Kristin Cavallari Films First Starring Scenes Of ‘The Hills’


Lauren LC Conrad’s final ep of The Hills hasn’t even aired yet and already MTV has started production on the next season of the show, the first without LC as the star protagonist. You may recall that Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County alum Kristin Cavallari has been tapped to take over LC’s starring position on the show and it looks like they’re already putting the new “It” girl to work. Here are a few pics from the SoCal set of The Hills yesterday evening:

Wooot!!! It is no secret that I am BIG Kristin Cavallari fan from waaaaaay back in the day. I have grown so disillusioned with The Hills in the past couple of seasons but am THRILLED that KC is taking over. I will watch every single ep. I just love that girl!! As I understand it, KC and the cast (which included Brody Jenner, Jayde Nicole, Lauren Lo Bosworth, Stephanie Pratt and Stacey the bartender that “almost broke up Speidi“) got together at a Mexican restaurant for Frankie’s birthday (Kristin brought him a bottle of Patron tequila as her gift). The season finale ep of The Hills (LC’s last) airs this Sunday night on MTV … that’s when KC will officially be introduced on the show. When she arrives at the Speidi wedding, the party gets under way:

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I can’t wait!!!!!! With KC starring, I say Long Live The Hills!!! LC may be dunzo but Kristin’s time to shine is just about to begin :)

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  • adam

    kristin looks evil in that clip

  • Ana Salaices

    lol. love the slow motion. LC looks pissed as hell.

  • Alex

    Who cares if it’s scripted, this shit will be epic, well for me anyway. What can I say, I’m a TV junkie!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    The slow motion rocks. I am happy to see her come on but it would be so much better if they kept LC on the show too. That would be awesome. I just don’t care to really watch it with just Kristin being the only new one. I will give it a try but I don’t think it is going to last that much longer now.

  • Alex

    @ Gyllenhaal I was thinking the same thing, maybe LC will be gone for a while and… “Comes Back” haha idk she really wouldn’t have much going for her without the show, and may realize it.

  • Nikki

    OMG! I can’t wait!! I LOVE KC!!

  • Taylor

    I think it’s a genius move by the powers that be at MTV. No one else could have taken over the helm after LC but Kristen. Genius!

  • lauren

    so juicy and fake. but i loves. watch LO make eye contact with the cameras. oops! i wonder if there will be kristin/brody dramz?

  • SpecialK

    Loves it!! Look at their faces, priceless! With LC gone who will replace the drama with Kristen? Umm, maybe Audrina? Kristen and Justin Bobby going to hook up?? Isn’t that him sitting next to her?

  • Dots

    They should just kick Heidi and her creepy husband off. Keep it LC and Kristin. The drama that would incur….!

    PS- That slow motion is ‘effn great! lol

  • MeG

    LOL I love Laurens reaction….Pure disgust! I never watched Laguna Beach but Kristin seems like a huge bitch!

    • @MeG — KC is not a bitch at all. On Laguna, it was LC that was always trying to steal Stephen away from Kristin. Team Kristin, forever!!

  • Syaz

    OMG I DID THE SAME THING TO i kept repeating that part but you forgot the part where she walked in all awesomely demanding-like. IT WAS AMAZING i cant wait for next weeks!!!

  • Allie C

    Trent LC might have been the one trying to steal Stephen but at least she would have been a good girlfriend! and KC was almost always being a bitch to a whole bunch of people she always thought she was the coolest girl alive.

  • MiKiE

    Oh Joy, Kristin is back – yuck. I will miss LC haha she maybe less involved with the show but at least she isn’t annoying. LC fans die inside everywhere.

    BUT wouldn’t it be awesome if KC and Heidi like hated each other and Audrina hated KC too but LO liked KC so there would be like a Heidi/Audrina/Stephanie/Holly VS KC/LO/whatever guy KC decides to use as an accessory? GOD i hope Stephen doesn’t come back!!! i hated him.

  • Frog

    The more and more I watch your posted image I keep recognizing other faces in the crowd…jbobby, audrina, lo, frankie….omg. If they had action figure dolls of these folks, I’d probably buy them. She’s Baaaaaack…..haha.

  • Blair

    The hills was getting sooo boring im glad Kristin is replacing LC.

  • ~ I n F a m o u s ~

    you’d have to be as dumb as a bag of dirty rocks to be entertained by this lame` ish.

  • fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I am so excited! Can’t wait. Kristin is so friggin hilarious! I can NOT wait

  • Kristin is so fun! She is gonna be really entertaining

  • Annabelle

    Not a fan of Kristin at all. I think by watching her, I feel myself getting dumber. Even though LC was borderline boring these past few seasons, she’s less annoying, and I would prefer to watch her over Kristin any day of the week. And how “real” is the storyline of Stacey being infused into the group/show? So lame.

  • Susan

    Do you not remember how mean KC was? I used to like her and hate LC until I watched reruns and I had it backwards!
    She’s so controlling, manipulative, and narcissistic on the show, I don’t know how she is in real life of course but on the show she’s a jerk!

  • Tracy

    I am so excited to have kristin on the show. Lauren is a sweet girl but she is so BORING. Anyone that says LC is more interesting than Kristin is out of their minds. Plus Kristin is GORGEOUS.

  • MeG

    Hmm I might have to start watching again to see how this new drama all plays out. I hate to admit that the buzz about the show is luring me in again lol.. on another note it would be worth watching if Stephanie got the boot!! She just seems annoying as hell.

  • JJ

    I had never watched the Hills until a few days ago when I watched a couple on InDemand and I have to say…is Lauren always so BORING? She kind of seems like the most normal one on there but…it doesn’t make for great entertainment!

  • me

    So Kristin doesn’t have anything else going for her and She has to hope on LC’s bandwagon. She’s pathetic and annoying.

    TEAM LC!

  • me

    I meant hop

  • Taylor

    Her presence will make for excellent TV, but I doubt it will help her acting career like she thinks it will. The more an audience sees her and knows her life story, the less likely they are to believe she’s the character in a movie. But, as a character on The Hills, I say bring it! No one can stir up trouble the way Kristin can.

  • Allie C

    to Susan… I couldn’t agree more, the same thing happened to me.

  • gaby

    I never like KC just cause she has the evil look in her. I mean jsut like it happen on Laguna Beach when LC left, KC was the next up and now that The Hills will not have LC anymore of course they move in KC. KC will always be a rebound girl next to LC when it comes to this show…. And whats this shit I see with Stacy being in the mix now….didn’t like the bitch and still don’t like the bitch…but I know im still going to be watching LOL!

  • Allie

    Stilllllll don’t like her. She’s so used up. I used to be an LC fan, but really can’t stand her anymore. Atleast LC still brings all the boys to the yard….KC, not so much. Bitch is stanky leggin’ it.

  • omg am i the only person that cant stand kristen??? she is so annoying. her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. she’s always showing up to try to take over a show once lauren leaves…sloppy seconds if you ask me. once this season is over i’m so done with the show. DONE!
    and WTF is stacey the bartender still doing hanging around??? so stupid.


    FAIL! Trent, dude, man, you do realize that if LC never left the show then Kristen would still be… somewhere in Hollywood doing nothing, right? I don’t understand how you can think she is “taking over the hills” like an army taking over a country. If LC never left then Kristen would still be some washed-up person. This show really isn’t going to last much longer and WTF is up with her face??? Has she had work done? She looks extremely old – ew. And yes, Kristen is a major beyotch but not a fun one. She was always so mean spirited and she had a degree in backstabbing and you better believe she received all A’s in the process of doing so baybeee

  • Laura

    A. I can’t stand Kristin.
    B. Does she plop herself down next to Justin Bobby in that clip?

  • Lis

    Ugh,don’t like her at all.

  • Annie

    Yeah, Kristin is a bitch, but I still love her. She’s so upfront about it :):)

    Lauren is boring!!! Cute, friendly, but boring. And she has a touch of self-righteousness that got really annoying after a while.

    Kristin is just what The Hills needed: someone hot and spicy!

  • RileyRoo

    So pleased KC is joining show…LC is boring and if she was a nice enough person, she would not have issues with every friend possible…even tho that is probably just made up just like everything else. KC will hopefully bring a spark to the show and LC needs to goooooooooooooooooooo….(oooh thats right, she is! Yeah!!).

  • Bess

    Two words for Kristin—SLOPPY SECONDS!!!

  • Jill

    Kristin and Brody were pretty serious a couple of years ago!!! Can’t wait for the DRAMA!!!

  • Kcav Fan

    TRENT!! i just pics of brody and Kristin lunching by themselves!! oh i wish theyd get back together, they were together for almost 2 yearson and off!!

    haha i love this girl too trent!!! she was always tru to her self, alot of ppl saw it bitchy but i actually saw her being honest!!

    cant wait to see wat she will do!! apparantly seh and audrina had a fight at audrina’s pool party!! heidi and jayde was twitting about how kristin just made the show ever!!

  • Ash

    Ok so is Kristin always there to have LC’s sloppy seconds. I know not men (K had B first) But in the show. First LB now TH? Really ugh i can’t stand her. She really needs to get her OWN show. Oh thats right she did… and it got cut right away… lol

  • Michelle

    ROFLMAO that clip is freaking PRICELESS!! It totally reminds me of a soap opera trailer! Teehee… I was a huge fan of KC and the original Laguna Beach crew so I am super excited to have her back on MTV… because let’s face it, no one knows how to bring the drama or how to get the party started like Kristen does! That girl is a one woman hurricane! I always thought LC was way more boring on the Hills than she was on Laguna… especially in the first season on LB… I’m not sad that she’s leaving… her life is freaking boring as hell, if you’re gonna give us faux-reality at least make it interesting!

  • let me just point out that i think kristin is sitting next to justin bobby. i think audrina just found herself a new enemy.

  • Ash

    Well I heard her talking on a show saying mtv was pushing a date with Justin Bobby. But she said what comes from it comes from it :) lol tricky mtv people!

  • misha

    I LOVE YOU for loving kristen. i’ve always loved her (so much more than LC) and even though i’ve stopped watching the show long ago, i will watch every episode with kristen in it.. (i’ll even watch the previous ones to catch up!!) ahhh cannott waiiiittt

  • I think Kristen is the prettiest of all the girls on the show hands down!!!

  • Hey KC fans see my pencil drawing of Kristen at my website! I do all my work freehand, no tracing, no grids.