Alyson Hannigan Takes Satyana Shopping In Hollywood


Yesterday we saw pics of Alyson Hannigan and hubby Alexis Denisof taking their precious newborn baby girl Satyana out for her first party … and today we get to see pics of Aly and Satyana doing a bit of shopping together in West Hollywood, CA:

I believe this is the first time we’ve gotten to see the little princess outside of her baby stroller since Aly debuted the first pic of her on her official Twitter profile back in April. I can’t be entirely sure but from the look of the big pink wall behind her, it looks like Aly and Satyana were shopping at Paul Smith on Melrose Ave. Mother and daughter look so great … I love seeing them out and about :)

[Photo credit: X17]

  • awww what great pictuers! thanks for posting!

  • lyndyloo

    omg! so presh.
    Alyson is so effing hot!

  • K

    I love alyson! Despite how many photogs are following & taking pictures of her, she always flashes them a smile. Love it!

  • holden

    Still can’t see Sat’s little face :( . Just the side of her head, really. But damn, is that a cute side of head!

    And Alyson always looks so friggin’ happy it almost makes me want to hit her. Almost.

  • JessicaGiovanna

    I’m not fond of the name… Does anybody know what it means?

  • Fsuga

    If you look at that bottom picture, with her eyes cut off, doesn’t it look like somebody else who recently popped out a kid and is also sporting an incredible rack?


  • Kat

    She has amazing hair. I would kill for hair like that!

  • Aww look at her all bundled up in her dotted romper. Adorable.

  • red

    on second glance her kid’s name isnt satana. and mommy kinda sucks at supporting the head.

  • Kool Moe Joe

    The name stands for …”Mommy is going to pimp my little white ass around, because she herself doesn’t have a career to stand on–being that she plays the same character in every damn thing she’s in”.

  • Pirelle

    I love Satyana’s babysuit with the polka dots on it. Super cute.

  • sup Aly, Gorgeous pics Love your work I’m a HUGE fan. congratulations on your beautiful baby from one mum to another :)
    Mel from Australia