A ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Movie Is In The Works (For Real This Time)


The most blasphemous of blasphemies is upon us … and I’m so thrown off by it, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the news. In early April a new rumor started to make its way around the Internets that Sarah Michelle Gellar was “finally ready” to take on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie which got all the Buffygeeks (me included) excited at the prospect that BtVS might be coming to the big screen. Not long after that report took off, it was reported that Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregs with her first child (meaning she prolly wasn’t going to do a Buffy movie) and BtVS creator Joss Whedon himself insisted that the movie was “not gonna happen”. It turns out that he was wrong … kinda. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting today that a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie is, in fact, in the works … but here’s the kicker (in the privates), the movie will have nothing to do with Joss Whedon and will not include any of Buffy’s amazing supporting characters … ie. no Willow, Xander, Angel, Spike, etc. So now it turns out that the Best.News.Ever is actually the Worst.News.Imaginable!

A new incarnation of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” could be coming to the big screen. “Buffy” creator Joss Whedon isn’t involved and it’s not set up at a studio, but Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment are working with original movie director Fran Rubel Kuzui and her husband, Kaz Kuzui, on what is being labeled a remake or relaunch, but not a sequel or prequel. While Whedon is the person most associated with “Buffy,” Kuzui and her Kuzui Enterprises have held onto the rights since the beginning, when she discovered the “Buffy” script from then-unknown Whedon. She developed the script while her husband put together the financing to make the 1992 movie, which was released by Fox. Kuzui later teamed with Gail Berman, then president of Sandollar Television, bringing back Whedon to make the TV series, which was produced by Fox TV and launched on the WB in 1997. Kuzui and Sandollar received executive producer credits on “Buffy” and its spinoff, “Angel.” The new “Buffy” film, however, would have no connection to the TV series, nor would it use popular supporting characters like Angel, Willow, Xander or Spike. Vertigo and Kuzui are looking to restart the story line without trampling on the beloved existing universe created by Whedon, putting the parties in a similar situation faced by Paramount, J.J. Abrams and his crew when relaunching “Star Trek.” One of the underlying ideas of “Buffy” allows Vertigo and Kuzui to do just that: that each generation has its own vampire slayer to protect it. The goal would be to make a darker, event-sized movie that would, of course, have franchise potential. The parties are meeting with writers and hearing takes, and later will look for a home for the project. The producers do not rule out Whedon’s involvement but have not yet reached out to him.Speaking from Tokyo, Fran Kuzui said the company is constantly approached not only about sequels but theater, video games and foreign remakes for “Buffy.” When Vertigo’s Lee contacted them, they were intrigued. “It was Roy’s interest in taking Buffy into a new place that grabbed us,” she said, noting that original exec producer Sandy Gallin also was consulted. “It was based on our respect for what he does, and his particular sensitivity to Asian filmmakers, that we wanted to work with him.” Kuzui, who is prepping do direct a movie in Japan in the fall, added: “Everything has its moment. Every movie takes on a life at some point, and this seems like the moment to do this.”

NOOOOOOO! This is such a terrible idea … a Joss-less Buffy is no Buffy at all. As I understand it, Joss was not a big fan of the Kuzuis. I believe he took issue that their names were splashed all over every ep of Buffy and Angel even tho they had NOTHING at all to do with either series and only got credit because they financed the original, cheesy film. I imagine their plans to hijack his creation for more financial gain will not sit well with him this time. But, I have to say, on the one hand … there is hope that this drive to bring Buffy to the big screen can work — but only if Joss Whedon gets involved. I hate, no LOATHE, the idea of a new Buffy with new friends … but if Joss is able to take control of the story and write the script, I think he could come up with some way to make it work. If these people decide to move forward with this idiot idea without Whedon’s involvement, I’ll have NOTHING to do with it. I am very curious to hear what Joss has to say about all of this. I imagine he may make a statement on this new development. One thing is for sure, at least for me, no Joss = no Buffy = no chance in hell I’ll want anything to do with any bastardization of one of my favorite things in life.


  • Aidan

    FAIL. If they want to a reboot, they need to wait a whole hell of a lot longer than just five years, especially since the Buffyverse is still continuing in comics. This is a sad excuse to cash in.

  • Jadedkitten



  • Anna

    NO. I wouldn’t even watch it if SMG wasn’t involved. NO.NO.NO

  • Ally

    Seriously, this is a horrible idea. You do NOT do a Buffy movie without Joss or the amazing supporting cast. This is just insane.

  • A Buffy movie without Joss???

  • Katie

    I feel a petition brewing. A refusal to spend any money surrounding this movie if Joss is not involved.
    They would be stupid to create a movie with thousands of fans swearing to not see it… right?

  • A

    HERE HERE Trent!!! I totally agree! Perhaps a movie with Joss involved would work, even if none of the original cast were involved (which I hate the idea of!!) BUT with Joss it’s a lost cause.

  • A

    WITHOUT Joss it’s a lost cause!!

  • Sara

    Dude WTF??? EPIC FAIL!!! What’s the fricking point? Greedy greedy people who will make something only for monetary gain and NOT something wonderful from the Joss/Buffyverse. And the whole thing about trying to do what J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek is stupid… the original Star Trek series aired many many years ago and had the potential to be brought back to the forefront. Buffy ended what, 5, 6 years ago? (wow, I can’t believe that, lol) It feels too long, and I would love it if the original characters were brought back, played by their original actors, but if it’s not SMG, it’s not BUFFY. At least pick a new vampire Slayer with a different name, but still….BAD IDEA!

  • Denise

    Fran Rubel Kuzui and Kaz Kuzui are not Joss Whedon. Without his brilliance, a Buffy movie would just be a poor Twilight wannabe. There is just no way I would bother to see it if Joss Whedon didn’t make it.

  • Jenny

    This is ridiculous. The only way it would have any franchise potential is if it is a movie version of the TV show. It’s like a Sex and the City movie without Sam, Miranda, and Charlotte… ridiculous! Seriously, what are they thinking???

  • Christine

    If the are even thinking about making a new “Buffy”, And have her have new friends, and make it no where near the original with the cast. Then they should title it something else. Not Buffy. Buffy will always and should only be played by SMG. It should not in anyway be called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It could very well be based on any of the other slayers that were brought to in the final episode of the series. Hell it could be based on Faith. They should at least have the original characters play them. Ugh. This is bull. People are messed up if they think the can redo anything Buffyverse.

  • Jake

    This is indeed BULLSHIT! I am astonished that the cracks behind the movie would even entertain this idea. They are completely out of touch with EVERYTHING there is to love about Buffy. Joss took their crap movie (based on his AMAZING script) and cultured a TV show that now lives in the hearts of fans. I am forever in love with Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander, Angel and company; and like Trent, I refuse to even consider something without Joss attached. I’ve got my torch and riot gear ready if they move forward with this…

  • Joanne

    I heartily agree with you Trent – I just spent the entire Memorial Day weekend having myself yet another Buffy DVD marathon. No way in hell would in a million years consider even sitting through a commercial for any non-Joss Buffyness.

  • alejandro

    this is jus dumb. fuck ppl are stupid :S:S would not watch this movie..

  • I just threw up in my mouth a little :(

  • Hannah

    This news has made me sad. If they want to jump on the teen vampire bandwagon and reboot with new actors I can sort of understand. But to not involve Joss Whedon…crazy. I read somewhere else that they might let Joss Whedon get involved if he auditions with writing just like everyone else. How insane is that, to make Joss Whedon ‘audition’ for a Buffy movie. It is his creation.

  • Lilly

    love you for this comment… at last i am not the only yours truly crazy BUFFY fan : )

  • Rose

    every sinlge person who just commented on this thinks this is a stupid idea. that just goes to show you that no buffy fan will ever watch this. if they are making a buffy movie they need to use the same cast and have the same characters. they cant call it btvs without smg as buffy. they mine as well call it sucky the vampire slayer cause thats what its gonna be without the original cast SUCKY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    somebody needs to do something about this and make them use the same cast. lets all go on strike

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  • Ms. Mortuary

    well, the t.v. series was based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie starring Christy Swanson and Luke Perry back in the 90’s … so I guess it’s just another re-make right.

  • Roxy

    yeah… movie based on a show based on a movie… no. besides, kristy swanson is twice the buffy sarah michelle gellar could ever be

    • Jessica

      Although Kristy Swanson is a good actress, there is no way she is twice the Buffy as SMG. Sarah rocked it as Buffy!

  • Rebecca

    I was horrified when I heard this.. its just obscene! It is the genius of Joss Whedon that made buffy the greatest show of all time and to contemplate a buffy movie without him or smg or the writers or any of the cast is just disrespectful to the fans. I am so not interested!

  • Sammy

    wth! Buffy has been over for some time now it’s kind of odd that there just making this movie now. and the hole cast not being in it will not go over will with the fans. i can garinty the movie without the hole cast will be a big flop.

  • Morgan

    These people don’t seem to understand how loyal Joss’ fans are. We’re not going to run out to watch their blasphemous display of imitation Buffyverse simply because they’re calling it BtVS. Are they stoned or just stupid? Seriously.

    Next someone will announce we’re getting a Serenity 2 minus the entire principal cast.

  • Lisa

    I dread this movie….. No Joss, no SMG… there is no other Buffy!

    Sounds like they are just trying to jump of the “remake old hit TV show” bandwagon.

    Bad IDEA!

  • Meagan

    wowwwww this is quite possibly the worst news ever. these people are total idiots for thinking its going to be worth a second of their time because i know of not one single buffy fan who would go to see a buffy movie that is completely removed from the show. so basically its a box office bomb before its even begun!

  • Anna

    What a terrible, terrible idea. Taking the essence out of Buffy does make no sense at all…bound to fail.

  • Jessica

    Ha what a joke. They are comparing it to the Star Trek movie…well theres been sooo many different things going on with Star Trek all these years so it works for that. NOT Buffy….jeez…sooo not watching it.

  • Kiara

    Sounds like they are just trying to “reboot” Buffy to cash in on the whole, “vampire-Twilight-phenomenon” thing that is happening at the moment. Well, it won’t work, because we all love the ORIGINAL Buffy cast and we aren’t gonna watch some pathetic attempt at a remake!!!

  • Sammy

    Did anyone even LIKE the Kristy Swanson version of Buffy…that was so cheesy and campy, it was horrendous!!!

    @ Roxy SMG is an awesome actress, who portrayed Buffy perfectly. What is Kristy Swanson even famous for these days?

  • christine

    i loved the movie version of buffy.. i thought it was campy and funny and awesome. when i heard a tv show was going to be made, i thought wtf?! and it was so much better than 99% of television out there. as much as i like buffy (tv), i’m not going to whine if they want to make another movie.. it would be awesome if they had the real cast and joss, but if we can’t have that, then who knows, a completely new version could be interesting..

  • Laura

    Ok A Buffy movie without the original cast is awful and no Joss Whedon *oh my god* is crazy.He made Buffy happen. Please if they are making the movie keep the cast or its going to be a disaster.

  • shyy
  • Kim

    You know as much as I want it to be the original Buffy I kind of agree with Christine. Although I would like Joss to be apart of it, he is the main part of it and you cant truely hav a Buffy with out it.