18 Year Old Jamie Lynn Spears Does Not Like Being Photographed In Bars


Tsk Tsk … do y’all remember when Jamie Lynn Spears was a cute little thing following around her big sister Britney Spears, oftentimes too shy to pose for photos? Do you recall when she managed to get her own Nickelodeon TV series called Zoey 101 and she seemed to be the Spears family’s only hope for professional survival (around the time that Britney was imploding and flushing her career down the toilet)? Then … the unthinkable happened … little 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears went and got herself pregs by babydaddy Casey Aldridge, her TV show went away and she was forced to retreat to her hometown of Kentwood, LA to raise her baby. For the most part, JL has maintained a relatively quiet existence back home but … every once-in-a while a girl’s gotta leave the kid at home and go out and party. TMZ obtained photos of JL and Casey (both under the legal drinking age, I might add) whooping it up at a bar called The Buzz (which is an 18 & Over establishment) in Hammond, Louisiana … check ‘em out:

She’s been working since she was 11 — and a mother since she was 17 — so it’s actually refreshing to see Jamie Lynn Spears enjoying herself just like any other 18-year-old unwed mother. The younger Spears girl partied the weekend before last — with baby daddy Casey Aldridge — at a club called The Buzz in Hammond, La. It’s an 18 & over club and, amazingly, the VIP manager there told us he didn’t even know Jamie Lynn was ever there.

Now, I don’t know for sure … but I would bet good money that there ain’t milk in that plastic cup that Jamie Lynn is holding. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame the girl one bit if she were hittin’ the sauce … I imagine her life didn’t turn out quite the way she had planned. In the second pic you can see that Casey got a tattoo in his inner forearm … it’s not very clear but I think it reads Maddie Briann (the name of his daughter with Jamie Lynn). In the last pic you can clearly see the heinous mouth sores the poor guy is sportin’ …. again, the stress of teenage parenthood is most likely the cause. While it’s nice to see that JL can get out of the house, away from the baby and enjoy a night on the town … I can’t help but feel an ounce of sadness to see that this is what her life has become.


  • daniela

    Good for her. Every girl deserves a good time!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I didn’t know you could drink in Louisiana at the rip old age of 17. Also, Casey has some funky shiz on his lips..I hope that is left overs from his affair:)!!

  • jamie-o

    WOW she is looking thin. :-(

  • Kendra

    Sadness at what her life has become? Why? I was a mother at age 17 and, granted, it’s made life a bit harder, but my son was seriously the best thing that’s ever happened to me..No sadness about it! I remember the nights off I would get..It was so much fun, but it was much more fun to watch my son learn to walk or talk.. :) I guess what I’m trying to say is that just because you have a baby at a young age it doesn’t mean your life is over..It opens up a whole other world for you.. :)

    • @Kendra — Sadness that she was a young actress that was on the brink of expanding her career and now, due to poor planning, has frittered away her opportunities. I don’t think her life is over, I’m sad that just a few years ago she had much opportunity for her professional life to thrive.

  • MiKiE

    Yeah I agree with Kendra – just because you have a child from a young age doesn’t mean that your life is over (destroyed as some might say) I’m sure Jamie Lynn was having a drink, and I’m sure she was just letting loose. It must be tough after months of staying holed up in your home with your young baby, meanwhile the baby daddy is a big piece of $#!T …. good for her for getting out. lol I know I wouldn’t be stupid enough to get someone pregnant, but hey accidents happen? hahahahaha.

  • nicole

    i cant even hate on the girl. i mean this is the first time we’ve seen her out since she had the baby. she’s gotta be doing something right.

  • me

    Love that it’s not even JL that he’s dancing with in the second picture…what a dbag.

  • Val

    That reminds me. Didn’t she get pregnant again shortly after the 1st child was born? I remember reading about it for a few weeks, then.. nothing. Was the story false or did they resolve that issue another way?

  • Kristi

    She could have another opportunity for a professional career later on down the line if she chooses. Stranger things have happened. I think with the Spears name she’s definitely got the clout.

  • Kendra

    @Trent – I can totally see your point, but I agree with Kristi..She can still have a great career..There are tons of working mothers in the industry! This might even be a good thing..Get away from the lame Zoey character and be recognized as a “serious” actress in a few years..If she has the chops, of course..I totally agree that she had many opportunities before she got pregnant, but maybe she’ll get them again..Or maybe she’ll be happy just being a mom instead of all the Hollywood bullshizz..Only time will tell I guess..

  • Tracy

    I think she is really pretty. But I never saw very much talent in her. As for Casey-nice side of herp buddy.

  • ally

    why is casey dancing with another girl? did anyone else notice this? hopefully it’s just one of JL’s friends or something, but it DOES look like he was getting awfully close….

  • MeG

    Its good to see pics of her out having fun but I think since she has stepped away from the business and is staying at home with her baby, the paps should just leave her alone. I HATE how the reports always throw in “un wed 18 yr. mother” like…the stories have been published, it isn’t news anymore. Anyways she seems like a great girl and I wish her the best!

  • Gillian

    She just seems like a normal girl now, and not some Hollywood Celebrity. It seems like something that any normal girl would do, mother or not. I know some teenage mothers who party alot, so I would say Jamie Lynn has her head screwed on right. I hope she had fun, she deserves it.

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  • Annie

    I have nothing against JL, but seriously underage drinking and partying as a teen/teen mother is just a no-no. There are ways to go out and have fun without adding unnecessary drama to your life. She’s a mini-celebrity and all it takes is one gung-ho cop, trying to make an example of her, to cause her serious grief. Watching Britney’s mistakes over the years, (most of them caused by not being careful enough) JL should know better.

  • lauren

    @ the critics: This is the most normal thing JL has ever done! Most kids drink at 18, and are college freshmen drinking lots more than JL.
    She looks beautiful and happy and like she’s having a great time!

  • Denise

    The drinking age in Louisiana is 21. Although, some bars admit you at 18, but won’t serve you alcohol. Of course, there are ways of getting around that.


    I haven’t seen her partying since the baby so good on her for going out and having a good time but you know you’re washed up when you’re partying at “The Buzz” in Hammond Louisiana. That place looks like a total dive. Also she should dump that guy with the herp lips (or crack pipe burns, whichever). She’s pretty and can do a hell of a lot better than that!

  • Michelle

    I agree with the others that I don’t think it’s sad that this is her life now. Granted most people don’t really plan on getting pregnant in their teens but it happens. She and Casey both have seemed to rally behind that and it looks like they have tried to do the adult thing and become good parents for their daughter. She’s only 18, she’s got her whole life ahead of her for a career in acting if she wants it. And as for them partying… hey if the bar they’re at allows it… have a good time! It’s not like we see her out and about like this very often. I think things look just fine for lil miss Jaime-Lynn!

  • Aaron

    That last picture of Casey….Ummm, does he have herpes or something?? Not attractive

  • PixiesBassline

    The bars in Louisiana are USUALLY pretty vigilant about checking ID and making sure your hand is stamped according to if you’re under 21 or not. All the bartenders have to do is look at your wristband or your stamp and know if you’re the right age… That’s why you get your older friends to go to the bar FOR you. (and hope the bartender doesn’t notice and kick you out) But usually, if you order soda, they’ll pour it in the same cups they’re using for beers, so you can’t really tell who’s got alcohol or who doesn’t…. At least she’s NOT all WASTED and sloppy… flashing her crotch & stuff. lol

  • PixiesBassline

    @ RENEE: that’s what MOST of the bars look like around there. LOL

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  • Ashley

    @Renee.. the sad thing is, The Buzz in Hammond is one of the “best bars” there. It’s a total college town. Hammond = LAME. Speaking (typing, rather) as a previous Southeastern student, which is in Hammond, I have grounds to say so. It is an 18+ bar, but if you’re a girl and you show skin in the fabulous state of Louisiana, you get served a drink. These pictures really make me laugh. I’m sure on my facebook I’ll see a bunch more from people who were there..

  • Cinner

    She is so pretty and looks happy

  • Claire

    Shit if I had a kid when I was 17 I’d consider my life over. I’m 26 and married now and I STILL don’t want any. Bleck. No thanks.

  • Elle O. Elle

    Meh, she’s prolly drinking, but it’s an 18+ bar, and she’s 18, so her being there isn’t a big deal.

  • Allie

    **********But usually, if you order soda, they’ll pour it in the same cups they’re using for beers, so you can’t really tell who’s got alcohol or who doesn’t**********

    THANK YOU!! Just because she has a cup in her hand, doesn’t necessarily mean she’s drinking alcohol. But if it is, who are any of ya’ll to judge? And I totally agree with Krisiti and Kendra. Her situation is in no way sad. Who’s to say she can’t make it HUGE in a few years? If you’re considering having a child at 17 a sad situation, then let’s break it down. She’s educated. She’s financially stable. She was never FORCED back to Louisiana, as she CHOSE to go back for the safety of her child. She owns her own home with the guy she loves. She has the life at 18 that most people 30 years her senior would envy. And the best part, she still has a whole lifetime ahead of her to do whatever her heart desires. SUPER sad story.

  • kate

    wow. trent, that comes off as a little judgmental. it’s a baby, not the plague. and anyway, that zoey show wasn’t exactly leading her on the road to an oscar nomination. it’s obviously more healthy for her to be out of the spotlight and taking responsibility for her child (and omg how dare a legal adult drink alcohol just because they happen to be born in a country with one of the highest drinking ages in the world?! not). britney was more famous than jamie is now but look at what that eventually did to her – do we want another one of those? i usually like your commentary, but when i don’t it’s kinda really obvious that trying to widen your perspective in some aspects wouldn’t hurt…

  • Katie

    woah allie…break it down! when you put it that way, she is doing pretty well! kudos to you for taking a “sad” story and making us see that it really isn’t the end of the world for Ms. Jamie-Lynn.

  • Kristin

    So she’s old enough, if you will, to have a baby and be responsible for another human being but not old enough to have a drink? Does that not sound jacked?

    I say let her blow off a little steam. She deserves a night out.

  • Jade

    What kind of bar serves alcohol (or coke) in red dixie cups??? That’s just plain nast!

  • Janice

    I am sorry but sometimes your life turns out for the best I got pregnant at 15 and am now 28 and live a fab life. Its just what was meant to be I am not saying it was right but I believe everytihng happens for a reason

  • PixiesBassline

    @JADE: the kind of bars in Mississippi and Louisiana.

  • PixiesBassline

    Another thing: these kinds of bars just have a really laid-back atmospehere. It’s kind of like sitting in your lawnchairs, with beer… Most of them are in old buildings, rather than lush, modern buildings with crushed velvet seats… A lot of them even have ceiling fans to help with the smothering heat of the humidity. And even picnic tables inside. Of course, in New Orleans, they have some better bars….. but in general, a lot of the bars in La and Miss. are full of bare wood, fans, picnic tables and DIXIE CUPS! LOL …………………….. They DO have actually GLASSES for their drinks, but why use those for draft beers and soda when they’re likely to get broken?
    I don’t even know why I feel the need to say all that… it’s just funny to me.

  • Bee

    JL, technically, may be a teen mother, but she is hardly a teenager. She hasn’t been one in a long time, before she became a mother. Kids in Hollywood don’t go to school, they have tutors or do correspondence schooling. I think that’s the main reason her becoming a mother never bugged me. Sure, it wasn’t on the top of her to do list, I’m sure, but if any 17 year old could handle it, it’d be one that had worked in Hollywood. She had her GED shortly after announcing her pregnancy. She’s got a fair fortune tucked away, I’m sure (also, it’s not like the Spears family in general is livin’ in the poor house), so for the most part she’s okay – scumbag baby daddy or not.

    And tbh, she’s still is a teenager, technically. A large majority of them do it. It doesn’t make it right, or legal, but it happens. So I’m not really sure why it comes as a surprise that a girl who’s practically an adult in every way except for her actual age MAY OR MAY NOT be having an adult drink.