Zachary Quinto Rocks The Porn’stache


Zachary Quinto was spotted making his way thru LAX Airport on Tuesday June 2 (his birthday) rockin’ a thin sliver of facial hair across his top lip … clearly in an effort to pick up the slack that Jude Law has left behind. Zachary’s got himself a porn’stache, y’all:

I understand that Zachary was bound for a flight to Mexico City, MX for the premiere there of his latest film Star Trek. Perhaps the porn’stache has magical properties to help fend off swine flu or mebbe he was just tryin’ out a new look to intensify his sex appeal but … yeah, I dunno that it’s gonna work. A Jude’stache, it is not … but I don’t entirely hate it. What do y’all think … is this a good look for Mr. Quinto?

[Photo credit: WENN]

  • joanna

    i’m on the fence with this pornstache…
    not too many men can pull this off, but i loves me some zachary quinto!

  • christine

    oh no! he looks creepy

  • joanna

    Goodmorning Trent! I have a suggestion on a book series for you to read. I will email it to you.

  • Ally

    Zach is a cutie, but not with this stache and hat combination. Let’s get rid of both and go back to wearing the suits ;-).

  • I love him but I don’t like this look.

  • Ana S.

    I don’t know that I like it but I’m not sure that I hate it.

  • Luv Ya

    Don’t you read your email unless you’re given a heads up here, Trent? Anyway, the ‘tache. Either fill it out or lose it. Better yet, he should just lose it.

  • Oh, this is not working for me. I really think he’s a sexy man but the ‘stache isn’t. I agree with Ally, suit up Zachary.

  • GM

    Not a good look for him. He reminds me of Steve Martin in the Pink Panther in the second pic. No matter- he’s still lovely under all that cheesiness. ;)

  • I don’t like it…it’s not him

  • ack! not eyebrows! yeah i don’t even see how you can be on the fence. this is not a good look.

  • wait it is for a movie or something right? and not just for style? here’s hoping.

  • gokarm

    Ich. He’s too pale for it. It reminds me of Stewie in the Tan Aquatic when he drew on a pencil mustache. The kind of mustache that says “yeah, I’ve been nude on camera, what of it?” It’s just so not sexy. And did he wax his brows? for SHAME!

  • Sweet_Lady


  • Z

    Blech! Maybe he was just trying to go incognito as a slimy looking insurance salesman to avoid unwanted attention?

  • alisaj29

    Maybe it’s a “stach Ode” to John Waters??? :)

  • Doug

    Maybe he’s trying to disguise himself. I wouldn’t have recognized him.

  • Nicky Leigh

    Yeah no. I have never liked that hat (it makes me giggle) and this look is not becoming of him. As gorgeous as he is, he looks terribly put together here. ><

  • Shango

    Zach, I love you, but…NO! This look does nothing for you.

  • ashley

    OMG Zach looks like my friend Chris. lol

  • Meagan

    This look is not okay. I usually find him attractive but here he just looks like Gomez Adams!!

  • Kaidy

    Good lord, he needs to let that one go!