Les News, 060809

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  • Bleeding Ears

    Tila Tequila is a douche bag

  • anna

    Trent, I think they just recalculated and The Hangover took number one over Up. FYI

  • Roxster

    I love Holly, but stepping in as a replacement Heidi is a bad move.

  • robin

    adam lambert must have some reallly bad skin with all that makeup he cakes on…sheesh.


    Megan Fox would look amazing with a tattoo sleeve! Oh, and yes, The Hangover is #1 this week due to figures not being all that accurate but it was pretty close. OMFG! I thought you meant “Kelly Clarkson” but when I saw the pictures I was like, “Damn, she lost weight and went blonde” but then I noticed it was Carlson. AHAHAHA. Yes, Adam’s hair is kinda sucky and his skin is bad because you can see all the craters in his face due to acne… hm, Dermatologist much?

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    i <3 stephen colbert.

  • tatiana

    Dont do it Megan. If you do, kiss your career goodbye. The only thing left would be stripping and adult movies.

  • tatiana

    I hate to say this because ive never been comfortable with the “Jiley” romance but have you read his twitter page? Its hearbreaking. Its actually very sad. I actually feel bad for the guy. :(

  • periz

    i never thought Jiley was ment to last…

  • Lilah

    gays are NOT being “kept out of the Military” the Don’t ask Don’t tell is for everyone’s own good….about 4 weeks ago in my husband’s unit…and gay soldier thought it would be a good idea to give his drunk & passed out “buddy” a blow job…his buddy woke up and preceded to beat the shit out of him…and now the gay guy is facing rape charges. There have been other incidents of raping gay soldiers at gun point by straight soldiers (go figure?) in this unit as well.

    I don’t know about other branches…but Gays are not wanted in the Infantry…so keep it to yourself or you WILL get beat up.

    I have a girl friend who is a Lesbian and I feel for her and her partner…but they are smart about it and keep it to themselves.

    ALSO– American Red Cross will now accept Emergency Message for Soldier deployed or otherwise un reachable from DOMESTIC PARTNERS. So don’t give me that sh*t about being kept “away.”

    The Military doesn’t care about your personal life. The Mission comes first. As an Army wife…I’ve gotten used to being #2 in my soldier’s life.

  • I misread ‘Kelly Clarkson’ in bikini photos.. that would’ve been a site I’d like to see..