Jared Leto Loses His Shirt


Jared Leto, actor and musician, was spotted enjoying a short walk around his LA neighborhood this weekend sans shirt … behold:

It appears that someone was interested in enjoying the lovely weather we enjoyed here in SoCal over the weekend and was lookin’ to soak up some sun. Jared has really gotten his body back in shape after bulking up for his role in Chapter 27 a couple of years ago … it’s so nice of him to show it off :) Yeah, this post is pretty much chock full of gratuitousness so … let’s just enjoy, shall we?

[Photo credit: Limelight]

  • Lulu

    Enjoy? ick.. Let me know when it’s safe to remove the forks from my eyes… ;)

  • CB

    He’s looking a tad homeless these days.

  • Anna

    Lulu, totally! Blech. No Thanks.

  • Shazz

    He really needs to shave. And cut his hair..!
    I agree with CB.. He looks a bit homeless.. :x

  • Shelly

    Yum! He’s so hot!

  • brenda


  • katt

    whoa long hair! i didn’t recognize him at first!

  • joey

    he looks like a dirty hillbilly you would find at any monster truck rally

  • Aidan

    Shave and a haircut, two bits. Blecch. His body used to be fit, but now looks starved. And unless he’s auditioning for a part in the next Twilight suckathon, get thee to Mystic Tan STAT. Jebus, I miss Jordan Catalano. WTF happened to that doe-eyed dumbass we all loved?

  • puhleeaase

    behold…yummo!…enjoy…???? are you out of your mind???
    @ joey said it best! monster truck rally indeed!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • terese

    Yummo, no. Yukko, yes!

  • SuziLee

    Yeah I’m with most of y’all… the “Jesus” (and not as in Madonna’s boy toy meanin the biblical one) look just doesn’t do it for me – at all. Plus, he looks really dirty. And not in a good dirty!!

  • @Aidan, 14 years passed?
    Anways. He doesn’t rock the beard thing, I didn’t mind the hair back in like, the Capricorn video, but the lumberjack thing isnt working for him

  • Yelk he looks like shit if you ask me!!!

  • Jenn from BC, Canada

    Dude used to be hot…now he is just NOT! He needs to shower, shave and get a haircut

  • VA

    again.. it’s for a movie based on Kurt Cobain’s life.. if you’re trying to protray someone, it’s probably a good idea to look similar to them, don’t you think?

  • Kammie

    You should see the rest of the band though, they’re doing the whole bearded men thing while they’re in the studio. We all know how vain darling Jared is, once they head out to do promo for the new album he’ll clean up some.

  • Jill

    i will always have a love for him…as dirty, or as long as his hair may be, i still think he’s gorgeous…
    so oh well on the hillbilly thing..he’ll clean up and he can come right on over to my house…it’ll be all good again.. :)

  • tatiana

    Ummm NOT!!

  • Aidan

    @Neptune – I don’t care about 14 years. His face is the same, so why is he always messing with it? Maybe he was like Jessica Biel and is just too beautiful for his own good. Now he looks like something Cloris Leachman coughed up. Sadness.

  • Rebecca

    Definitely enjoying… though I do tend to miss my so called life era jared… am watching it again at the moment and am remembering why I used to love him so much sigh…

  • vi
  • em

    what’s wrong with u people!!
    He’s still HOTTTTTTTTTT!
    lol. wooww. people need to look in the mirror and realize, NO ONE’S PERFECT.