First Look: Kanye West & Rihanna, ‘Paranoid’


Rihanna has made her return to the world of music video … but has not done so on her own. At a conference for the Def Jam record label here in NYC this week, a new music video by Kanye West for his song Paranoid was screened for the attendees — and, lo and behold, Rihanna guest stars in the clip for the majority of the video. She doesn’t sing on the track, she just appears in the video. Some industrious chap managed to record the clip in its entirety … here are a few screencaps from the video:

Someone got all Nancy Drew at a recent Def Jam conference and recorded this sneak peek of Kanye West and Rihanna’s new video for “Paranoid.” Nice work, gumshoes! The black and white title cards start off with words like “deceit,” “heartache” and “betrayal” — hmm I wonder why? Then it fades to a remarkable-looking Rihanna in nothing but a black teddy and tons of body lotion. Oh yeah, and she is laying in bed. This video is going to be one huge, Paula Abdul like, open hand slap to the face for Chris Brown. Although she doesn’t sing in the video (which is weird) Rihanna laughs uncontrollably, drives an old car ala green screen (very David Lynch-like) and comes across as the one who is going to truly shine after all this C. Brown mess is said and done. It’s more or less a three minute “look at me, I’m not phased” celebration. The song is truly brilliant and the video is by far some of Kanye’s best work. So get ready, and hold onto your morning bagel kids, because I am about to say something I thought I would never ever say. Nice work, Kanye.

In my personal estimation, there are better Kanye West songs but to each their own. The track is pretty good … but it will undoubtedly get a lot of attention because of Rihanna’s guest appearance. After the jump, check out Kanye and Rihanna in Paranoid

It’s really great seeing Rihanna do her thing again … this guest starring stint with Kanye is the PERFECT way for her to get her feet wet and back into the mix again. It’s a good track … what do YOU think?


  • ~ I n F a m o u s ~

    these 3 stills look better than any shitney video i was unlucky enough to see.

  • sean

    absolutely love the video
    rihanna did a good job in the vid

  • Jadedkitten

    @ infamous why so threatened?

  • she looks scary in these vid caps

  • nicole

    i dunno…im over her whole ‘disturbia’ kinda look – or i guess her shock value look? im not too sure how to word it lol

  • Ella

    yay i love rihanna! and i love that kanye seems to be doing so much to support her. with kanye and jay-z in her corner she can’t lose.

  • Dan

    Rarely do I see Music Videos anymore. Even for songs I really love.. All the talk about Rihanna and “Paranoid” before the whole Chris Brown thing was that there would be a remix with her in it. Thats what I’ve been excited about since Paranoid is one of the best songs on 808’s. Hope it still happens.

  • Cristiano

    Did all of you watch Mr. West at the Video music awards recently