Madonna Inspires A New X-Men Comic Book


Marvel Comics is celebrating their 70th anniversary this August and in celebration they are publishing special edition variant covers of various comic book titles inspired by music icons of the 80’s and 90’s. X-Men: Legacy #225 features Rogue striking a Vogue pose on the cover, very clearly inspired by the Queen of Pop Madonna:

Celebrating their 70 years on August 11, 2009, Marvel will be spicing up the aniversary by releasing alternate covers to many of its super-heroes magazines, inspired in Music Idols from the 80’s and 90’s. Four covers will be released on June 17 of the 90’s Decade Variant cover of X-Men: Legacy #225 designed by Brazilian artist Adriana Melo features Rogue – one of the mutants’ most controversial characters – striking a pose…

Does Madonna’s pop culture reach know no bounds? I mean, it does make sense that if you’re looking for an icon from the 80’s or 90’s for inspiration, you really need look no further than to he Madgesty herself. I have to say … Rogue looks pretty cool as Maddy. She’s even got Maddy’s monstrous hands, too!! This comic book cover looks pretty sweet … I wonder what other icons of the 80’s and 90’s they’ll be paying homage to as well.


  • her arms look really really mannish… its kinda scary >.<

    but otherwise, what a cool idea!

  • Adrienne

    hah! They needed a celeb as old as the comic for the cover pic, LOL

  • “Come on, Rogue!
    Let your body move to the music!”

    I think the word play here is TOO easy. But, of course, I still love it.

  • sahara544

    The pose is all Madonna, but the picture looks a lot more like Marilyn Monroe to me… The hair, the white dress, th facial expression.

  • anyia

    wow ARMS!
    agree w/ christina

  • Green Is Good

    Thanks for the info, Trent. I’m geeking out over this! Love the X-Men!

  • Rogue def has Madonna’s arms!

  • KL

    That’s the dress she wore in the video. And why would you call someone’s hands “monstrous”? That’s cruel. Some people just don’t have nice hands- I was born with not very attractive hands and kids used to call me mummy hands and tell me to get hand plastic surgery (?). People can’t do much about their hands and it makes you seem very petty to make fun of someone for that.

  • superninja

    This is such a stupid idea, but then the morons that run the comic book companies now have been successful at ruining the characters and their legacies – so full steam ahead.

    I was hoping it would be a voracious crypt dwelling creature who survived on the blood of virgins20-somethings called The Cougar. Instead we get Rogue doing the Vogue…ooh, how original!

    Also, they draw all the women like bodybuilders now, it’s so damn ugly. Back in the day the artists came out of fashion and ad illustration and knew how to draw women.

  • hannah

    so women aren’t allowed to have muscled arms?

  • Alisha


    I found more of the Marvel 80s & 90s inspired covers are listed at !!!

  • Alisha

    Some hands are gross… I don’t think Madonna’s hands are as bad as Megan Fox’s though. I found a gallery of pics at that my boyfriend pointed me to!