Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Take ICK To A Whole New Level


Blech … new photos of Paris Hilton and her new man Doug Reinhardt getting down and dirty while partying at the Cannes Film Festival have come to light. While I really wish I could unsee the horror that I subjected my poor eyes to, I’m afraid that isn’t possible. And so, because misery loves company, I want to share the photos with all y’all. Here is a batch of highly unsettling photos of Pug Dilton gettin’ freaky with one another inside a club this week:

After starring in 2004 sex tape 1 Night In Paris, you’d expect Paris Hilton to stay away from home videos. But during her latest night out in Cannes, the hotel heiress shed her inhibitions and put on a sexy show as she was filmed by her latest boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. After changing from a gold sequinned mini-dress into a tiny black number, the socialite ended up flashing her knickers at fellow partygoers as she grappled with Doug on the dancefloor. After filming Paris, 28, perform a sexy dance, besotted Doug, 23, pulled his girlfriend onto his lap for a very public kissing session. The couple, who have been dating for three months, couldn’t keep their hands off each other at the VIP Rooms club on the French Riviera. Earlier that night, the couple put on another display of public affection as they enjoyed a spot of tonsil-tennis in full view of the hundreds of revellers. The bash was held in honour of Paris to celebrate the sale of her documentary Paris, Not France, which she has been touting around the festival this week.

Ugh. Trust me … you ain’t even seen the grossest display of Pug Dilton’s affection for one another. If you think you can handle it … there’s more. After the jump, check out one more photo that will surely have you thinking Why, gods, why?

My lovely readers, I apologize for doing this to you. But I figure we’re all in this goss mess together and when one suffers, we all suffer. I’m gonna go wash my eyeballs now … I suggest you do the same.

[Photo credit: Big! Pictures, Mavrix; Source]

  • Snarf

    There go my eyeballs (can’t say I wasn’t warned though)

  • Margie

    I fall for it every time. I click, eyes bleed, I lose a little bit of my soul and then I feel like Paris gave me the herpes.


    • @Margie — “I click, eyes bleed, I lose a little bit of my soul and then I feel like Paris gave me the herpes.” HAHAHAHA! Brills :)

  • Jaks17

    Ugh. that’s all, just ugh.

  • Jadedkitten


  • Blair

    Oh dear…

  • alexggb


  • Camille


  • AmyM

    hahaha! she looks like she going to take in his face. oh girl.

  • MeG

    What a dirty skank she is. Amazes me when she refers to herself as a lady and seems to really believe it………….next time she does I really hope someone flashes these pics or some of her crotch shots! GAG!!!!!!

  • Aerith

    i dont think water will suffice i might have to use acid on my eyes o.O *shivers*

  • tanya

    dear trent: for the sake of your loyal readers, please put any pictures bearing the likeness of ms. hilton under a cut. love, t.

  • ummmNO

    my dick jus fell off

  • ummmNO

    lol. grody jenner. at the last pic

  • Mela

    Lol…that was the day shame itself died. I shuddered a little when I saw the juicy tongue…

  • JHop

    I mean, the fact that it’s Paris and Whatshisbutt make it extra gross, but I think I’d be pretty skeeved out if I saw ANYONE going to town like that on someone else’s face. Why so much PDA?


  • Christine

    Hahaha – that last photo reminds me of the way Kath and Kel go in for a kiss on the Aussie version of Kath and Kim.

  • lizav2

    sick! argh!

  • jcruzee

    looks like she found some really good e. at least this is the excuse i’m making for such disastrous tongue display. what is she- cleaning his face off? i just puked a little in mah mouth.

  • nisha

    i knew it would be bad knowing these two but seriously this is just making me sick.atleast their not as bad spedi they are just scare me.thanks for posting

  • Beth

    I want to scrub my corneas with Lysol.

  • whitneyshii

    lolol y trent y!?

  • Rachle

    some people have no dignity, repsect or class. ANd paris Hilton is one of them. This girl is so disgusting. They’re not doing it cuz they’re so in love w/ eachtoher..its cuz they want to be looked at and ahve blogs post about it. blah.

  • Misty

    My hatred and disgust for this hag (and him by association) knows no bounds. What a horrible waste of the very air I breathe.

  • Katie

    I think it’s hilarious that she kisses like that–who sticks out their tongues before actually kissing?? LOL

  • Kristen

    haha margie–that’s so funny!

  • Tannyy

    Where the f*ck is the rest of this site i used to come on seeing millions of things now all i see is paris hiltons trashy ass face eating another mans? B U L L S H I T!(:

  • Melinda

    oh WHY did I click on your “rest of the post” link? ugh….here comes dinner…..

  • Tracy


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  • ugh, gross. i really didn’t need to see any of those pictures.

  • Jill

    OHHHHHH! MY EYES!!! I’ll never be able to unsee that.

  • Dixie Chicks Fan

    It’s like a car wreak, I just couldn’t stop myself from looking, yuk.

  • traveling gyllenhaal

    i love me some paris but jesus girl needs to relax. doug must dying to catch the herps

  • I think I just vomiited in my mouth a little bit.

    UGH…yes…yes I did.

  • Pandora

    I just showered but now I feel absolutely filthy. Just…no.

  • Wow, she is so being Tom Green in those picks!

  • Michelle

    OMG… OMG… MY EYES MY EYES!!!!! (Thank you Lisa Kudrow)

  • GM

    Margie is my new hero! :)

  • Hahaha that is disgusting! She’s like a 12 yr old boy sticking her tongue out that far! And why the hell would ANYONE want to watch a documentary on her?!

  • Judy

    I wanna rip out my own tongue, & maybe hit her with it? I’m so grossed out!

  • Mrs Jackman


  • kk

    she looks kind of like a praying mantis in the second pic

  • elle

    & that’s what… number #1908332 ?
    ughhh.. yes paris, u spread eyes bleeding as fast as the spreading of swine flu….
    just ughhh…

    excuse me as I look at rainbows and butterflies now…

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  • bopeep

    trent, better wash ur eyes with holy water, i did the same… totally gross!

  • belle

    I so wish I could un-see this. This is the stuff of nightmares.

  • kristin

    Benji Madden must be thanking his lucky stars right about now. He really dodged a bullet getting away from…uhh…THAT.

  • lstock

    why oh why did I click to continue – I was just asking for it – ack!

  • Kitty

    D O O M

    D O O O O O O M

    Is this not one of the plagues from Revelations?

  • nae

    @istock – i was wondering the same myself! saw another pic of her & it looks like she ain’t got no panties on (imagine that) & she’s showin’ the cooter to everyone. that’s one classy lady! (i jest!) LMFAO!!!! =]

  • vomit…………………………………….

  • goshdarnit.
    WHY, GODS, WHY???

  • tara

    i just threw up in my mouth a little…

  • Kim*UK

    @Margie- that has to be the best line ever, that literally had me laughing!

  • LemonFairy


  • Liah

    is she like… about to lick his chin?

  • kammy

    Oh, DEAR GODS!!!

  • kammy

    Hell, EVEN Doug seems hesitant to dive into that mouth. Why else would he “kiss” with his eyes open?…

  • Cinner

    It just blows my mind why news agencies deem it newsworthy or necessary to publish this crap. Pretty much any “news” about her is crap but at least it’s not lewd. This is just a new public low…