Penn Badgley Shows Off Some New Facial Hair


Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley was on hand at the Omega Flagship Boutique in NYC last week for a shindig hosted by Omega and GQ magazine in celebration of the 40th Anniversary Of Buzz Aldrin’s Moon Landing (as you should know, Buzz was the second man to step foot on the moon after Neil Armstrong) and he used the opportunity to show off some newly grown facial hair to all in attendance. Lookin’ a little Joaquin Phoenix for my taste (ie. I don’t particularly like it), Penn is now rockin’ a scruffy new beard:

While I tend to have more of an affinity for the porn’stache (well, except in certain instances), I find that it is much more difficult for celebs to properly rock the beard. An ungroomed beard (ie. scraggly-lookin’) tends to look … dirty. That is not to say that it is dirty, just that it looks dirty/smelly. I don’t know that the chin strap really works on Mr. Badgley. I suspect this new look will go away once production starts on new eps of Gossip Girl, an event I am really lookin’ forward to. Tho, props to Penn for trying out a new look. But I gotta say that this one is a miss for me but I’m sure there are some of y’all that like this look on him. Yes? Anyone? Any pirates out there?

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Meghan

    Um…no. This is of the homeless man variety.

  • Sarah

    Not so much “pirate” as it is “Amish farmer.”

  • CB

    Ugh. All he’s missing are some gold chains and a leisure suit.

  • Hobo style, definitely. How does Blake stand kissing that face?



  • Frankie

    I think he is fckn sexy!!! well, he could at least trim the beard a little….on the plus side you can see some chest hair…hot

  • Vinnie

    Am I the only one to notice he’s wearing the same thing in both pictures … maybe he is homeless

  • Jerika

    I think it looks good. But on Penn, there isn’t much that looks bad.

  • Lis

    He should shave off the beard but keep the ‘stache. The stache looks good on him.

  • Lulu

    As long as he grows out those awesome curls I’m ok with it. Hey, it’s not me kissing it.. blech. Poor S. ;)

  • Lulu

    err……and by curls I mean his hair.

  • alejandro

    the first pic yes, the second no :P

  • Deb

    Whoa, Penn. Not good. Is this the same event that Milo V went to last week? I’ve seen pics of him looking really dashing with Buzz Aldrin – if it is the same event, then Penn is really underdressed. Or Milo was overdressed. Or something. Aren’t Penn and Milo friends? I remember reading that somewhere. And friends shouldn’t let friends commit major crimes against fashion. Couldn’t he have given Penn the “Milo Eye for the Clueless Guy” makeover beforehand?

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  • Shazz

    on his way to become the new joaquin phoenix

  • Libby

    Urgh. I like facial hair, but this is too much. Especially paired with the chest hair poking out over his v-neck. A little excessive, IMHO.