Courtney Love Gets Sued By American Express


Yikes!! As if Courtney Love didn’t already have enough problems of her own (you know, with language and stuff) … today we learn that C. Love has been sued by American Express for her failure to pay an outstanding balance in excess of $350,000! I mean … wow. While I’m sure that a great many of us have hand to endure carrying huge credit card debt at one time or another (you don’t even want to know what my college years were like), I cannot imagine what it must feel like to owe someone over a quarter of a million dollars … with interest! Yikes!!

American Express Co wants Courtney Love to leave home without it. The financial services firm sued the musician in Los Angeles on Wednesday, alleging she owes more than $350,000 in unpaid charges and other fees on her AmEx Gold card. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, seeks $352,059.67 for the unpaid balance, damages, attorney’s fees and late charges, and says Love’s charging privileges were suspended after she “failed and refused” to make payments. Love’s publicist said he had no immediate information on the suit, and had left a message with her attorney. Love, the 44-year-old widow of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, is a litigation magnet. She was sued for libel in February by a fashion designer upset by comments Love had reportedly made about her on the micro-blogging Web site Twitter. Last year, Love was sued for $1 million by an advisory firm seeking its share of proceeds from Love’s partial sale of Nirvana’s publishing catalog. The deal, covering such Nirvana tunes as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Lithium,” was reportedly worth $19.5 million. Cobain killed himself in 1994.

If memory (and my deciphering skills) serves, I believe Courtney has addressed this credit card issue a few times on her official My Space blog. It is her assertion, I believe, that other people have used her name and social security number to open credit card accounts in her name and have run up these bills without her consent or knowledge … well, until the unpaid credit amounts have gotten so large. She has also blamed some of this credit card drama on Ryan Adams (yes, the singer who just married Mandy Moore) for some reason or another but because her rants are generally so incomprehensible, it’s difficult to know exactly what her argument is. If she truly has been the victim of credit card fraud, then I’m with her on the non-payment. That said … getting sued by AmEx for such a large sum of money would freak me the eff out. Something tells me that C. Love doesn’t scare easily tho (nor is she a shrinking violet) … if I were AmEx, I wouldn’t go counting my settlement payment from her just yet.


  • Cinner

    Kinda ironic I just got the dvd Kurt and Courtney in the mail today, gonna check it out this evening…

  • Jadedkitten

    Ha something tells me American express is never getting that money back.

  • SuziLee

    LOLOL @Jaded – I’m sooo with ya! They’ll never see that $. Boy is she a trainwreck. She shoulda used that AMEX and booked herself a stay in Rehab…..

  • Bleeding Ears

    If anyone should be suing her it should be the Grammar Institute of America

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  • PixiesBassline

    Damn… this woman is just a living wreck! I can’t imagine what awful embarressment her daughter must feel!!
    I hate it when there’s an article about her and they add at the end that she’s the widow of Kurt Cobain, who killed himself….. Like, that is what she’s famous for (which I guess it kinda is)..and I hate being reminded that his life ended so sadly…
    I’ve always had a hard time believing he actually killed himself, because of some of the facts surrounding his death….. but whether he did it to himself or someone did it to him, I’ve always felt it was connected to her. How could she NOT have totally driven Kurt insane? (Which means he might’ve wanted to leave, but not leave the entire eath, y’know?) He was so much NOT like her. (didn’t LOVE fame and money & all that)… le blah.
    But on the other hand, I kinda like the way she’s just like “fuck you. MAKE me pay for it! Ha!”

  • PixiesBassline

    LMAO@ what bleeding ears said – aaahahaha! So true.