Britney Spears Films New Music Video For ‘Radar’


Britney Spears and her manager Adam Leber have updated fans on their official Twitter profiles that production has begun on her newest music video for her single Radar. Britney/Adam tweeted on day one of the shoot and then updated that music video director Dave Meyers (who directed Britney’s video for her song Lucky way back in 2000) is helming the project. Woot! Here are a couple pics of Britney with her able and loving assistant Felicia Culotta on the SoCal set of the Radar music video yesterday and the full text of Britney’s tweets about the vid:

Day one Radar video shoot… Dave Meyers is directing my Radar video- it’s going to be sick!

While the “sick”ness of the music video has yet to be determined, I’m pretty sure that Meyers was very happy to come back and do another music video for our dear Britney. It is also very cool seeing Felicia around Britney again … she’s kinda been out of sight the entire time that Britney was on tour these past few months but I understand that she was always with Britney behind the scenes. I’m not sure that I’m feeling her bangs in this photo but … well, that’s neither here nor there. It’s unclear if the tractor in the pics is a prop for the video or Britney was doing some cultivating in between shooting scenes but … I suppose all will be revealed when the video debuts next month.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • can’t wait to watch the new vid. i’ve been loving all the vids from her latest album, esp If You Seek Amy. should be entertaining

  • Jadedkitten

    Fe yay and from all the pixs this vid’s going to be very interesting can’t wait.

  • she does make good videos. i feel like lately the art of the music video has been lost…

  • nicole

    i’d be happy if it was a video for something other then radar… but meh

  • Alex

    Agh, I’m not really a fan of Dave Meyers’ work, he’s like a bad version of David Lachapelle… and “Lucky” is one of the worst videos Britney has done IMO… anyway, let’s hope this one is surprisingly good.

  • Janelle

    @Alex – ““Lucky” is one of the worst videos Britney has done IMO”. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Malcolm McCrae

    From all the pics ive seen here and on it looks like a dull video but then u think…its Britney and Dave and its for a Dancy song, so its bound to have a lot of surprises.

    I loled at the tractor joke. haha I hope its a prop though!


    WHAT! ‘Lucky’ is so not her worst videos! Have you forgot about ‘Gimme More’ or ‘Break The Ice’ or anything like that!? How laughable. Anyway, I think the video is going to have a horse derby type thang. There’s horses and I’ve seen other pictures where her outfit is kind of… weird. It should be exciting, yo!

  • Annie

    IA, Lucky is one of her worst videos, especially considering she was at her peak at the time. At least, Gimme More had a legitimate excuse to suck, lol

    But David Myers also did the Boys video, which I love, so it’s all good. I’m really intrigued by this concept. I’m hoping it’s a good surprise

  • dalpowel

    Does anyone know what happened between Britney and Larry Rudolph???

  • aeb

    Didn’t she already have Radar as a single last album? Or is there another song on Circus titled Radar??? Because I’ve heard Radar played a bunch of times on my local radio station.