Is Bravo TV Lookin’ For A New ‘Real Housewife Of New York City’?


E! News’s Marc Malkin has noted that Bravo TV has put out a casting call for their hit Reality TV series The Real Housewives of New York City … which has tongues wagging that someone in the cast might be leaving. It’s no secret that the newest housewife, Kelly Bensimone, made herself look like a total and complete ass on the last season of the show … could she be getting the axe so that someone more interesting (and less moronic) can take her place? Malkin also reports that Bravo TV is also seeking castmembers for a possible new incarnation of the Real Housewives franchise … in Beverly Hills, CA:

As we all know by now, Kelly Bensimon didn’t exactly become anyone’s favorite on The Real Housewives of New York City. Not too long ago, fellow Housewife Jill Zarin told us that she thinks Ms. Kelly should ditch the show because she never really meshed with the others. Could producers already be looking for Kelly’s replacement? Bravo has sent out a casting notice for NYC’s third season! “Are you a woman living in one of the most exclusive areas of New York who has to juggle their career, home life, and a jam-packed social calendar full of charity fund-raising galas, Hampton parties and nights on the New York social scene?” the notice reads in part. “Casting producers are interested in meeting immediately!” I hear none of the Housewives’ returns are guaranteed because negotiations for season three haven’t even begun yet. Kelly has already made it perfectly clear that she’ll be back—if Bravo wants her again, that is. A Bravo rep declined to comment on Kelly’s status. “We’re always looking for new and interesting characters and to keep the show fresh,” the rep said. “There are so many stories to tell and we want to keep topping ourselves every season.” Meanwhile, it was bound to happen in the Housewives franchise. Sources confirm a report that producers are currently on the hunt to cast The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bravo rep declined to comment on Bev Hills.

Kudos … on both fronts!! As much as I do love the drama that Bensimone brought to the series, I’m getting really tired of watching her bullshizz and having no one do anything about it. I’d be all for Kelly Bensimone’s return if I knew that someone, like say Bethenny Frankel, would promise to kick her ass. OK, that might be a bit harsh … but she really does need to be put in her place. She also could use some diction lessons. If Kelly goes, I ain’t gonna cry one bit. Good riddance, I say. On the Beverly Hills Housewives rumor, I’m all for it. One can never have too much of this ridiculous drama to have and to hold. The New Jersey Housewives have yet to kick into bitchy-drama gear but I suspect they will bring the LULz. Why not start the search for a new batch of housewives to serve the entertainment? Huzzah on all fronts!!


  • joanna

    I hope it is Kelly they are replacing. She really was a dumbass! Bethany really should have stomped her, with her Skinny Girl Stiletto!

  • joanna

    Hey TRENT, a little off subject, but what was that vampire novel you were reading, recently? I need a new book to read! Was it good?

  • Katie

    Ugh! Good, I can not stand her. It isn’t even fun to watch b/c she is just too stupid.

  • Jstar

    I would have loved it if Bethany, had kicked off her stilettos and kicked Kelly’s ass! Kelly was a DUMB ASS!

  • joanna

    Thanks Trent, going out to get it now! Yippee, have a great, long weekend! Be careful on the roads :)

  • Teresa

    This is my first time replying…LOVE Your website. Anyway I am desperate for a real housewive’s of the main line. The main line outside of philadelphia is famous through the country. It is is a super weathly area full of money, private schools, mansions, expensive cars–everyone knows everyone and it is all the drama bravo needs!

  • Melinda

    oh it would be fun to see Bethenny continue to verbally berate Kelly…..oh yes indeed! however, throwing a new one in the mix can’t hurt either……..I just got my book signed by Bethenny and she is awesome!

  • Mariah

    @ Teresa. YES! YES! YES! I live in Philly, too. They should totally do a Real Housewives of Philadelphia!!!

  • JoJo

    Everything about Kelly is fake. I am hoping that they will replace her soon. She is boring and plain. It is not fun or interesting to watch her. Why not bring some of the other housewives together to see how their different lifestyles works out. It would be nice to see NeNe and Remona at it. After, all Kelly said she is an Blonde.

  • Diana

    ugh, she’s apparently from my hometown. Sorry you guys. Haha!

  • ally

    omg, i just wanted to rip kelly’s hair out. like the first time she had a “meeting” with bethenny at the restaurant, and bethenny (sp?) was on her way out the door, and kelly came out of nowhere and was like “you need to calm down. you’re crazy! you’re crazy! ahhh! you’re so crazy!” and bethenny was the one being completely calm, and kelly was the one acting nuts with that crazy insane-o laugh. i was surprised no one called kelly out on that CLEARLY dillusional behavior on the reunion show. i felt like they called her out on some things but no one actually called her out on her super-psycho moments like that one, and the moments that just make you go “WTF was she thinking??”
    such a shame it seems like she doesn’t even realize how psychotic she makes herself look. she actually defends it.

  • j

    Maybe LuAnn is leaving because she doesn’t want her divorce to be played out on TV. It would be impossible to film around it. Just a guess. I like Kelly’s craziness.

  • Kasey

    please let there be a God and have it be Kelly that is leaving…she was a disappointment to the show…Not one good thing to say about her.

  • ImJ

    Kelly was clearly crazy and should be replaced. She’s too bipolar with her opinions about the other women. She said she didnt want to be friends with them and that shes a private person. Then dont do a reality show with women you dont like.
    I would like Bravo to mix it up a bit and take 1 housewife from each location and have them live together (kind of like Real World) and see what happens. I think it would be fun!

  • Mary19

    I have to disagree with you guys I love Kelly she put Bethany in her place. I just hate her “honest”(hurtful and BS) approach and Kelly made her feel threathen (oh you hit on my boyfriend 20 years ago and I’m still pissed…) come on!
    If Kelly goes, we would only be left with the Ramona/Simon scenario.

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  • Linda

    I also would like it if Kelly would leave she is nuts and needs help big time. She really needs to get help before you know it she will end up in a nut ward. and her girls will need to be put in the hands of a family member. That is why she needs help.

    Bethany is a sweetheart, her and Jason are right for each other they just belong together, and there little Brynn is a dall baby. Bethany’s in-law are so sweet and the will be the best grandparents.