Madonna Reportedly Wins Appeal To Adopt Mercy James


After losing her bid to adopt the little Malawian girl named Chifundo Mercy James back in March, Madonna has reportedly gotten some good news on her appeal. According to a new report, three Malawian appellate judges have decided to rule in her favor and reverse the original denial for her to adopt the little girl. While we are hearing this news today, the official announcement that Madonna can move forward and adopt Mercy James should be announced on Sunday:

Madonna will be allowed to adopt Malawian toddler Mercy James, 4, after all. Three Malawian appeal court judges will reverse the original verdict, blocking the singer’s bid in March, her lawyer said. Alan Chinula passed on the news after persuading two of the three appeal judges to alter their decisions. Madonna’s adoption application was originally rejected because she had not lived in the east African state for 18 months, as required – a ruling which her lawyer argued was out of date. Madonna, 50, is now said to have the backing of two of the judges with the third set to agree. The official ruling will be announced next Sunday at Malawi’s Supreme Court of Appeal.

I suspected all along that Madonna would eventually win her appeal to adopt little Miss Mercy James. There has been much talk from supposed fathers of the little girl but none have been able to actually prove that they are of any relation to her. It was my contention that barring a DNA test that categorically proved paternity for the little girl, Madonna would eventually be allowed to adopt Mercy James. I mean … c’mon … did anyone really think that Madonna would not be allowed to get her way? At least we can be sure that Madonna will welcome this precious little girl into her life and will love her unconditionally. Congrats to the happy expanding family!

UPDATE: Madonna’s rep is clarifying that she has not received word that the Malawian Appeals Court has ruled in her favor, saying:

“Madonna has not been informed that a ruling has been made. We remain hopeful.”

It looks like the congrats are a bit premature … but, I too am hopeful.


  • You go, Madge! This is no surprise, but it’s still good news. She has been and will continue to be a good mother.
    Little Mercy has had a very interesting start to her young life, and I hope that she gains a real sense of security now. Although I do kinda wonder just exactly how Madonna manages to provide that within her unique world. After all, she did recently tweet that her kids go wherever she goes. Which is good, but it must involve alot of travel and uprooting for the whole family.

  • Jadedkitten

    Whatever say what u want about this and Madonna, but at the end of the day this little girl is going to be raised in a loving and stable home where she’ll want for nothing, and that frankly my dears is all that matters.

  • anna

    JadenKitten. How do you know that she will be raised in a loving stable home? I think she is a manipulator of the system. She goes on appeal because she has the money and time to do so and if any one of us civilians wanted to adopt from the same country you better believe we would be held to a completely different set of standards. Not to mention the fact that the relatives did not want Madonna adopting this little girl. She abuses her power as a rich celebrity.

  • Jadedkitten

    Based on her other 3 children and the fact that the courts and even her ex husband says she’s a great mother. So none of that means this child won’t be well taking care of.

  • kittycatastrophe

    While it’s all well and good that people are happy for Madonna, what about the dude that claimed to be Mercy’s father who said that he was run out of town for impregnating the mother?There are bigger things of importance here, including bending established laws to cater to the wants of someone just because they have money. I find it interesting that people get more up in arms and ask much harder questions over Paris Hilton acquiring yet another pet than they do about a woman in her 50s acquiring another child on what seems like an impulse even if she wanted to adopt her years ago. Why didn’t she establish residency in Malawi then? She wouldn’t have all of these questions being raised now if she had.

    • @kittycatastrophe — If paternity cannot be established then how can it be better for the little girl to stay in an orphanage rather than be adopted? This man in question is now able to give interviews to international publications, so he should be able to prove his paternity with a DNA test. Without that, I say let the adoption move forward.

  • Selina

    It’s being reported on PerezHilton that this report is inncorrect and Madonna hasn’t been informed of any decision by the Malawian government.

    So no Mercy for Madonna yet!

  • kittycatastrophe

    @ It’s Trent, Bitch! Says:

    He has to be able to afford the paternity test or be the recipient of a generous offer by a third party to pay for the test for him. The child is three years old now and the orphanage is all that she knows, and while that is not the ideal situation for any child one has to be careful to rip children from one known environment and immerse them completely in something as foreign as Madonna’s lifestyle. Madonna should be willing to spend months in Malawi transitioning the child from a lifestyle built around living in an orphanage to a lifestyle being the child of a widely recognized and tailed woman. My main concern for any man, woman or child is the psychological ramifications that result from stressful situations.

    • @kittycatastrophe — I totally agree, the health of the child should be paramount … but this is such a difficult situation. the little girl would prolly not be adopted if not for Madonna, there are countless other orphans who will never be adopted. Is this situation the perfect situation? Of course not but I really do hope this works out for the best for everyone.

  • kittycatastrophe

    @It’s Trent, Bitch!

    Consensus reached. Sorry to go all deep on your blog but sometimes I do that…hopefully no harm, no foul.


  • Rubiejamie

    While I agree that it is great that Madonna would like to adopt the child and give her a better life, I don’t understand why she should be given special privileges just because of who she is. Any number of people could want to adopt a child from Malawi but are unable to do so because of the strict criteria. I think it is unfair for the system to treat Madonna like she will be a better mother just because she is rich. I do hope that this little girl is adopted and has a chance to grow up free from poverty, with loving parents, etc. However, I think the proper channels should be followed – Madonna should be trying to set a good example for the world instead of acting like a spoiled brat on the world stage. It causes many people to actually be soured on the idea of adopting from a nation like Malawi. It also makes me wonder if officials have the child’s best interests at heart or are simply seduced by a wealthy, powerful celebrity. All too often people think that rich parents make happy kids – and this is not the case.

    IMO, if Madonna truly loved this little girl as much as she says, she should be more willling to work with the law/system to ensure her chances of the adoption taking place by proper, legal means. Instead she has thrown money and status around to try and get her way. The law is the way it is for a reason – to ensure the best interests of the child are the focus. I think Madonna needs to grow up and accept that. And if she can’t, then maybe she should look to adopt from a nation with laws that better suit what she is willing to do to get a child.

  • Philip Wester

    Seriously, someone is actually arguing that Madonna should work on “transitioning” Mercy from “the only world she knows” (a friggin’ ORPHANAGE IN MALAWI) to her new lifestyle of not being dirt poor?!

    I’m sorry, have you ever been to an orphanage? They’re not exactly good places to be. Even the best of them are still not something you’d prefer to a stable home. Ask any orphan if they’d want a “transition period” and see if ANY of them would like to stay for even a second in the same place after being adopted.

    Furthermore, this is MALAWI. High infant mortality, low life-expectancy, lots of AIDS/HIV and the BNP per capita is ess than 850 dollars.

    Yes, let’s KEEP her in Malawi for a “transition” period because apparently ripping her out of her dirt poor (because what Malawi orphanages AREN’T dirt poor) orphanage and putting her into a stable home in England with lots of food, toys and Fish & Chips will probably be TRAUMATIC for the little child!

  • Kapasule

    Bravo Munlo, Bravo! Madonna you’re really a loving mother. You had all chances to adopt a daughter from anywhere else where laws are flexible for External Adoption but you have insisted on Mercy which translate your Love for Mercy.

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