Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams Get Smoochy On Set


Michelle Williams is one lucky ducky. She gets paid large sums of money to kiss actor Ryan Gosling for large portions of the work day on an almost daily basis … as is evident from these new photos of Michelle and Ryan on the NYC set of their new movie Blue Valentine which is currently in production:

Generally, I enjoy seeing photos of Ryan Gosling at work … whether he’s moving furniture, lookin’ all beat up & bruised or just smiling in between shooting scenes he is always fun to look at. That said, I’m not too keen on seeing photos of him smoochin’ up on Ms. Williams. It seems … unfair, no? I can’t say that I place the blame on her, tho. Can you imagine if YOU were offered a hefty paycheck to play tonsil hockey with Ryan Gosling? Get it, girl. I know I would.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Allison

    Amen Trent! You go Michelle Williams! What a lucky girl. Heath then Gosling. Oh us mere celeb gawkers can only dream…..

  • Jaks

    Is it me or would they make an adorable couple?

  • DC

    that’s one lucky lady…an yes they would make an adorable couple…

  • ju-ju-bean

    I will now spend the next 30 minutes pretending it’s me he’s holding onto, leaning in and smooching.
    Le sigh.
    I love the breakdown.
    Picture 1:The lean in and grab. (I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone grab my face for a kiss like that. It’s so Hollywood)
    Picture 2: Let’s get it on! (Self explanatory)
    Picture 3: God this is amazing! (Grab on for dear life).
    Picture 4: Pull away, look sheepishly at director. (Hope for another take!)

  • Jacintos

    lol I don’t even need to get paid. Just let me make out with him.

  • they make a cute couple!
    i will see this movie, for sure.

  • Kat

    I am with Jacintos! I wouldn’t need a penny to make out with that hottie!
    But yes, getting paid for it would be awesome.

  • Quinn

    In the last picture, Ryan Gosling has an enormous rump! sexy.

  • mimi

    yes, totally agree! these two look adorable together!