Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Are Dunzo!


Say it ain’t so!! Could the illicit love affair between 16 year old Miley Cyrus and her 20 year old manfriend Justin Gaston really be over? According to E! News, yes … the couple have called it quits. Jiley is dunzo, y’all:

Gone are the times of romantic, helmet-free bike rides and sweet sushi lunches. Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston are so over. The 16-year-old starlet has ended her nine-month romance with the 20-year-old underwear model, sources close to the duo exclusively confirm to E! News. The Hannah Montana star called things off last week as she prepared to leave Los Angeles for two months to shoot her Nicholas Sparks movie, The Last Song, in Savannah, Ga. Speculation of trouble peaked yesterday when the two simultaneously twittered about tears and goodbyes. A source close to the couple says both of them are really heartbroken over the split. However, word is distance may not have been the only thing to come between the two. A certain famous ex-BF may have exacerbated the rift… Gaston, a Louisiana native, has told pals that the star’s resurrected friendship with Nick Jonas this spring was his Achilles’ heel. “She obviously has been hanging out with Nick again a lot, and Justin was cool with it at first, as long as it was just a cool, friendly thing,” says an insider. “She didn’t cheat, but I guess Nick was trying to get her back the whole time.” In fact, photos of the former pop power couple goofing around during a video shoot surfaced just yesterday. And Saturday, Cyrus left a mildly mysterious message on her Twitter account. “I’m in a dark theater ‘writing’ a song with nick j who is rockin a faded eggplant shirt! :)” “Writing” is a euphemism for what, exactly, Miles? Not only will Cyrus have a new man soon, she also has a new agent. E! News has learned that the starlet dropped her agents at United Talent Agency and is now represented by CAA. Cyrus’s music career has long been handled by CAA, but UTA represented her TV and film acting projects. A rep for Cyrus had no comment.

Aww … sad face. What is poor Justin gonna do now? While we know that the rest of the Cyrus family really, really loves Justin Gaston (especially daddy Billy Ray), I think it would be really weird for the fam to be hangin’ out with Justin now that Miley has kicked him to the curb. It looks like homeboy really is going to be living “with a couple of guys” in a small apartment in North Hollywood, CA after all. Twist magazine is reporting that Nick Jonas has confirmed that he and Miley worked on a song together recently … so I guess it’s plausible that her interaction with Nicky led to the demise of Jiley. HMMM. Well, now mebbe Miley will get back to dating someone her own (less felonious) age … and Justin can, well, find another meal ticket. Yeah, good luck with that bro!


  • Katie

    Peace OUT Jiley!


    What is he going to do now? Wasn’t he living with them? HMM… For some reason, I actually don’t think he was in it for the fame and that he actually cared about her. I think it’s so funny how everyone is peeping celebrity Twitter accounts for gossip. It almost takes the seriousness out. LOL

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I was so suprised Miley even wanted him but I don’t think any other girl over the legal age is going to touch this douche with a ten foot pool. LOL, he is screwed. Hey, at least he has those good looks!!

  • Sylvie

    Well apparently Nick and Miley have already completed a song thats going to be on the Jonas Brothers’ new album called Before the Storm
    I only know cause of my very over-eager 13 year old sister hahah I swear:)
    But I gotta say I’m kinda sad they’re dunzo. I’ll miss seeing semi-naked pics of him. He was too pretty for her away. *sigh*

  • Sylvie

    whoops just read the link lol…it says the same thing haha

  • lyndyloo

    The real reason why they split up: he realised that he liked dick and no matter how deep Miley’s voice was gonna get she was never gonna grow a penis for him.

  • MeG

    Miley doesn’t interest me at alll but I would rather see posts about Jiley than Miley and Nick J….AND Agreeing with lyndyloo above, I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin liked the peen either.

  • Just when Miley Cyrus was finally starting to grow on me she broke up with Mr.Hottness :-(

  • patches

    aw, now how is he going to get attention!! poor guy, he’s just another pretty face now… :( boring….

  • Shaun

    Unlike Georgia, Justin could be brought up on statutory rape charges (misdemeanor or felony) in Cali since Miley is under 18 and he is 4 years older than her… just saying…

  • la princesa

    He’s cute; he’ll rebound into the arms of some hottie his own age…………….so will Miley. :)

  • tatiana

    Geez. What a little whore. This is why it is NEVER a good idea to date someone this young, no matter how mature you THINK they are. And why would she pick Nick Jonas over Justin? Justin is WAAAY hotter. He can do sooo much better. He might want to start with someone he can feel up without fear of getting thrown in jail. Just my opinion…

  • BigPap

    I hope he got some o dat pussy!

  • Chloe

    about time.
    she isnt that awesome i suppose

  • SuziLee

    Um BigPap -dude you’re a perv….

  • The lives of young Hollywood today never fail to make me shake my head in amazement and intrigue.

  • april

    Oh Trent, you totally made me chortle and guffaw when you wrote, “Aww…sad face.”




  • shadowwone

    as miley is getting oldr shes getting hotter shes young and will be dating and breaking up with lots of guys as far as justin f him couldnt care less what happens to him