Eminem Gets An Ass-Full Of Brüno At The 2009 MTV Movie Awards


The 2009 MTV Movie Awards, held in LA last night, were chock full of fun and memorable moments (which I’ll get to in more detail a little later on today) but none more memorable or more buzzed about than the Sacha Baron Cohen gag played on Detroit rapper Eminem. As he introduced the nominees for Best Male Actor, Cohen in character as the very flamboyant Brüno descended from on high into the lap of Eminem and managed to thrust his bare ass in Em’s face. An obvs pissed off Eminem stormed out of the audience, causing uproarious laughter from the crowd. Some contend the whole thing was staged, I personally think that while Em was in on the initial joke, Cohen and MTV might’ve really got him with the ass in face thing. Here are a few pics of the incident:

Eminem apparently has flown the coop from the MTV Movie Awards after a close encounter with Sacha Baron Cohen. In character as flamboyant fashion reporter “Bruno,” Baron Cohen flew in above Sunday’s award show audience on a wire — and in a pair of feathery white wings and his rear end mostly exposed. But the comedian crashed into an overhead obstacle, and he was lowered into the audience — right into Eminem’s lap, his bare hindquarters in the rapper’s face. Eminem seemed visibly upset at the mishap. Or was it a joke he was in on?

See … Eminem is such a prankster, he made a career of lampooning other celebrities … but he does have a pretty solid track record for not being able to take a joke himself. My guess is that he agreed to be part of a gag but prolly was not let in on the full extent of the final punchline. It’s hard to be sure but he really did look pissed off. After the jump, check out video of the gag and judge for yourself …

Whether Eminem was in on the joke or not … the clip is pretty funny. It’s about time someone had a laugh at Em’s expense for once. He’s a big boy, he should be able to handle it. That said, if Em really wasn’t in on the joke … Sacha Baron Cohen should prolly stay far away from Detroit, MI for a very long time. What do you think … was this gag staged? Was it funny?

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  • That seems like the exact type of ‘skit’ Eminem would be involved in. However, he did look pretty damn pissed. Maybe he figured out the acting thing after doing 8 mile. Who knows?!

  • Mars

    It is pretty obvious it was all staged, seeing as they would have had to have practiced before hand to make sure Cohen would land properly and not get hurt.

  • christina

    i think he was in on it. his body guards were not even remotely as aggressive as they might have been if it wasn’t staged. still funny.

  • jo

    Yeah I agree – he wouldn’t have been stationary for so long if not in on some sort of gag. But at the same time, WHAT was in it for him if it was staged??? He never got a point of redemption later in the awards or any chance to show that it was all a ‘joke.’ He got nothing out of that other than being totally and utterly humiliated minutes after his ‘come back’ performance. I can’t believe he would agree to that – especially considering his same childish response in previous shows.

  • staci

    yeah i agree that he may have been in on it but not to the full extent. unless he took acting lessons in rehab.

  • Roxster

    I dunno I thought it was weird how he ended up just yelling out the winner like that….I feel like they had something planned and Eminem may or may not have been in on it, but whatever it was, it wasn’t supposed to happen like that. I dunno. Did they say anything in interviews after?

  • Nichole

    Em got publicity out of it.. everyone is talking about it today.

  • jo

    Yeah true…but do you think it was really in his favor? Most of what I see is people laughing at him – whether staged or real – and people confirming their belief that he can dish it but not take it. I guess any publicity is good…but I’m skeptical that this was beneficial for him…

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I was laughing my ass off the whole time!! It was funny!!!

  • glou

    They’d be crazy to pull something on Eminem without telling him about it first.

    He probably knew, but i could see that being his genuine reaction whether he knew about it or not!

  • Natty

    He had to have know. Im sorry, but if I was sitting in an audience and seen a naked butt (of any gender) about to fall in my lap, Id move.

  • Jadedkitten

    Why would he agree to let another man put his balls and ass on his face??? I agree with Trent he knew something was going to happened but not this.

  • If there is one thing I know about Eminem, he’s a good actor.

  • Tracy

    I hate Eminem. He should have stayed retired.

  • David

    It’s perfect, actually. Sasha Cohen clears the joke with Eminem before-hand, probably something that Eminem thinks will make him look kind of cool, right? But still raunchy.

    Then Sasha Cohen does this — going way further than they’d planned. Eminem fumes. If he makes a big stink about it, he looks like an ass and gives Sasha even more publicity for being outrageous. It’s win/win for Sasha Cohen, short of pissing off Eminem — and considering how often Eminem spouts off publicly about people he’s mad at, that’s ALSO free publicity. Win/win/win. Eminem will have to play along and take whatever publicity he can get, even if it’s people laughing at him a bit.

  • Blair

    It was so staged and wasnt even funny. The MTV movie awards have gone so boring and cringy.

  • nicole

    i dunno maybe im just getting old – but i didnt laugh. i have a feeling that it wasnt suppose to go down like that..but whatever..mtv has just gotten lame. Andy Samberg was the only reason i turned it on.

  • karen

    well, zac efron clearly looked stunned to see what happened when his name was called out in this manner. LOL to Bruno!

  • Amanda

    I agree, part of it was staged, but Eminem didn’t know exactly what was going to happen. I feel like if he did, the censor would have known what his reaction was going to be. That clip was much more censored than the east coast version. The bleeped the first f**k, but missed the motherf***er on the east coast, and it came through loud and clear. And I know the whole security part wasn’t silent either. I think his reaction was genuine. I loved it.

  • Erica

    Ridiculous. And I feel bad for Zac Efron – way to ruin a guy’s moment. Sometimes MTV is so juvenile it’s pathetic.

  • katt

    obviously they did it to eminem to get a reaction. i agree that em knew something was going to happen, but i’m sure he wasn’t expecting a dudes’ ass and balls in his face, and thats why he got mad. i really want to hear how eminem feels about the whole thing………..

  • Andy

    Eminem was way too angry to have been on the joke. There was not even a hint of him taking it in stride! And no offense, I’m sure he’s a good actor or whatever, but that would have been QUITE the performance to pull off that level of surprise, frustration, and just overall repulsion. Trust me, the joke was on Eminem this time.

    By the way, wouldn’t be difficult to pull off–celebrity seats in view of the camera are planned out for weeks. Futhermore, celebrities who receive special invitations to award shows *know* to sit the seat to which their escorted. It means they will get good face time. It was just a matter of working on the wiring to ensure that Sasha would be lowered directly onto that seat.

  • Kyleigh

    I think he was in on it. He would have planty of time to move out of the way before Bruno landing on him, had it not been staged. When it aired live, MTV did not catch the “what the fuck” that Em said. That made me laugh more than anything!

  • Kelly K.

    I agree that Em was in on it, but probably not expecting what actually happened. And his body guards were hitting and pushing Sacha around to the point where he was kicking women in the face that were sitting behind them. I think that might have been pretty real. If not, then they got me! Either way, I thought it was pretty damn funny.

  • Kelly K.

    Plus, Sacha is well know for making big fools of people in very real situations.

  • DJWhoop

    This is the funniest thing that could happen. I hope Eminem was in on it, but if not, oh well. Friggen hilarious.

  • debho

    I hate SBC. He’s such a dick and not funny at all. Gross.

  • PixiesBassline

    Man.. that was reallllllly freakin GROTESQUE!!!! I almost wanted to puke for Eminem, when I saw the shots of that man-crotch in his face… And he was pretty much pinned there, with everyone seeing this nasty crotch all in his face…looking like he could almost smell that shiz… YUCK!!! That dude is lucky he didn’t get punched in the taint! Tooooo nasty!!

  • Z

    My hubby says we’ll know for sure if it was staged or real based on whether or not Eminem sues Sasha Baron Cohen and MTV. ;)


    I doubt Eminem is going to sue MTV since they’re such a big endorsement to music artists’. I mean, there’s the VMA’s coming up as well. I think he was in on the job but he didn’t know the full extent like some were saying.

  • mike

    i think eminem knew he was going to be lowered down on him but not in an ass less outfit hahaha too funny

  • Corey

    I think something was up, because why would anyone bring two massive bodyguards in to the theatre to sit DIRECTLY on either side of him. I can understand bringing your posse, but they looked poised to “help” with the situation. I will agree that he probably didnt know he was gonna get a face full of ballsack though…

  • Rachael

    Hahaha I wasn’t even going to watch the MTV Movie Awards until I read about this SBC/Eminem thing on a website last night … then I caught a later showing of the broadcast JUST so I could see this. I am still on the fence about whether Em was in on it or not … but the theory that he simply didn’t know what the full extent of the joke would be might make sense. In any event it was hysterical … including the shocked look on Zachary Quinto’s face while it was all going down. ;-)

    p.s. I read on some other website that the stunt was rehearsed ahead of time (obviously it would have to be), but not with Eminem. Maybe they used a stand-in for rehearsal or something. That same website said that Eminem seemed to be mic’ed as he was leaving (which would obviously indicate that he was in on the joke) … but when I watched it … it didn’t seem like he was mic’ed. Who knows! Props to MTV for pulling off something that would garner so much buzz/speculation the next day though.

  • tatiana

    lololololmao!! OMG i will never get tired of watching this shit. (Staged or not). I think it was a prank gone horribly wrong. One of the best parts was Zach Efron getting on stage and saying “Wow, that was weird”. hahahalololol. Omg so funny.

  • Jay

    Cohen has a great ass… I’d have killed to be Eminem that night!

  • Laynie

    omfg best moment EVER.
    I love me some Eminem and boy was PISSED.
    I literally almost pissed my pants when his crew was shoving him around like a pinyata

  • Joanne

    Corey – I think those bodyguards ARE his posse … he has no friends ……. When they were pushing Bruno, they didn’t care who got hit … that was real.

  • Michelle

    I almost peed myself when that part happened… seriously the greatest thing about that show last night was Sasha Baron Cohen… oh and Jim Carrey but I will get to that… I’ve seen the clip over and over again and I still can’t figure out if Eminem was in on the joke or not. I have to lean on the side of Trent’s thinking that Eminem probably knew that Sasha was going to somehow prank him, but wasn’t told the full extent… let’s face it we’ve seen Eminem act and it’s not so good and he looked genuinely suprised and pissed off when Cohen’s ass was in his face… and I totally missed the whole award part of that until they called Zac Efron. Poor guy! I think he had the biggest punk there! One minute he’s like WTF is going on and the next they are calling his name! What a champ!

    Oh and can I just say for the record that I LOVE that Jim Carrey is still THE MAN of the MTV Movie Awards. I remember the show back in it’s heyday and Carrey never failed to disappoint!

  • That was SO FAKE. About 20 years ago, managers and PR people started taking advantage of “TIMING”. Something sensational happens around someones new movie, new album, new whatever. It thrusts them in the limelight in a non-salesy way. But its been done so many times, it does not have the same effect. Funny but kind of a yawn.

  • leanne

    im on eminem’s side… i probs wouldnt show im pissed on camera but off id want cohen told off, if eminem’s not in on it thats a horrible thing 2 do without consulting first – how humiliating for eminem :S

  • Samantha

    It was staged… they even had a dress rehearsal.. proof:


  • yeah it was most obvs scripted. trent boo, c’mon!