Michael Lohan Denies Threatening To Kill His Fiancée


Yesterday we learned that Michael Lohan was arrested in early April after he allegedly threatened to kill his fiancée Erin Muller. The story of his “quiet” arrest got out when he showed up for a court date this week and he was spotted by The New York Post. Since his arrest, Lohan has reconciled with Muller and she no longer contends that Lohan threatened to kill her … which doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true that he did not. Even still, Michael Lohan gave a brief interview to E! News refuting the charges against him. Here is Michael Lohan’s newest mugshot (which was just made available late yesterday) and his comments to E! News:

Michael Lohan has pleaded not guilty in a Long Island court to threatening to kill fiancée Erin Muller. Lohan, 49, is facing a misdemeanor charge of aggravated harassment for a March 18 altercation. “He allegedly called Erin Muller on the telephone and stated in sum and substance that he would kill her and himself if Erin Muller left him,” says a spokesman for the Suffolk County D.A. But Lohan exclusively tells E! News that “by no means did I threaten to cause harm to Erin or myself…As a matter of fact, Erin even told the court that she didn’t want to pursue anything. It’s all going to be dropped.” As for that telephone call… “A person she thought was her friend violated her in a way that I don’t want to describe,” he says, explaining that a distressed Mueller phoned him from Long Island while he was in Las Vegas. “When I found out the truth it didn’t sit well with me.” He claims the New York Post, which first reported the charges, blew the whole thing out of proportion. “It’s all going to be dropped. It’s an example of how people twist things,” says Lohan, who has become a religious counselor (and charity boxer) since serving a two-year prison sentence for assault, cocaine and DUI charges. Lohan surrendered for arrest on April 6 and was arraigned in district court. He remains free on his own recognizance pending a June 10 court date.

Uh huh. I honestly have the hardest time believing a word that comes out of this man’s mouth. I can totally see how he prolly flew off the handle, leveled his threats and then went begging back to Muller to forgive him after he got arrested. She prolly took him back and forgave him and is now willing to drop all charges against him. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine the appeal of dating a man like Michael Lohan (I mean, really, what does he have to offer anyone?) but if Erin Muller is willing to put up with his bullshizz then I guess that’s exactly what she’s going to have to do. I’m kinda bummed that Lohan won’t be held accountable if these charges are dropped … as I said yesterday, another stretch in the big house would prolly do his disposition wonders. I know the public at large would benefit greatly by his incarceration. Ah well.


  • Jadedkitten

    Like Father Like Daughter

  • PixiesBassline

    No wonder his kids are fucked up.

  • Jstar

    I think if he admitted that he was not perfect and went to jail–people might not hate him so much!

  • nisha

    how did i just know he was going to come out with something so stupid again.i was really hoping that he would be put away but now chances don’t look that good.thanks for posting

  • Joanne

    JadedKitten and PixiesBassline – that is unfair to Lindsay & Ali … I think Lindsay has probably witnessed and gone through things with this jerk, that we can’t even imagine … she was around him at the height of his addiction/marriage problems ….. and what church is letting this man ‘counsel’ people??

  • Andrea R.


  • @ Joanne that was like sooo funny!! Yeah what kind of church would have him counselling human beings? I thought ok maybe its just animals he counsel?! That guy is a mess!

  • PixiesBassline

    JOANNE: That was my point. No wonder his kids are messed up – because he’s such a screw-up. I don’t see how that’s unfair to Linds and Ali for me to say that… if anything, it was a statement of understanding that his screw-ups must have really affected them.

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