Björk’s ‘Interview’ Magazine Photoshoot


Last week we got our first look at Björk on the cover of the new issue of Interview magazine … today we get to see the pics from her Interview photoshoot and read a portion of her coverstory article … behold:

To say that an artist has vision can mean any number of things. It can mean that they have foresight or that they have perceived something that the bulk of us might have missed. It can also mean that they quite literally have visions—psychedelically induced or otherwise. But in Björk’s case, it means that the artist—the one with the vision—has simply dared to imagine something that does not already exist. Which is why vision is as important for a musician as it is for a sculptor or a painter—and why it’s essentialto the art of being Björk. As an artist, one of Björk’s greatest assets has always been her innate understanding of what it means to have vision. What she does as a singer and a songwriter falls somewhere between making records and writing, directing, and starring in her own quasi-folkloric, semi-futuristic, pseudo-theatrical, musical performance-art epics. But embracing her individuality is an impulse from which Björk has rarely ever veered: from the singing that she did with her Icelandic ’80s band the Sugarcubes to her constantly evolving solo career (which began with the release of 1993’s Debut) to her starring role in Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark (2000) and her collaboration with her longtime partner, Matthew Barney, on the 2005 film Drawing Restraint 9, amongst a remarkably diverse array of other smart, inventive, and inspiringly far-flung undertakings. In fact, some of Björk’s work has been so extremely—defiantly—original, that attempting to explain it or analyze it would seem almost misguided. That’s because with Björk, there is no such thing as an extracurricular activity. Singing, acting, dressing, art-making, even cavorting on a boat in Central America, are all part of an intricately woven fabric that runs through a multitude of creative worlds, emotional worlds, brave new worlds, and sometimes otherworldly worlds. Of course, there is also such a thing as revision, and that process of reviewing and re-evaluating is one that Björk has undertaken in compiling her new two-CD, two-DVD box set Voltaïc (Nonesuch). The collection includes multiple live recordings of songs from her last two records—2004’s Medúlla and 2007’s Volta—along with assorted remixes and videos, but which are performed in different contexts: The first setconsists of a studio session Björk recorded before she began her tour to support Volta in late 2007; the second features renditions of the songs re-created in a church in her native Reykjavik; and the third captures a live performance in Paris near the end of the tour, exactly one year later.

The article/interview is a nice, long read and continues HERE but I’m sure it will only be interesting to those of you who are fans of Björk and her prolific body of work (trust me, if you are not familiar with Björk’s work, you should seek her out IMMEDIATELY … her talents are just mindblowing). While I am thrilled that she is releasing the box set Voltaïc, I am really anxious to hear new music as well. I suspect that Björk will be releasing a new album very soon … in the meantime, I think her box set will do much to satisfy her fan’s burning desire for more Björkness.


  • Kendra

    Oh man..I LOVE Bjork! She conveys such emotion with her voice..It’s magical! I swear, after watching Dancer In The Dark, I sobbed for like 4 hours..She was so amazing in that..Trent, have you seen her live yet? She’s def NOT to be missed!

    • @Kendra — Dancer in the Dark is THE most depressing movie I’ve ever seen. Bjork is such a talented actress, ugh, that movie kills me. I just heart her :)

  • Renee

    god i love bjork! her voice is the most amazing voice i have ever heard and she is so original and talented and inspiring. those pics are HOT too.

  • I am eating my shoes in anticipation.

  • Cory

    She looks FANTASTIC. I do not know if she has had work done (I hope not, doesn’t seem her “thing”) but she is aging very well.

  • Matt

    Bjork is just incredible.

  • mitchie

    I don,t she had anything done, she always had a youthful face, she just never had a glamour shots like these pictures. She always hid how beautiful she is. These pictures are definately different from her usual pics. I guess now thats she’s getting older, she’s finally wants us to see that she can compete with the best of them (beauty wise)