First Look: Brooke Hogan, ‘The Redemption’


Um … the cover artwork for Brooke Hogan’s new album The Redemption has made its way to the Internets … here is our first look at the new masterpiece:

Say this about the cover for Brooke Hogan’s second album, The Redemption: It’ll certainly look good when it’s replicated for the side of her tour bus. Or on the missing swaths of denim that were removed from an innocent pair of jeans during an assless chapectomy. I guess this is what happens when you get a VH1 show / learn that there’s no such thing as bad press?

At first, I thought this coverphoto was the cruel work of a jokester who very clearly hates Brooke Hogan. Then I realized that it originally came from Brooke’s official website … so it’s her record company that really hates her. This SURELY must be the fugliest album cover that has EVER existed and will ever exist … ever. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA seems to pretty much say it all.

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  • Shannon

    WHAT…. the…… fuck

  • Tom

    Ummm…since there are so many, and trust me there really are a gazillion negative things to say about ‘that thing’ I will try and say something positive…..mmmm though…..oh wait I know…Nice painted abs.


    This is absolutely horrible; she looks like a 50-year-old woman who has a bad case of tanorexia. SICK. Oh, and uh, nice ribcage as well. I didn’t know the whole bleaching your hair white with an orange tan was still in. It’s still 2006?

  • nicole

    oh wow.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal



    wait, you guys don’t think orange skin, “hulk” arms (ha…) and the man face is attractive??

  • Mariah

    Wow. She looks like a man.

  • JessicaGiovanna

    It looks like a ghetto t-shirt for when someone dies.. All that is missing is, “R.I.P Brooke Hogan” and “your in heaven now” you’re misspelled on purpose.

  • Bleeding Ears

    It looks like one of those ‘fantasy’ paintings you see on the side of a 1970’s pedophile van

  • Looks like someone went to the flea market & got a vanity licence plate airbrushed for the front of her car. That’s the only way her crap is going to sell anyway. At a rental table at the Ventura Beach swap meet.

  • Kelly

    If that’s what angels look like in heaven…PLEASE GOD SEND ME TO HELL.

  • Nikki

    She looks better there than she does in real-life. At least it’s not an actual picture of her.

  • danny6114

    She looks cross-eyed

  • Shannon

    HAHAHAH, that just made my day

  • Aidan

    This will do little to dispel the tranny rumors. Also, I think I saw this silkscreened on a t-shirt in Ocean City last year.

  • Jadedkitten

    Sometimes there are no words that can make a picture funnier. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Brooke’s giving Millie Jackson a SERIOUS run for her money:

  • Isabella

    I think she looks like her mother in this.

    That is not a compliment.

  • Lindsay

    JessicaGiovanna—hahahahahaha. That literally made me laugh out loud. Hilarious comment and you’re right, that is a perfect replica of one of those shirts. hahahahahaha. Oh my gosh, that made my day!

  • Janelle

    you took the laughter right out of my mouth.

  • Alex

    wow, so i guess they couldn’t afford photoshop, they had to get the transformer’s cartoonist on board :S shit i like brooke h. and all but that cover needs medical attention lol.

  • lazyjoan

    I was bwahaha-ing and wt-effing for a good minute there … lord jee-zus! is this bitch for real? and they couldn’t airbrush it so it doesn’t look like she has a hairy upper lip? that’s effed up

  • Sally

    hahaha your posts are hilarious trent! heheehe…love your “bwahahahahs”

  • lol totally agree – she’s so useless.

  • Daniel

    She reminds me of that episode of SouthPark where Kenny is hallucinating on cat piss LOL

  • kristin


  • Presley

    She better hit the gym if she plans on looking like that any time soon:)

  • Alex

    lol i just noticed the color of her face doesn’t match the rest of her body, it’s slightly grey lol wow they def. butchered this shiznet.

  • All I can say is W.T.F. as well!!???!!!

  • sabb

    WHAH .lol..

  • jennie

    as if the pic wasnt funny enough, i’m dying at all your observations!

  • nysro

    I bet the album cover is nothing compared to actual music.. it’s probably 100xs worse than looking at that “artwork”, and that’s pretty bad/

  • Green Is Good

    Delusional: Party of one. Brooke is here and he’s laboring under the delusion that people think he has any talent, other than his tuck and tape skills.

  • Tracy

    I hate the hogan family more than anything on this planet. they are the most disgusting people on earth.

  • Quinn

    @ JessicaGiovanna—HAHAHAHA that is so right on! thats exactly what this looks like…good one!

  • nae

    HAHAHAHA!!!!!! LMFAO! pathetic!

  • Anne

    @ Green is good- Holy Sh*T – that’s comedy on purpose

  • CB

    OMG! JessicaGiovanna, you are so right? I could also see this as a mural on the tailgate of a low rider truck.

  • CB

    OMG! JessicaGiovanna, you are so right!! I could also see this as a mural on the tailgate of a low rider truck.

  • Shannon

    Not only is this scary, but also that her record company let her make another album. I mean, her last one did “sooooo” well!