Evan Rachel Wood Moves On With Shane West


Well, well now … it would seem that the rumors going around that Evan Rachel Wood has been hooking up with actor Shane West in recent weeks may have some merit to them. The couple were reportedly spied making out hardcore at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas, NV earlier this month … and just last night they were seen holding hands as they made their way into Bardot lounge here in West Hollywood, CA seemingly showing the world (well, the paps) that they are very much together:

A couple of weeks ago, I erroneously suggested that ERW and her ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson had gotten back together when I saw what I thought were photos of the couple together in the UK. It turns out that the woman who was with MM was not ERW (even tho she looked almost exactly like her) but was his new girlfriend Stoya who is a Serb-Scottish adult movie star. It would seem that everyone is moving on with new partners. To be honest, I never understood what ERW ever saw in Marilyn Manson … not that Shane West is any prize but I think he makes a much better match for her. What do y’all think? Is this a match made in heaven?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • t

    did they star on once and again together or am i thinking of the wrong guy?

  • Ann

    T, I think you’re right. They played siblings I believe

  • Mariah

    Ahhh Once and Again. I miss that show.

  • lis

    They’re a much better match!

  • HOT

  • SuzieLee

    OMG @t you’re right!! Forgot abt that show!
    Ya know what – anyone’s a step up from Manson!!! I mean dude’s supertalented & all that – but ewwww can you imagin bangin that freak?!?! not me!!!!

  • Bitchtastic

    For two attractive people, they both look ugly as hell. And the chick Marilyn Manson’s bangin’ looks sort or like Evan, except she’s got boobs and her chin is about 3 inches shorter.

  • Bitchtastic

    Sort of**

  • steff


  • Haley

    I loved Once and Again! But now that I remember that show…they’ll always be brother and sister to me. Which is ..weird.

  • Jess

    cant she do something none creepy….first marilyn and now her ex-tv brother, just too weird to me

  • Karly

    ew. she looks so messed up. Shane West is hotttttt !

  • LOVE G

    EWWW she has really bad taste in men.

  • troyS

    Of all the silly things young actors do to appear masculine and edgy, tucking cigarettes behind the ears is the most “fake and lame”. And he has two!! What a tool.

  • Katie

    @troyS- I was going to say the same thing. Two cigs behind each ear? He looks like a total d-bag

  • Roxy

    Lucky ERW. Shane West is sexy… HUGE step up from Marilyn Manson

  • nicole

    i use to have the biggest crush on shane..man i miss the old days.

  • meh


  • tatiana

    She has GREAT taste in men doesn’t she?? Yeah… she knows how to pick em…

  • Libby

    I used to have a huge crush on Shane West too…
    Shame he’s so disgusting in these pictures.
    In the words of Chandler Bing, “could he BE any more white trash?”

  • steph

    i still associate those two as brother/sister from O&A. i’m also a little creeped out….

    ERW seems to like to creep us all out with her dating choices

  • Joanne

    As a fan of O&A, this is weird … but I’m glad she’s out of that Manson madness … if only she could delete Heart Shaped Glasses from her history …

  • Lilli

    youuuuuu put a heart on his crotch- ha!

  • Once and Again flashbacks! Haha. I loved that show. Back when I still had a TV. :D

  • amber

    t your right. they starred as brother and sister together as Eli and Jessie Sammler. she’s 10 years younger than him. Which age now doesn’t really matter anymore.

  • mandy

    he’s too good looking for her