Lance Armstrong Welcomes, Shows Off His Justborn Son


Lance Armstrong became the proud papa of a new son (his 1st with girlfriend Anna Hansen, his 4th overall) yesterday and announced on his official Twitter profile when the little guy was born. Lance posted a photo of his son, Max Armstrong, within moments after the child was born from his mother’s loins. Here is the photo that Lance posted and the full tweet message that accompanied the photo … along with the report from People magazine:

From Twitter: Wassup, world? My name is Max Armstrong and I just arrived. My Mommy is healthy and so am I!

From People: Time to get a child seat for that racing bike. Lance Armstrong and girlfriend Anna Hansen welcomed a 7 lb., 5 oz, 20-inch-long baby boy named Max, the pro cyclist announced on his Twitter page Thursday night – or, rather, the little guy announced it himself. “Wassup, world? My name is Max Armstrong and I just arrived. My Mommy is healthy and so am I!” says the post, which includes a photo of the baby in a cap and sticking his tongue out. In another post, Armstrong includes a photo of the nurse and doctor who helped deliver Max. “They were amazing!!” writes Armstrong. The seven-time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor, who is making a comeback to pro cycling, announced last December that he and Hansen were expecting their first child together. He has three children with ex-wife Kristin. The children were conceived through in vitro fertilization with sperm frozen prior to Armstrong undergoing chemotherapy for testicular cancer.

What a cute little dude … and Wow! what a way to share the news of your child’s birth — with the entire Internet mere moments after the kid popped out of the uterus … I mean, you can see the poor woman crashed out on her hospital bed in the pic of the baby — I bet the poor dear was wrecked! Ain’t technology grand? Congratulations are in order for Lance and Anna on the joyous birth of their newborn son Max. May they live a life full of love and happiness!! Congrats!!

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  • daniela

    oooh gorgeous kid!!

  • yay! hooza lil cutie?
    that’s interesting Lance had his sperm frozen before chemo, he musta planned for a long time to have kids which must mean he’ll be a great daddy

  • CB

    I admire Lance for his fortitude and accomplishments, but on a personal level he seems to be an epic tool.

    Cute kid, though. Congrats to them.

  • Jadedkitten


  • Lula

    But Kent, he froze his sperm when he was married and had three kids through in vitro with his wife. Then they divorced. Appaprently he had some left over…I just wonder why he and his current girlfriend decided to go through in vitro to have another kid now, when his relationship with Sheryl Crow broke up just a few years ago, supposedly because she wanted kids and he didn’t.

    I guess timing is everything….It’s really none of our business anyway (except that they choose to blast it into cyberspace!). I just really like Sheryl Crow- luckily, she was able to adopt anyway.

  • Tiffany


    And FWIW, after all 3 of my kids were born, I was making phone calls minutes after the births. Wrecked-looking, yes but excited enough to share the news!

  • PixiesBassline

    LOL – it’s funny how newborns can look more alien than human!

  • lucy

    Wait, what? Wasn’t he just complaining about Sheryl Crow and how they broke up because she like wanted kids or something? Sorry, but I can’t stand him. Plus he’s ugly so there.

  • Tasha

    I read a while ago that while it’s not common for former cancer patients, Lance’s fertility came back and the baby was conceived without the help of science.

  • i had no idea he was expecting to be a daddy again.