Speidi Quit ‘I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here!’


Yesterday we learned the sad news that newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have not been adjusting to life in the Costa Rican jungle very well and have threatened NBC that they would quit the competitive reality TV show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! if conditions did not improve for them. The first ep of the show aired last night and, as you might expect, Speidi turned on their usual charm. Well, it looks like the couple just couldn’t handle the rigors of surviving in the jungle cuz TMZ is reporting that the duo have made good on their threat and have quit the show. They’re dunzo, y’all!

Heidi and Spencer have followed through on their threat — they have quit the NBC reality show “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” A source close to production tells TMZ the “Hills” duo walked off the set for good after the live portion of last night’s show. It is unclear how the show will handle their leaving on tonight’s episode. Guess they weren’t faking … for a change.

LMAO!! I, too, thought they were faking the tears at the onset to try and curry the favor of the viewing audience … but I guess they just didn’t have the fortitude to endure the competition. From what I understand, they were not very much liked by the rest of the cast … I doubt anyone will be sorry to see them go. I’m actually a bit surprised, tho … I thought all that tough talk would manifest itself in some way. I guess you can add the title of Quitters to the long list of names to call Speidi.


  • KT

    Did anyone catch 2 comments made by Spencer, I think referring to The Hills…The first comment was to Heidi “This is the first time you cried on TV that was real.” and the second he said in his apology scene “The first time I apologized on TV, I didnt mean it. This time I do.” Wonder if that was referring to Lauren’s apology??? Interesting…he sucks thinking he is an A- List celebrity, false!

  • strunkette

    Good riddance! He was horrible. She at least tried. I wanted them gone first anyway.

    FRANGELA FTW!!! :)

  • Hannah

    @KT: I noticed both of those comments as well. He is such a jackass.
    I am glad they are gone-SO annoying!

  • Jadedkitten

    Oh thank god cause I was starting to love them after watching that show last night.

  • grace

    Hope they take the hair product with them this time!

    I was surprised at how jungle-ready Sanjya was! He was eatin weird stuff, tending fires- he could be a contender on the real Survivor!

    I’m with strunkette- Team Frangela!

  • nae

    they are annoying. pussies.

  • Sweet_Lady

    wow, without hair and make up people she is really ugly!

  • Kendra

    Way to hang in there for charity, Speidi! Your families must be so proud..Jeebus..What a pair of twats..

  • Denise

    This is a really dumb move for a couple that claims they want a career in show business. What producer would ever risk hiring them for another show if they quit so easily?

  • Sara

    Spencer looks like a psychopath in that picture.

  • alexggb

    Oh, she looks so beautiful without makeup and her hair did…. NOT! YACK!

  • Rachel

    Seriously? I spent two years in rural Central America in Peace Corps often going without running water or electricity. What a bunch of wusses. They ain’t got my respect.

  • Melinda

    I tried to watch and every time Speidi were taking up camera time with their inane behavior it made me want to strangle them………seriously………HE is a moron and she is an idiot for being with him………UGH! and if he had slapped that water out of my hand, he wouldn’t have made it out of the jungle…. ;-)

  • Wendy

    I watched that show last night and everytime they talked i was thinking shut up. i’m hoping most of their absurdity was for show otherwise they have issues. I’m too rich to be here. oh brother. i can’t stand them.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    They are so ridiculous! I watched last night and they SUCK!!! I am happy they are gone. You know what is so lame about them; this was for charity and they walked off instead of sucking it up and trying to make the lives of others better. They truley are pathetic people!!!

  • I’ve never in my life seen someone cry so hard over (dry) shampoo! I can’t believe they even expected to have decent living quarters. Hello…the name of the show is “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” for a reason! They are both about the biggest moron’s I’ve ever seen! I love how when they were in the helicopter, Spencer said “I’m not going back to the Hills a loser.” and the moment they reached camp the first thing he said was “I want to go back to the Hills.”

  • GM

    I only watched the last 5-10 minutes of the show- so I missed out on all the truly annoying moments. However, I was massively annoyed by Heidi spraying her hair at Tribal council (or whatever they call it). She was flinging that Aqua Net all over the other castmates faces. It just shows how little respect they have for anyone around them. Icky icky people!! I would have totally thrown a trantula on her.

  • Roxster

    I didn’t watch this but now I sort of wish I had b/c it sounds delightfully ridiculous (or maybe annoyingly? I’ll have to check it on hulu and see).

    Either way, i LOVE that in this living environment Spencer still looks pretty much the way he always does and Heidi looks grosser then a wet dog! Anyone else find that an interesting reflection on their hygiene habits?

  • CB

    She looks like a crack ho.

  • DJWhoop

    they are such assholes

  • Natty

    TMZ has a video up of him on the phone with the main guy. You should hear what he says! They both need a huge dose of true reality.

  • Kendra

    Even though they didn’t win, they’re getting a lot of free publicity from this walk-off! Maybe that was their plan all along..

  • lizav2

    did anyone hear the comment spencer made about them being “TOO famous for this” ? what a jerk!

    This was all for charity…how weak are they? I mean honestly they couldn’t even make the best of a situation they themselves signed up for. How selfish they both are. what great christians they are….oh i forgot…Spencer is a NEW chistian. What a joke!

  • Janelle

    what a shock that a bunch of stuck-up wannabe-celebrities won’t get along with Speidi, another pair of stuck-up wannabe-celebrities. I’m shocked they didn’t get along with Stephen Baldwin, the “born again Christian” who is full of himself and fake love-of-God crap.

  • Kyleigh

    Heidi (to Spencer after finding out camp rules include castmembers not being allowed to sleep together) – “I cannot NOT have sex with you for three weeks!” ACK…I puked in my mouth after that line!

  • buffy

    Trent- please stop posting about these two trainwrecks. They have no redeeming qualities. Their charity and parents must be so proud.

  • lucy

    What a couple of a-holes.

  • Tracy

    It is sad that they can’t stick it out for charity. But um….we all know they don’t care about anyone but themselves so color me unsurprised by this news.

  • alguien

    what exactly have these got going for them anyhow? they’re not intelligent, they’re bereft of compelling personalities and they’re not even particularly attractive.

    how in the world did these 2 manage to get to their current statuses in life?

  • Bleeding Ears

    Ok, I can’t believe I’m going to say this….. BUT, I do agree with Spencer on ONE thing…. the rest of the cast are complete duds and can’t even rank as D-Listers. That show will tank without those two dipshits causing trouble.

  • DairyQueen

    I am still baffled. Why were these losers on this show? Their fame is being on a scripted reality show which is about rich spoil brat losers who talk about nothing and live in a surreal world. I wanted to take that damn hair product can and shove it up both thier asses. They way Hiedi was cradling that can, you think it was her child. The fact she kept applying it, killed me. If your hair is that dirty bitch go wash it. I can’t wait for her hair to start falling out after years of using those chemicals
    Don’t even get me Flesh color beard tool. He is such an asshole. I guess his new found Xtianity isn’t working. They are pathetic.

  • PixiesBassline

    I didn’t watch the show… but I am still finding delight in their “suffering”. Hehehe…….. They need to eat some worms and Wild Boar testicles and STFU.

  • anna

    oh, my GAWD what a nightmare they are! seriously? they are “too FAMOUS” for this show? too famous for WHAT? being douchebags? is there ANYONE out there that even cares about them–is anyone even defending them?

  • Gus

    STOP THE HATE! these are good Christians!

  • huh

    ^ Good Christians? You mean fake Christians.

  • Renee

    The reason they hid under those black sheets is because Heidi didn’t want anyone to see how butt ugly she is without hair and makeup. She looks like a crack ho and Spencer looks like a schizophenic bum who forgot to bring his meds. I hope they drown in the ocean and get “washed up” on shore ASAP! No God would appreciate these self-righteous scumbags.