha I love it! I think that family has got to be fun. Look at the twins, even GW was reported to be a partier in college. Even a severe backlash against his policies never got them down.

  14. Lis


  15. gr8guyca

    His name is “Justin Clynes”? Is that a joke? Or am I the only one to think of the double entrendre – “Just Inclines”?

    Either way – smoking hot.

  16. ashley

    he is such a hottie and ms bush is one lucky lady!

  17. dholmas

    They have done a lot over the years for the state of Maine. They had invited the cast from A Chorus Line starring Lorenzo Lamas at the Ogunquit Playhouse. Looks like a good time.

  18. bryce king

    too bad they didn’t have a heart attack right then and there and keeled over

  19. Elle O. Elle

    Babs looks like she’s enjoying it more than Sr.

  20. Katie

    I just love that Kennebunkport is on this site.
    Love my town <3

  21. jennie

    I too have always thought the bushes were an entertaining bunch .. would deff be a lot of fun at parties.. but i too deff disagree with thper politics

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