T.R. Knight Will Not Be Returning To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Welp, it looks like Grey’s Anatomy will be returning next season with one less doctor on call. Now, I don’t watch the show myself but I understand that the season finale that just aired left off with a bit of a cliffhanger … the lives of two main characters were left hanging in the balance without any pronouncement one way or the other if either of them will live. Dr. George O’Malley (played by T.R. Knight) was one of those characters … and according to Marc Malkin of E! News, Dr. O’Malley ain’t comin’ back. T.R. Knight on Grey’s is dunzo, y’all:

Dr. George O’Malley is dead. Multiple sources tell me that T.R. Knight will not be returning to Grey’s Anatomy next season. Knight’s departure shouldn’t come as too much of a shock… Not only was George flatlining at the end of the season finale earlier this month, but the 36-year-old actor has reportedly wanted off the hit ABC series for quite some time. I’m told that tension between Knight and show creator Shonda Rhimes has become unbearable for both. Knight, an original member of the Grey’s cast, was said to have become increasingly frustrated by his character’s lack of storyline and camera face time. In December, he asked to be let out of his contract. Insiders tell me Knight has made no secret that he wants off the show. No word on any future projects for Knight, but at least now he’s free to pursue other things. Reps for Knight and ABC declined to comment. Knight’s best buddy Katherine Heigl is supposedly still waiting to learn her fate with Seattle Grace. As I was the first to report last July, Rhimes began contemplating an early death for Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens after Heigl took herself out of the running for last year’s Emmys because, she complained, the writers failed to give her good enough material to work with. Like George, Izzie was also flatlining at the end of the season finale.

As I said, I don’t watch the show and not even I was surprised to hear this news. When an actor very publicly tells his boss “let me out of my contract”, it’s clear that his heart ain’t in it anymore. Perhaps T.R. and his cute beau Mark Cornelsen were celebrating the news when the two of them stepped out for dinner earlier this week. While I wouldn’t normally advice anyone to go quittin’ their job in this economic environment, I think this is prolly a good move for T.R. He was clearly unhappy at Grey’s Anatomy and now he’s freed up to do something else. I just hope something comes along so he can strike while the iron is hot … er, lukewarm.



    I never did watch this show but you can tell that it definitely lost its “it” factor. At first, it was hot and what not but then you didn’t hear nothing about it. Next will be Katherine Higal.

  • Mrs Jackman

    nahhh- this is one of the best seasons yet! i’ll admit, it’s lost a bit of it’s McSteamy/Dreaminess, but other than that i think its fab! i really wanted izzie to leave- it narrows down the storyline to how alex karev deals with it!

  • Kim

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true but TV Guide has a contradicting report … http://www.tvguide.com/News/Greys-Anatomy-Knight-1006409.aspx

  • Roxster

    The seasons had its weak spots, but I thought it finished strong. I LOVED the finale, such a classic greys twist (although I had heard all the rumors George was joining the military and/or getting killed off as a way to be written off). It definitely made it seem like he and Izzie died…although Izzie seemed hesitant on the elevator, like she wasn’t ready to die. I read an interview with Shonda and the reporter asked about “which one lives and which one dies” and she repliaed “its interesting you say which lives and whice dies” seemingly implying they have the same fate.

  • Heather

    This season has actually picked up. The show seems to have new life now…I LOVE IT!!!! Don’t count out Grey’s, Rimes is an incredible writer :)

  • A

    All I know is, I am still crying my eyeballs out over the season finally. They (the writers) did an awesome job, so did TR and Katherine. they both deserve props for thier acting out thier last scenes!

  • aimie

    i wouldn’t be suprised if the character was recast…. he was totally mangled. sure tr may be leaving but that doesn’t meant the character will die. idk, seems like to obvious an ending to me. i still love greys!

  • eiBeauty

    hoo, where do I start? I was one of the shows biggest fans from episode 1 then I got annoyed with Katherine and TR on and off camera. If they want to take off, then good riddance. TR only has a very limited acting range and not all that believe-able altho I did like certain episodes of his George character (ie when he was an intern and humbled and with his Dad). Him and Izzie being “in love” and his marriage to Callie at all was incredulous.

    Katherine got more and more psycho and was best as Izzy with Alex Korev (sp?) and Denny; NOT Denny the Ghost. Any man, let alone Derek, should just let Meredith go after her losing her shit so often and questioning whether or not she wants to be with him when it’s clear she wants him. No wonder men are confused by women!

    The best characters on the show are Cristina Yang, Derek Shepard, Sloan and Alex Korev. Consistent, interesting, believe-able. Not annoyingly self-doubting in a self-sabotaging way.

  • J

    I’m from Australia, so we’re are about half way through the season that just aired in the US.

    But it seems to me, T.R. Knight so far has hardly been in the current season. I wouldn’t say he isn’t in every episode. But he is usually only on screen for a total of 5 or so minutes, probably because the writers had to incorporate him somehow and mostly in useless scenes.

    Either way, finding out he is leaving isn’t upsetting me too much. I didn’t like him that much as a character. I just hope Izzie doesn’t leave – i say this because scrolling through to avoid spoilers i noticed a comment above praising T.R. & Katherine for their acting…

  • Verodemort

    Not sure if I believe this- Shonda had an interview with Michael Ausiello about the show and mainly, the season finally and she dismissed rumors of a riff as just that- rumors! She said they used the rumor in their story, like they started giving him less and less time so that when the season finale twist was revealed, you would be completely taken aback! But, if I was in her shoes, I’d deny any type of rift as to no give away the answer to the question of who dies, and also, because I wouldn’t want on set drama negatively effecting the show. Could be either way- I guess we’ll all have to wait and see : /

  • deeds

    i knew he would leave but it was a great ending.. the finale wasnt great till the last 5 mins

    but TR really was depressing to watch this season … like mopping on screen .. kinda of irritated me.. like do your job at least!

  • Shonda (the writer) was asked about this and says it isn’t true. both TR and heigl are contracted for another season.

  • Ashley

    George and Izzy were my favorites! I don’t even think I will be watching the show anymore :( Its gotten too ridiculous

  • Liza

    I am sad by this – why KILL George? At least he had a chance to come back if they would have sent him to the Army. George used to be one of my favorites but T.R. was right – they completely screwed up his storylines (George and Izzie getting together? NO! Bad show, bad!) and he didn’t get much face time. I don’t blame him for wanting out. But I’m sad because I will miss George.

  • Michelle

    See I for one am not shocked that George was gonna die. While I have to admit I don’t watch every week, or even every season I did happen to catch quite a few episodes this season and I did see most of the season finale and knew George was a goner even before the docs figured out they were working on him… I mean come on.. dude was a train wreck!!
    And as far as THAT goes I gotta say, for as creative as Gray’s can be… they do tend to take a little inspiration from shows before them… the whole being hit and the other doctors not knowing they are working on one of their own has totally been done before on ER waaayyy back in the day when Omar Epps is the med students who gets hit by the train… same idea!
    That being said T.R. still did a kick ass job and I am going to miss O’Malley!

  • Jen

    I’ve been a huge Greys fan since the beginning and I think this is the best season finale on the show so far. I have heard that both George and Izzie have signed on for another season… but will they be alive and regulars or kind of hanging out like Denny did this season?

  • Rachel

    Shonda posted something on her twitter that said something along the lines of how she loves rumors and how quickly people believe them.. So i’m guessing they REALLY want to keep everyone in suspense until next september..

    With that being said, I’m guessing George goes and Izzie stays.

  • Kylee

    holy crap! we new zealanders just saw the season finale tonight (its the 26th of july…) and my flatmates and i were all crying! its such a big cliffhanger! i dont think we’ll be able to wait for the season to start in NZ before sneaking a peek at what happens when it comes back on in the states!

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