Taylor Lautner Gets Shirtless, Wolfie In The New Trailer For ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’


At the start of today we got to check out the first trailer of new footage for the upcoming sequel film The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I failed to post any screencaps and kinda feel live I’ve cheated some of you by not doing so. SO … to remedy the sitch, here are a few screencaps of Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black all beefed up in one scene and transforming into a werewolf in the next scene:

If this scene alone doesn’t inspire more people to join Team Jacob then either those people are blind or … well, there’s no other excuse. The trailer itself is good but it has been pieced together from the finished scenes they had to work with … I’m pretty sure the next time we see a trailer, it’ll feature scenes that flow together more sequentially. Regarding Jacob Black as a werewolf … I thought he’d look scarier. The werewolf Jacob looks cute and cuddly, even with his bared fangs. In case you missed it the first time or just want another look, check out the FIRST trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon after the jump …

The overriding thing in my mind as I watch this trailer is, Edward who? Then again, we weren’t able to see any shirtlessness from him in this trailer to compare with Lautner’s. I know we just got this trailer but I’m already ready for another one :)


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    WoWza…but where is the Hills Finale post?? I have some things about that I want to say!!

  • nae

    nummy nummy nummy!!!! *lickin’ lips*

  • Mela

    Can you imagine what an amazing looking man this guy is going to become? He’s well on his way already!

  • Ln

    In the books Jacob is not the most scary wolf … he keeps Jacob’s kindness. Just purr-fect. (me ? team Jacob ? YES YES YES !)


    He looks so… dayumn! And I’m glad this movie isn’t all about Edward! It should be about Jacob and nothing about Jacob! The wolf looked a little fake but yet again they just finished filming like, two/three days ago so hopefully they’ll do some touchups! Oh, and I know this is bad but I finished the script of New Moon last night! And I’m pretty sure it’s legit because the writing says so and everything that was in the script is in the trailer of this movie. IT’S GONNA BE WAY BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!


    And when I meant, “the writing says so” I mean that it’s well written. Oh, and I meant “but Jacob” not “about Jacob” : )

  • Roxster

    @ Trent: I agree, maybe its not entirely fair to judge from just this one scene, but he isnt scary enough. I definitely pictured the wolves darker (that would prob make them fiercer looking) and bigger/stronger looking too, but the size is harder to judge from this….maybe since this is early in his wolf development we’ll see him grow a bit throughout the movie? The wolf def should grow bigger over the course of the next three movies, as should Taylor, since thats what happens in the book…BUT he looks AMAZING shirtless. So hot. Can’t wait for more of the half nakedness in the movie.

  • joe

    Looks just as I imagined.

  • LOVE G


  • Todd

    I may not like the books, but DAMN I will see the movie for that!!! It seems all the boyz are takin their shirts of in this one. No complaining here. Of course after seeing Kristen at the MTV Awards last nite being socially akward made me like her more.

  • tiffany

    im team Edward still but Jacob OWNED that trailer! i keep watching the last part over and over and over! lol Its amazing how much better it already looks then twilight. Makes me wonder if twilight had new moons budget how it would have turned out.

  • trisha

    I have always been team Jacob. Seriously though the need a new Bella. I can not stand her at all.

  • TJ

    i thoroughly enjoyed the trailer and Jacob’s gorgeous body!! =D however i do have one problem – the scene from the meadow with laurent is wrong. he flees and leaves bella dumbfounded. she sees the wolves but does not connect them to jacob nor know that jacob is a werewolf.

  • Dots

    Hot damn!

  • Sarah

    You took the words right out of my mouth, Trent. Jacob as a werewolf is NOT supposed to look like something I’d want as a pet. Even NORMAL wolves are scarier looking than this.

  • vleon

    It’s two different scenes! God…I’m sick of saying that. She’s wearing different clothes when Jacob flies over the top of her to when she’s in the field with Laurent. The other scene is obviously when she first sees him transform, protecting her from Paul.

  • Joan

    I confess, I’d been pretty leveled with my excitement for New Mooon. I haven’t actually been too into the filming news, etc. But that completely change, seeing Taylor’s 3 second long wolf transformation!

    Jacob is my favorite overall characters in the Twilight books and I’m SO glad Taylor is playing him. He truly likes and understand the character and I think he will bring it into screen. I feel some fans are completely biased when the read the character. I hope Taylor manages to give Jacob’s character a chance in the minds of the movie goers. So far, so good.

    Go Wolf Pack!

  • Brett

    I’m so excited!!! I liked Twilight… but I feel like they (directors, actors) kind of half-assed it just because they wanted to see how much money they could really make. Now that they know that it’s a huge hit, the movies seem to be getting better!

  • Jenna

    It is 2 different scenes!! I had to go back and watch it again after reading that comment. When she’s with laurent she’s wearing a grey sweater and at the end when jake jumps over her and changes she’s wearing brown. That was a good catch vleon! I never woulda caught that on my own!

  • Jenna

    annnddd she’s also not wearing the back part in the wolf scene like she is in the laurent scene!

  • Jenna

    back pack* not back part

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  • meh

    Jacob Wolf looks like a cute teddy bear or stuffed animal… too animated looking.

  • aimie

    @tj…. they are 2 different scenes if you notice that bellas clothes are different and in the meadow with laurent she has on a back pack and does not have one when she is screaming and running towards jacob. i am guessing that what is in the trailer is when paul leaps towards bella…. and jake interceeds that is why she says jake run.

    just a guess thought but i know they are different scenes cuz the clothes are different.

    i think jakes wolf looks great a little hairier than i’d have thought since his hair is so short during that part but still looks just as i pictured the transormation happening!

  • aimie

    @vleon… i totally agree. i just read your post. lol

  • laura

    aside from the jacob stuff, i am so glad they gave kristen a waay better makeup artist this movie. they made her look so plain in the last, and shes really so pretty.

  • Kelly

    this trailer has officially made me team Switzerland, I can’t say what I want to say because its illegal becaaaaause hes a minor. damn taylor needs to be 18 NOW.

  • LemonFairy

    This guy is so damn Hot!!

  • CB

    @roxster: I’m sure the other werewolves will be darker/different colours… jacob was “russet” coloured when in his wolf form!

  • Kara

    I may be wrong but doesn’t Jacob get bigger as the series goes on? He’s just a “pup” in New Moon. I know other’s have said it but again…two scenes…first he has his shirt off and then he has a shirt on that explodes when he “wolf’s” out. Wow….I’m a nerd! =)

  • Quinn

    so sexy! i agree though, the wolf is way to adorable. i somehow forgot new moon was all about jacob-bella. i am excited beyond words now. i am also really happy that taylor lautner gets to reprise his role because i can’t imagine the other guy living up to what i am sure taylor will deliver!

  • ally tart check

    i don’t love the wolf; it’s not what i imagined but they captured “phasing” perfectly. that was awesome! i, also, will hold all comments until that boy is 18. i also didn’t like ks any better after the ridiculosity on television. did anyone else notice her kick at rp during the trailer introduction? she’s bringing too much of herself to bella’s character or something. i just hope that she quits making all those silly mouth sounds in the rest of the movies. i don’t know how many more “tttssss” and “ffffsssss” and “hhhhs” i can take…

  • tatiana

    Oh yeah. Come to mama! How old is he again? lol

  • Ama

    I will say this, when Jacob transformed into the wolf form, it gave me chills. But then Bella’s scream was probably the cause of that.

    Kristen Stewart is really good actress for horror movies and such things.

    I liked the Cullen family a lot, when I first read the books. But I dunno XD for some reason, they look very awkward with each other in the movie.

    Also; People need to remember, the movies WILL NOT be exactly like the books. But from this trailer, I think they are doing a pretty good job so far.

  • nikkababe

    oh good lord, YES… team jacob for LIFE, yo.

  • nikkababe

    i still can’t believe he’s only 17. no 17 year old should look THAT good…

  • Quinn

    @ nikkababe–so true. i feel like such a creepster

  • the Mrs.

    I am now all for Team Jacob! SO HOT!

  • anonymous

    He is a 16 year old CHILD, if you are > 18 yo and you are ogling him that is not um appropriate.

  • sabrina

    CANNOT BELIEVE THIS GUY IS 17!! i feel like a cougar and im only 21! he’s not even born in the 1980’s!! AHHHH!! people born in the 1990’s should not have bodies like that yet!

  • aimie

    ummm, i wouldn’t wanna cuddle with that wolf. it looks scary enough for me. i don’t think they look mean in the books just huge. if i remember correctly. i am rereading the series and haven’t gotten there yet. but i must agree with the oogling cougars, totally unfair how hot that 17 yr old is and kudos to taylor he must have worked his bootay off!!!!!

  • Michelle

    I have to say that I think Selena Gomez may just be the luckiest 16 year old on the planet! Girls and women of all ages seem to be drooling over Taylor Lautner today! If I were here I’d be walking around going yep, that’s my BF! lol I gotta say the trailer, while pieced together to the point where it doesn’t seem to make much sense, does look A LOT better than the whole Twilight movie together! Chris Weitz is a kick ass director and the scenes that they had for the trailer just look flawless. TEAM EDWARD forever though!! I’m not gonna turn just because Taylor’s been working hard! lol

  • Magan

    Jacob looks pretty hot, but still Team Edward. Jacob gets a little annoying when Edward comes back. That turned off right away!

  • Kei-Kei

    I agree completely….I thought he looked cute and cuddly too! I told my friend that and she had a fit on me….lmao!

  • E

    I am very excited for the movie, and I don’t see why it has to be either team Jacob or Edward. I mean we read the books, and they both end up happy so its all good.

    Though, I must admit… I’m a huge Edward fan :-D Jacob is cute, but Edward is the one.

  • Roxster

    @CB: Good point! I forgot to take that into account…plus she also says in the books Jacob looks more playful than some of the other wolves. i’m trying to hold off judgement on the wolf thing until I see the movie, or at least a more substantial clip of one.

    @ Ally I agree: shes horrible at marketing a film. she sounded so bored by the idea of the movie even though she was supposed to be talking about the exciting new things in it. She also stood there looking bored at biting her nails while Rob talked.

  • lan-lan

    Evrything bout this movie looks great.nd I luved twilight.but I new that new moon had 2 b great.cuz its mah favorite book.nd I hope they bring it with breaking dawn also.cuz those r mah 2 favorite books.lol.I was so excited 2 c the trailer.nd 4 all those ppl who hopped on the jacob bandwagon once they saw mah baby wit his shirt of lookin all good.lol.can go back 2 edward.team jacob 4 life.oh nd I’m not a perve.I’m 16.lmbo.

  • SpecialK

    I totally agree Trent about Jacob’s wolf!! I was not impressed at all. I hope at least when the movie is done and we can compare the size of the wolves to the people that they are gigantic!

  • jenn

    I’m on Team Edward and Team Jacob – but definitely not on Team Bella. Kristen Stewart always has this clingy/constipated look on her face throughout the movie.

    Dear Kristen: please smile, cry, look smitten, look lovelorn….*something* other than “in desperate need of laxative.”

  • robin

    @anonymous…there’s no crime in oogling!

  • Lexy

    Haahah I had noo idea who this guy was.. then looked him up and discovered two things. One, that he is only like.. 17? Born in 1992… and two, that he was in cheaper by the dozen as the little guy that takes out the girl from the eminem filmclip haha. Small world!!

  • Nikki

    Whoa…I haven’t been a Jacob fan thus far…but wow! RPattz better work on his fitness if he wants to keep up!!

  • karen

    given the advance CGI technology now, the wolf look kinda fake.

  • C

    I think if i remember in NM, didnt Bella say that all the wolves take on the resemblence(sp?) of the man, so i think that jake the wolf gets bigger but is still supposed to remind you of jacob and i remember in the book about him being brown…team jacob:)

  • anonymous

    The wolf graphic looks too unreal to me. With a bigger budget they should have worked on making it look more realistic.

  • Leopardo87

    It still need grapic work, i agree kristen needs to do something else, i think she should be happy she’s on the saga and she seems not. the kid it’s doing well but the thing its all about bella and edward.

  • Doonie

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph that boy is hot!

  • PennyGadget

    Ok yes this is a little late posting but I just saw this and geeked right the hell out. I try to play cool but I really can’t wait for this movie to come out. Hot damn.

  • Zo

    It might just be me, but I have kind of a hard time taking a werewolf seriously when he looks like he just stepped out of an A&F twinkshoot.

    Wild? No. Intimidating? No. Fierce? Only in the Tyra sense.

  • mike

    so, apparently your genitalia disappears when you transform into a werewolf. no wonder they are so pissed.

  • april


    forever and ever!!!

  • Sarah

    I love it!!! and I can’t stop watching it, it looks amazingggggggggggg and im gonna start crying already just thinking about edward leaving =( lol but no matter what shirtless jacob or not, im team edward all the wa, it just cant be changed…does anyone thing the wolf should look a little meaner, i think it looks to nice actually…anyways i love it!!!!!

  • sandra

    where the hell was sexy kellan lutz?!?!?! i was an extra for nightmare on elm street the last few days and i got to meet him!! hes so delicious!!

  • cassie

    Talor gave me a hug and a kiss because we are cousins!I get treated diffrently because we are cousins he has a great personalaty I hope talor swift treats he good and dosen’t hurt him!

  • I love Talor

    He is totally hot and really cassie!?

  • team taylor

    cassie you are so lucky you know hi e and y cousins day dream about him all the lie