‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ Releases First Teaser Video


Twilighters the world over know that they need to tune in to the 2009 MTV Movie Awards airing on MTV tomorrow night (Sunday May 31st) in order to get the first look at the first footage from the much ballyhooed sequel film The Twilight Saga: New Moon … but in anticipation of the release of that new footage, Summit Entertainment has made available a 14 second preview of the as yet unreleased trailer:

Trust me, y’all … the clip is short and it don’t really show nothin’ … but it is our very first look the finished product many months ahead of the film’s release. After the jump, check out this super short, teaser clip from the upcoming release of the trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon

HMMM … talk about a pretty cool birthday present. While this mini-clip is all well and good, I’m really anxious to see what scenes the movie trailer will showcase. I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing any of the really good scenes that were just shot in Italy (unless the producers manage to sneak a quick peek in). I’m confident the trailer will not disappoint and will only serve to feed the rabid fans exactly what they want. While the trailer for New Moon will debut first on MTV, it will be made available promptly at 7:45PM ET on My Space tomorrow night as well — so those of you who cannot watch the 2009 MTV Movie Awards will still be able to get your Twilight fix online. So … about this clip … do you think it teases just right or is it totally not enough?


  • Lisa

    Definitely not enough!!! They kiss all the stinkin’ time so this isn’t that exciting for me. I would have thrown in something a little more interesting (and new) to interest people. Even people who never read the book know they are gonna kiss sometime. Although…if I had Robert Pattinson at my door, I’d ask for a kiss too ;)

  • Jenna

    definitely not enough.. i’m assuming this is the kiss after the jasper attack cause he looks all upset

  • aimie

    enough for me to wanna see what is next tomorrow that is for sure!!! his face does look quite disturbed in that pic above must be post…. um, finger cut. to not spoil too much

  • Samantha

    Why cant guys be like this character (Edward)…

  • Marisa

    sooo not enough.. i can hardly wait til tomorrow… and november is def too far away..lol

  • Moves

    Personally, I didn’t think there were enough kidding scenes in Twilight, and not nearly as many as there were in the book, so i’m glad to see this.

  • vic

    Pretty sure this is meant to mean something more significent – like other people said its after shes attacked and in the book he kisses her without any restraint like usual because he believes it to be the last kiss they will ever share..*swoon* lol

  • Cristina

    WEEEEEEE! I am far too excited about this movie than a 26 mother of 2 should be! ;) I can’t wait for the full trailer!

  • Erica

    is it me or does she really look “whatever” in this? she looks soo indifferent all the time and it relaly doesn’t make me want to like bella.

  • Kerri

    TRENT WILL YOU POST THE TRAILER ON HERE?!?!?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! PS: You’re a rockstar. Love love love reading your blog. Its an awesome escape. x

  • sarah

    Yay! they showed this in the middle of a show i was watching on mtv yesterday i think it was…but whos house is that in the backround, it doesnt look like bellas and its deffo not edwards….hmm


    HER ACTING IS SO PAINFUL… I don’t even understand because in her other movies she can actually act way better than this. She doesn’t show any facial range whatsoever. It honestly makes me sick. I don’t like how they portrayed Bella in these movies VS. the book version of Bella. In the first Twilight movie they made Bella likable which is weird because during reading the books most of the time I couldn’t stand Bella and her selfish ways. She was likable here and there but for the most part she got on my God damn nerves.

  • Naomi

    she looks different somehow.

  • OH MEE GEE. He really does it for me. Even just standing there saying nothing. Sigh.

  • Hal

    What?! No Jacob? :(

  • sez

    Trent, Is it the MTV Myspace page the full trailer will be up?? Can you please post the link…. Or put the trailer up here if you can?


  • alexggb

    Ok, I just caved in and watched the movie. He does make an interesting Edward (who am I kidding, I wanted to reach out and take him out of the screen and into my bed) but I still think he looks better on screen than he does on the pics I see. I’m gonna have to make my final verdict by meeting him in person, I heard the movie he and Hugh are gonna make might be filmed here in patagonia. Hum…

  • Jill

    hahah i like the post above me :0

  • J

    Omg talk about pathetic acting. I’m sorry – Twilight wasn’t a great movie. I understand die hard fans would LOVE the movie & think it is great, just like Harry Potter fans (altho they are good films) and films made of other novels.

    But Twilight, in retrospective, is not one of those, going down in history as a great film. I find Kristen Stewart a very boring actress. Her voice & her acting is just really poor. Robert P, i understand he is obviously in character and as a vampire, is a little better but still looks so, FORCED. As if he is trying so hard – it isn’t working.

    That film, THIS teaser & the series just irritates me when someone calls it a great film – like comparing it to Casablanca for romance. UGH!

  • vicky

    gotta agree that the film wasn’t that great… The story is beautiful though, just have to look past the cringe worthy parts in Twilight to find the beauty in it :)

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  • EmCee

    I sincerely hope that New Moon is significantly better than Twilight. It’s such a great story, but the books aren’t THAT well written(while I enjoyed them, and love them) and then the movie wasn’t very good. It has so much potential….*sigh*

  • I have never read the books and i didn’t really want to see the movie when i saw the preview for the first movie, but my boyfriend bought a bunch of bootleg movies and said he got it for me i was like i don’t want to see it so one morning i was feeding my son and the cable was messing up so i popped it in and watched it. after it was finished i completely fell in love with the movie i can’t wait for the new moon to come out and i’ll probably end up going to the library to read the books so i can see the difference between the books and the movies!! I say it really is great!!!