Matilda Rose Ledger Makes A New Little Friend


Here are a few really cute pics of the late Heath Ledger’s only child, Matilda Rose, enjoying a playdate with a young friend in Brooklyn, NY last week … her mommy Michelle Williams tagged along for the playdate but, for the most part, just let the little ones play together … behold:

Awww … they are so cute! Matilda looks so much like her father, it’s uncanny. While the sad loss of Heath is still very much palpable (at least, for me … I suspect it is for many of you, too), it’s so nice to see that his legacy will carry on in his beautiful daughter. Whether or not she grows up to be an actress is beside the point … Heath’s spirit will live on in Matilda no matter what she ends up doing when she grows up. For now, her schedule is filled with playdates … in that endeavor, she seems to be excelling quite nicely.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Sarah

    You’ve spelled Matilda wrong in the block text over her picture!
    See ya!

  • Hannah

    I’ve been reading you for a long time Trent, and I love you, I do! But when you say “palatable” you mean “palpable”.

    Really. When you say the sorrow is palatable you’re basically saying it’s delicious.

    I agree though that Matilda looks a lot like her father. Such a sad thing that she has to grow up in the public eye, missing her daddy.

    • @Hannah — you’re right, I spellcheck corrected the word incorrectly. thanks!!

  • Derek

    So Cute!

  • Cinner

    I don’t see her momma in her at all, she is all Heath…so cute!

  • It always shocks me to see how much she looks like Heath. Its always sweet to see.

  • Juneh

    Aww, she’s so pretty. She looks a lot like him.

  • B

    Ohmigosh, she looks like her dad.

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  • Gorgeous like her parents!