TR Knight & Mark Cornelsen Enjoy A Sushi Dinner Date


It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen photos of Grey’s Anatomy star TR Knight out and about with his young beau Mark Cornelsen and I was beginning to wonder if something was amiss in their relationship. It turns out that the couple have just been lying low and things appear to still be going strong in their relationship. The Mark-Knight stepped out for dinner together at Katsuya in Hollywood, CA last night:

Awww … they’re still holding hands. I really like these two together. I’m really happy to know that they are still together … they are deffo one of my fave couples. Now that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are no longer together, The Mark-Knight moves up in my book as the cutest same-sex couple around.

[Photo credit: Splash News]


    White pants? EW

  • TJ

    Deffo jealous of both of these guys – not only do they have an attractive boyfriend each, but TR is one of the nicest, most gorgeous male celebrities in Hollywood and he gets hardly any coverage. Sad, really.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I agree with Chase…White Pants??? Um HELL NO!!

  • I love TR’s hair like that!

  • Karly

    wtf is wrong with white pants? i love them! and yes i do have a pair.

    i so wanna know if George is dead or not on Grey’s. and i loooove his hair

  • Mrs Jackman

    hmm… he looks like a podgy, post-Jarhead-Spoon.
    i’m not sure… i can’t decide who i want to die- i’m swinging towards izzie…

  • Aaron

    Sorry to say it….TR Knight….I don’t understand the appeal??? I understand how he got himself a cute, younger boyfriend. Making a lot of money from a television show and having your picture taken while in public is an attractive quality. Other than that…I don’t get it????

  • Chris

    Sorry to say but this picture disgusts me and I used to be a fan of TR. I’m sure dinner at Katsuya could’ve waited a night, he could have supported a cause he once supported and been out protesting prop 8. I live in NYC now and was out protesting with others. Sad and disappointing.

  • Mel

    They are too adorable!! I worked at the GLAAD Media Awards as a celebrity escort and I was at the talent check-in table when they arrived. All the guest were given white ribbons, and TR helped pin the ribbon on his boyfriend’s suit jacket. It was so cute!!

  • Sigmund Noid

    I agree with Chris. This photo is disgusting considering we marched in LA for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS!

  • schmee

    @ Chris and Sigmund Noid… how do you know they weren’t out protesting before or after? Or that this wasnt a working dinner while they planned something?

    Eeesh, just because someone doesn’t do something exactly the way you would doesn’t make them traitors. Anne Coulture may work under that assumption everyone else is a traitor to her cause, but I think we can do better than Coulture as a role model.

  • nae

    love ’em!

  • If you ever met TR you’d understand the appeal immediately. He’s super-adorable.

  • they could have ordered take out and showed up for the protests….outed actors are still pussys!!