First Look: ‘Melrose Place’


Late last year we learned that The CW was planning to produce a redux of the famed 90’s hit TV drama Melrose Place after their redux of Beverly Hills, 90210 did so well in its first season. In March, we learned that Ashlee Simpson was the first name attached to the new project and then, subsequently, learned that both original MP castmembers Laura Leighton (Sydney Andrews) and Thomas Calabro (Michael Mancini) signed on to reprise their roles (after we learned that Marcia Cross and Heather Locklear both decided to pass … for now). Today, we get our first look at the new crop of tenants moving into Melrose Place … whose drama we’ll be subjected to come this Fall … behold:

Well, there you have it, The CW’s cast of the new “Melrose Place” … What happened to the good old days when co-stars would lie on top of one another for photo shoots? In more exciting news, it’s Sydney Andrews! Yes, here is your first look at Laura Leighton reprising the role that earned her legions of loyal leopard-ear wearing fans back in 1993! But it appears that she’s traded leopards for cougars, as she digs her claws into Shaun Sipos’ nubile flesh. His character, David, is reportedly the son of OG “Melrose Place” character Michael Mancini, who Sydney spent many seasons schtupping, making this pairing all the creepier. In a good way! Here’s hoping producers don’t declaw Sydney and allow her to drag some unsuspecting simpleton into the pool for a good old catfight. Someone point her towards Ashlee Simpson, m’kay? Two more pictures lie under the cut, so make like Kimberly Shaw and blast this sucker open!

HMMMMMM … I still dunno … it’s way too early for me to be gettin’ too excited about this show. I’m curious to see how it all comes together so I’ll deffo be watching but at this early stage, judgment must be reserved. After the jump, check out the two photos mentioned in the article — yes, Sydney Andrews Mancini Andrews is featured …

I like that most of the new cast are unknowns … with the exception of Ashlee Simpson. I may have a hard time seeing her as anything but Ashlee Simpson but, again, it’s way too early to make that determination. Just seeing Sydney stare down the new girl (Katie Cassidy who plays Ella) with arms folded makes me squeal with delight on the inside. I have high hopes for this new version of Melrose Place … I hope they don’t eff it up.

UPDATE: Here is a short clip from the Melrose redux that features a boozy Sydney (with cocktail in hand) trying to seduce Michael Mancini’s son David:

LMAO!! It looks so trashy … HAHAHAHA! My fave part is when Sydney sits on the chair in seductive repose … brills! There may be hope for this show yet.


  • Angeline

    Ashlee used to play on a TV show back in the day called 7th Heaven. That’s when she was blonde and no one really knew about her.

  • Erica

    that blonde chick is on Harper’s Island!!! Only she’s a brunette on that show.

  • Marisa

    haha i love it… there might actually be hope for it..
    oh & i love “david mancini” he’s on greek..such a cutie!

  • source

    Are you sure that’s David mancini? IMDB says Michael Rady’s character is Jonah.

    • @source — in the clip she says, “David, please don’t go!” The David character is reportedly Michael’s son.

  • Christy

    Katie Cassidy was also Ruby on Supernatural

  • Marci

    David is from Greek! I <3 that show!

  • epan

    David is Jake biological son but has been raised by Michael.

  • E

    When I watched the first thirty seconds, I felt like I was watching an episode of Days of Our Lives or something like that….

  • CB

    @ Marci – Me too! I guess MP is why he’s leaving Greek (it looks like Casey and Cappy will be getting back together?).

  • Sweet_Lady

    wow – that was BAD.

  • ummmNO

    this was the most awful thing ive ever seen. terrible writing, acting, everything. that being said, this would be funny to watch high or drunk. or dead

  • Bexx

    The show looks amusing. And I freaking LOVE Katie Cassidy (she deffo should have stayed as Ruby on Supernatural.. but unfortunately the world isn’t perfect)

  • joey

    that doesn’t look very good at all compared to the original which was campy fun. it just seems cheesy, the only reason i will watch is for nostalgia but it seems pretty hollow from the view. ashlee simpson is such a joke. “you must be pretty religious!” she acts like the word church turns her on lol

  • samantha

    so it looks pretty good… i’m def gonna tune in for at least a couple episodes…. i just think that ashlee simpson is trying wayyy to hard and i don’t know if i can take her seriously

  • katt

    awesome! one girl in the backround was the under cover cop on 90210……….

  • Olivia

    Looks great….. YAY

  • troyS

    I look forward to the scene wherein Michael Mancini worries why his son looks so much like his old a**hole neighbor, Jake.

    And like 90210, the clothes are so bad or at least, non-representative. Is Melrose Place next door to a Marshall’s?

  • Kimmy

    I thought for sure the teacher from 90210 was in after the showed his pool side apt,