Nine Inch Nails ‘Wave Goodbye’ To Detroit, 05.31.09


To get right to the point and completely without any bit of hyperbole, I have to declare that yesterday was among the best days of my life. The things my friends and I got to experience at the NIN/JA 2009 Tour stop here in the metro Detroit, MI area yesterday are pretty much the things that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. I’ll try to be concise and not ramble but, seriously, the day was too epic to adequately describe. Sarah, Mark, David and I arrived at DTE Energy Center Pine Knob early in the afternoon so that we could participate in the meet and greet festivities that came with donating money to help fund Eric De La Cruz’s heart transplant. We met a bunch of great Detroiters, including Pink readers Monique and Brandon, and all got to share the experience together. I’m gonna put the many, many photos I want to share behind the cut so that only those of you interested can check them out. I will post this awesome photo of the “Bodypaint Girls” who came to the show wearing no tops, only airbrushed bodypaint to cover their bodies:

Believe me, they looked more amazing in person. You can see what they looked like from the front HERE.

After the jump, check out photos and video from the NIN soundcheck, pics of some of us with Nine Inch Nails and some of the photos of the show that I got to snap while I was ON STAGE with the band during their performance …

The first thing we got to do after we arrived was hang out and watch the band soundcheck before the show. Justin Meldal-Johnsen (bass) came out first to talk to the crowd … then the rest of the guys came out — Ilan Rubin (drums), then Trent Reznor, then Robin Finck (guitar). They played thru a 3 song soundcheck, starting with the rare track Home:

The band then played Metal (Gary Numan cover) and The Good Soldier. I managed to record video of NIN performing Home, check it out:

After the soundcheck, we were taken backstage for our autograph/photo session. Because I never had the opportunity to ask for an autograph on my previous meetings with Trent Reznor, I brought along my original copy of Pretty Hate Machine for him to sign (my BFF Sarah had TR sign her backstage pass). Then I got to take a photo with the band. Robin, who has been terribly sick, did not come out for the M&G so our photo looks like I’ve taken his place in the band:

Much love goes out to Pink reader Monique who snapped the alt angle pic of me with NIN. I asked her and Brandon to share their photos with the band so that I can share them with all y’all:

After the M&G, we were treated to a full dinner backstage and right before NIN took the stage, we were summoned to go into TR’s dressing room to say a quick hello to him and Mariqueen. Trent and Mariqueen were so amazingly cool to my friends, I kid you not when I say it was pretty surreal chillin’ in TR’s dressing room. Trent graciously handed me a pass so that we could go anywhere we wanted to enjoy the show (there was convo, hugs and generally just a lot of love – yes, I was dying) … so we took our spots on stage behind the lights to watch the show. Here are a few of the pics I snapped from the stage:

Never, ever in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be able to be on stage for a NIN concert. It was … quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever been able to do — hands down, this wins. That I was able to share the experience with David and my best friends IN DETROIT just makes an already unbelievable experience even more special. I will never be able to thank TR, Mariqueen and the entire NIN crew for taking such amazing care of us. Truly, an extraordinary experience. Much love goes out to Pink reader Colleen who sent me the last photo that shows us on stage behind the band. Here is her pic with Trent Reznor:

Here is the full set list of yesterday’s show:

Home (Soundcheck)
Metal (Soundcheck)
The Good Soldier (Soundcheck)

Now I’m Nothing
Terrible Lie
March of The Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
Gave Up
La Mer
Gone, Still
Lights In The Sky
The Downward Spiral
That Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

Yes, the experience got even better … Now I’m Nothing is one of the oldest, rarest NIN songs and we got to hear it live FROM THE STAGE. I really don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing experience but THANK YOU karma for lookin’ out for me. I can now die happy, truly. After the show, we got to hang out backstage for a bit … then the band had to roll out. We watched some of Jane’s Addiction then made our way home … listened to the Red Wings beat the Penguins in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals and that was that. Seriously, the best day ever.

This evening, the bunch of us are going out to Ann Arbor to visit with Tracey and Princess Zakiya … I’m really looking forward to seeing them. It is so great to be home … best.trip.ever.

  • Meghan

    So awesome! Great pics! Love TR’s Star Trek shirt!

  • Anno

    Saw David at the concert last night – and may I say, he always looks cute in photos, but he is HANDSOME in person. We were on our way out, so I admired in passing. You shouldn’t leave him unattended like that. Amazing show – Trent is a perfectionist extraordinaire and Perry is quite the showman.

  • Kendra

    So awesome! JMJ is THE MAN!! I love him so much..I’m so jealous but you totally deserved this, Trent!

    • @Kendra — I don’t know about “deserve” but I am pretty damn thankful and appreciative :)

  • That paint is cool !

  • Colleen

    Glad I could take that photo for you. Thanks for posting mine!

  • JessicaSarahS

    Aww! I loved reading this!! Thanks for posting in detail and with pix! :)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That is awesome. I feel fulfilled now. No need to attend the show…I kid but I feel like I did already:)!!

  • SuziLee

    Sounds like an AMAZING time!!! ya lucky bastard you!! : )
    Thanks for the pics – TR makes me swoooooon. I’d have fainted right there on stage – forget about a pic with him!!!!!!!
    Enjoy rest of your trip “home”!!!

  • donna

    wow what great seats pineknob is our favorite place to see concerts, and welcome back to detroit i hope you enjoy your visit!

  • carrie

    OMG so great. after looking at these pics, i really can’t wait for the charlotte. mucho props to the body paint chicks tho they’re not the first i’ve seen at nin show. someone did the with teeth cover during the 2005 or 2006 tour.

    PS: nice jacket, pink trent!

  • Janelle

    kendra is 100% right – trent, you definitely deserve it!

  • Dana

    Again…like I always say…You have the best life!!!

  • troyS

    “our photo looks like I’ve taken his place in the band.”

    For real! You completely blend. Those photos are tremendous.

  • Lauren

    That experience sounds so incredibly amazing Trent!! I’m so happy for you!!! :)

  • Mopotts

    Thanks again, Trent! Glad I could send you a few pictures, and THANK YOU for sharing mine!! I’m not being very productive today…just replaying everything over and over in my mind…and smiling. ;)

    It truly was a bummer that Robin could not partake. Although, JMJ is super gracious!

    <3 Monique

  • OH WOW TRENT! this is so awesome i have tears in my eyes because i’m so psyched for you man! what an amazing experience and you deserved it so much. TR just gets better and better and i love reading your report here.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • nae

    I’M SO DAMN JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great recap, Trent. I’m starting to see some awesome photos from the show trickle onto flickr.

    Thanks again for posting my photo!


  • kittycatastrophe

    Great pictures and I agree with the others who said that you so deserved/earned the opportunity to hangout with the band.

  • Jennifer Brenner

    OMG! I LOVED your story and your pics. Good lawdy I was dying looking at these photos! and a bit teary :) esp of Trent smiling luv it. You SO deserved this wonderful experience!!! I’m meeting the man himself on June 5th :) God Bless Trent you are the best!

  • JennMSU

    Loved your account of the day! Very jealous. The concert was awesome. Trent rules. Also I laughed at DTE-crossed-out-Pine-Knob. So true! It will never be DTE to me either.

  • Elkay

    TR actually smiling in a fan pic! :) Sounds like you had a really awesome experience – I get to see and meet NIN on Wednesday, I’m stoked!

  • Colleen is my big sis. She’s as big a fan as you and got to watch from the stage on Saturday! Cool pics. :)

  • Haha, are you kidding me? I love your interview with Trent but did not recognize you yesterday (yes, I was there too). I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did, and keep up the good work! Ps. I had tickets for the first Wings game, so I had indeed one of the greatest weekends in my life too…

  • Oh, I hate you for being this lucky. I went to the Chula Vista show and had backstage passes but got ignored by everyone, it was really shitty. I wanted your experience.
    Eh, either way the show was amazing, I got to hear ‘Now I’m Nothing’ too and about died because I never thought I’d hear that song. And, is TR smiling in one of those pictures? He must have been looking at Mariqueen. :) Too cute.\
    Again, damn you, you lucky bastard.

    • @amber — yes, he is smiling in that pic. Monique told him she’d donate more money if he would smile in their photo and he did :)

  • @Trent, good for her for giving him and offer he couldn’t refuse. She kinda accomplished the impossible. ;) Smile looks good on ‘im.

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  • KM

    I was there the other night and it was the best night of my life too. Trent is a god.