America Picks A New ‘American Idol’ For 2009


After many weeks of whittling down the pool of contestants to the final two, American Idol crowned a new reigning champ to take the title of American Idol … and last night’s show was a doozy. As you should be well aware, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen were the last two competitors standing and who performed on Monday night in the final showdown:

Just in case you missed watching the finale last night and just in case you missed news of the winner as it saturated every corner of the Internets, I’ll keep the reveal behind the cut. After the jump, find out who won and who lost in this year’s American Idol competition …

Much to pretty much everyone’s surprise Adam Lambert did NOT win last night’s competition … despite the fact that Entertainment Weekly thought he was a shoe-in and featured him on the cover of their magazine weeks before last night’s finale:

It was actually Kris Allen, the little guy with the guitar, who shocked the world and won the title … he is our new American Idol:

Kris Allen beamed with disbelief, shook his head as if to reject that this was really happening and doubled over in shock. The fact that he’d just beaten rollicking vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert for the “American Idol” title wasn’t going to sink in quickly for the unassuming underdog from Arkansas. The only downside to this stunning victory: He was going to have to sing “No Boundaries” one more time. “I’m sorry, I don’t even know what to feel right now. This is crazy,” said the 23-year-old from Conway, Ark., as he leaned on host Ryan Seacrest to keep from staggering. Allen’s smooth vocals and boy-next-door image gave him the edge after nearly 100 million viewer votes were cast, turning the theatrical Lambert into the most unlikely of also-rans. When the season started, Allen seemed unsure he had a right to take center stage, let alone stand there and snatch victory from such a formidable rival. During his “Idol” audition last summer, Allen, hands in his pockets and a newsboy cap pulled down around his eyes, was asked by the judges if he was the best singer around. “You know, there’s probably people who are better than me,” was Allen’s response, offered in the quiet, low-key spirit he retained despite his growing profile. Conversely, Lambert’s commanding vocal range and stage presence — and the judges’ lavish adoration — at times turned “Idol” into “The Adam Lambert Show,” with the other contestants mere guests. But it turned out that “Idol” viewers could embrace a gifted performer like Lambert, one who sported black nail polish and bold self-assurance, only to a point. Cowell tipped his hat to both contestants Wednesday night, who shared a moment of musical camaraderie when they joined with Queen on the rock anthem “We Are the Champions.” “To both of you, and I don’t normally mean this, I thought you were both brilliant … the future’s all yours,” the judge said. “Adam did win. So did Kris. Nobody lost tonight. These are two champions,” said Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley from backstage. The comments from Cowell and Stanley aren’t necessarily empty platitudes. Past contestants can testify that losing the title doesn’t mean you’re a loser, nor does winning mean you’re a shoo-in for superstardom. Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson, who finished fourth and seventh in their respective seasons, have gone on to huge success. As for “Idol” winners, they range from blockbuster artists like Carrie Underwood to the mostly under-the-radar Taylor Hicks. Backstage, Lambert was asked about how his second-place finish would be interpreted online. “The blogs have a lot of opinions, don’t they?” he said, smiling and looking relaxed. His own interpretation? “I think Kris won because he’s a great artist and I was happy to be runner-up to that,” he said. Wednesday’s outcome echoed last year’s contest, which also looked at the outset like it was going the other way. Cowell all but crowned David Archuleta after the performance finale, calling his a “knockout performance” — but the victory went to David Cook. Lambert was such a powerful, unique performer that his fans were allowed a sense of entitlement on his behalf. But his triumph wasn’t inevitable. When Allen and Lambert were declared the finalists last week, just 1 million viewer votes separated the pair out of 88 million cast. Allen bloomed during the season, gaining more assurance onstage and winning viewers over with his heartfelt vocals, modest demeanor and well-scrubbed good looks.

When I heard the news, I was pretty damn surprised myself — but mainly because I was totally influenced by the media hype machine (I don’t even watch the show and, yet, I thought that Adam had the competition in the bag because that is what everyone was saying) … but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Adam Lambert lost because of a mix of circumstances. First, he was overhyped (the media saturation did not help him, in the end it hurt him). Second, Danny Gokey’s fans/voters went over to support Kris Allen (all the voters who were voting for Adam all along stuck with him but the Gokey + Allen fans put Kris over the top). Third, you can never underestimate the Christian vote (just like in California when it was widely believed that same-sex marriage would be upheld, Christian voters came out in droves and won … it’s very clear who they were supporting in this competition). In the end, Adam Lambert will be totally fine … he will deffo have a huge career and by not winning, he is not saddled down by the constraints of having to be the American Idol (ie. he won’t have to sing that horrible Kara DioGuardi song No Boundaries ever again!). Kris Allen absolutely deserves to win … his talent, in the end, is what made the difference. Much congrats to him.

The thing about American Idol is … once all the drama dies down (in the fast-paced world of the Interweb, that should happen sometime today) we can all move on and focus on something else. After all, it won’t be long until American Idol starts casting for next season’s competition.

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  • Meghan

    I hate American Idol. I stopped watching it years ago. Kelly Clarkson was the best thing to come out of it. These days winning this competition does not guarantee success. Taylor Hicks, anyone????

    • @Meghan — exactly, that’s why I don’t watch. AI is too oversaturated overall. Kelly and Carrie Underwood are the best things to come from the show … Oh, and Jennifer Hudson who didn’t even get close to winning.

  • becca

    I really, really LOVE both of these guys – I would have been happy for either of them to win! In the end, I gave the edge to Kris (I am NOT religious and I ABSOLUTELY support equality for all and I’m sick of people saying that if you’re for Kris, it must be for one of those reasons.) I gave the edge to Kris b/c I like his voice, and I LOVE that he plays both piano and guitar! Those are not the easiest things to do and Kris is able to learn all of these songs in a matter of days, and be able to perform them on that stage every week. It’s amazing. I think having that kind understanding of music really helps you to continue to grow as an artist. That being said, Adam is amazing in his own right, and he’ll have an amazing career – I can’t wait to see what he does! I wish everyone could just be happy and proud of them both and stop all the unfair/conspiracy theories!

    • @becca — I didn’t mean to imply that Christians only voted for Kris, I’m sure many Christians voted for Adam but I’m sure more of them voted for Kris. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s an amalgam of a few different factors, as I said — the overhype of Adam, the Gokey factor and the religious favor. It’s not a dig against anyone, it just seems to me to be the formula that led to last night’s results.

  • S

    Well said, Trent. Some people will deny it, but there is no doubt the Christian vote is what gave Kris the edge. People can’t HANDLE the Glambert. Too bad for them, ’cause he’s gonna be a superstaaar. I wish he’d had that moment of being declared THE American Idol, but history shows it really does not matter.

  • Bleeding Ears

    I agree with Meghan… Kelly Clarkson is the the only American Idol winner for me and I’ve never seen a single episode – HA! Someone said Kris Allen picked up the Christian vote from the dude who came third. Makes sense considering how “fabulous” Adam Lambert appears to be. Either way I’m sure he’ll have a career of some kind in the music business and will probably outsell Kris Allen in record sales because we all know Christians don’t buy CD’s… they illegally download it from Satan.

  • I wasnt a fan of Adam at all, YES his voice was terrific, but sweet Jesus did it get on my nerves. I can’t stand his shrieking!! I was pulling for Matt to win because hes from my home town of Ypsilanti Michigan, woot! But anyway, I was on team Kris ever since Matt got voted off! I love him!

  • Meghan

    Love Jennifer Hudson too, Trent!! I don’t think she would have done as well as she has if she had won the show!

  • hahahaha @ Bleeding Ears “We all know Christians don’t download cds, they illegally download it from Satan.” I really can’t stand Adam Lambert…and that was hilarious!

  • Bb

    I’ve LOVED Adam and Kris from the begining and was so happy they made it to the finals. I didn’t care who won last night because I knew both were extremely talented in different ways. On that note, I am SO TIRED of hearing how Kris only won because Danny got voted off and that he’s christian. Danny got voted off because more people voted for Adam and Kris. Is Adam the most entertaining, Yes! But I do believe Kris is a better artist and that’s what got him to the end. I think both will do great and I’ll buy both albums.

  • Im Just Me

    I think it is so unfair to deny that Kris Allen has talent…I mean Adam was great for some people…but for people like me, I would rather see him on stage on Broadway than hear an album of him shrieking…while Adam is talented in his own right I think that Kris was the better musician over all—when you take away all the glitz and glamour that is Adam Lambert all you have is a guy with a voice meant for stage not for records…but either way I think they’ll both go on and do great things…

  • Bleeding Ears

    *likes Faith and her niffty Myspace page* ; )

  • Raye Raye

    I have to disagree with you about the Christian vote. First, I know a lot of gay Christians and a lot of Christians who have no problem with the homosexual community (and I live in Mississippi, for goodness sakes!). Secondly, my own grandmother is a Bible-beating Christian and she loved Adam for his talent (and ran up a hefty phone bill voting for him). Lastly, sexuality was never actually openly discussed within the confines of American Idol (besides Danny and Kris going on and on about their wives, dead and alive, respectively). On top of all that, the people that I know loved Adam the most were women over 40. No joke. They LOVE him. I liked Kris, and I am one of the most gay-friendly straight girls you’ll ever meet. However, I preferred Kris. I think the gay thing is being played up a little much because he managed to stay in it until the end, didn’t he? If the problem was with his guyliner or his glam attitude, he’d have been kicked out instead of Allison or Danny, both talented competitors. Yes, some people may have been swayed not to vote for Adam because of that, but people love Queen until this day, and their lead singer being gay is a well-known fact. And hopefully Glambert will make a career for himself the way Queen did, being a legend not for being known as being gay, but for being truly talented. I don’t vote for people because they are gay, straight, black or white, but I do vote for those people who are talented in the field they are fighting for. Sorry, that was long. But, my Christian Granny swore off Idol last night because Adam didn’t win, so I think that is a dangerous box to put any Christians in.
    ****Side note: I’m an atheist, so I’m not here to defend Christians for partial reasons. Ha.

  • Oh, and I will totally buy both guys CD’s. They are both amazing, but I probably won’t listen to Adam’s CD everyday. Too much wailing for me. :)

  • Ally

    I didn’t watch this season but my mom is a big fan of the show and I downloaded a lot of the songs for her on iTunes for Mother’s Day, so I thought I would see what all the fuss was about. I watched Tues and Wed’s shows and I have to say, I think Adam is very talented but he is not at all my type of music. The way he sings is just a little over the top for me. He’ll do great though, so I don’t feel too bad that he didn’t win and he doesn’t have to sing that horrible song anymore! I really like Kris though, his relaxed attitude is great and his voice is more what I like to listen to. I was more excited to see David Cook perform last night though. Love that guy.

  • JJ

    Well, I’m pretty conservative and a Christian and I voted for Adam. Honestly, I wasn’t that surprised Kris won. I never really thought Adam would win. I agree, I think Adam was probably just so overhyped and most Danny fans gave their votes to Kris.

    I don’t think anyone denies Kris Allen has talent…I look at them and it’s like comparing Jason Mraz or John Mayer to Steven Tyler (in my own personal opinion).

    I think it’s probably better for Adam because 1) as Trent pointed out, he doesn’t have to sing “No Boundaries” ever again and 2) Taylor Hicks, Reuben Studdard…let’s face it, in general, guys are better off NOT winning American Idol!

    • @JJ — “I don’t think anyone denies Kris Allen has talent…I look at them and it’s like comparing Jason Mraz or John Mayer to Steven Tyler (in my own personal opinion).” You are so right, they are both extremely talented in such different ways. There is room for both but there can only be one winner.

  • JJ

    Oh, and it has to be said…having Kris sing Queen with Adam? Not even fair!

  • meh

    Okay, here is the dealio. Kris Allen, very talented no doubt but truely hen it comes down to the show’s fundamentals of what kind of star they want, Kris Allen is not that. He’s just another David Cook, Ruben, Archuletta, Hicks, and Clay Aiken. A boring slow paced artist which makes subpar to barely any money and disappears.

    All the remains to emerge from this show have been versatile and good at going slow and fast. Clarkson, Underwood, Hudson, Sparks. I will also include Daughtry in this cuz he falls into their category. Despite his screaming, gayness and overall media hype, he was the best contestant they ever had, He defined what American Idol looked for each week and his talent is just godlike.

    Every judge wanted Adam to win, every media outlet wanted him to win, why….because they could make more money with Adam and because they knew he wouldnt fade out so fast.

    You watch how fast Kris Allen becomes a name of the past.

  • Margie

    I totally fell for the media hype machine, whatever that means, and completely fell in love with Adam and the talent he sweats because that is how I roll. I side with what they tell me nevermind that Adam had the complete package.


    I didn’t watch this season past the auditions–the best part. I personally think Adam did have a great voice, but people may him out to be this phenomenon and I guess I just didn’t see it. the shrieking did it for me… oy. But anyway, what does it really matter? As long as you’re in the top 10 at least, you’re bound to get some sort of record deal… and if you’re in the top two, I’d almost prefer that over being the winner… you get the same things the winner does, (the car, the record deal, etc) but you don’t have that American Idol attached to your name for life so you are free to be more of yourself rather than what American Idol makes you do… to me, I’d rather be that. I’m also sick of reading that it’s because Adam is gay… why can’t it simply be because someone has more fans, or whatever the case may be? It always has to come down to race, religion, orientation… it’s ridiculous. Let’s move on people! Congrats to both Kris and Adam!

  • Deidre

    Trent, I love and support your blog, but you really should leave Christianity out of Idol. I understand why you would think that way, but like Raye Raye said, it is not that black and white. Wouldn’t it suck if Adam won and media outlets said he won because of the gay vote, not his talent?

    • @Deidre — I don’t understand, I did not say that Kris did not win because of his talent. Where did I say that? I said that a number of factors led to the final outcome. I do not see how mentioning the Christian vote angers people? I do know that Gays heavily supported Adam, it’s not a secret nor should it “suck”. I even made clear that Kris deserved to win — you don’t make it to the final two of AI and not deserve to win.

  • Deb

    I don’t think Trent is denying that Kris has talent at all. In fact he specifically states that his talent was what won it in the end. Whether that’s true or not, I can’t say. I haven’t actually seen the show (not being in the U.S.), so I wasn’t rooting for one over the other. I didn’t know about the religious aspect either, or what effect, if any, that had on Adam’s chances. What I will say is that when I saw that EW cover a week ago, I thought: oh, that’s it, he’s toast. In sport it’s called the commentators kiss of death, and it’s more due to random chance, but in this case I think the media actually adversely affected his chances. People would have been influenced by that sort of publicity to vote against him, and vote for the underdog. I know I would have – I tend to rail against others dictating my taste. Too bad for Adam, I guess. Normally I would comment about how much I hate EW (Family Guy had it right – it’s only useful function is as a TP substitute if you’re really desperate), but I suppose they weren’t the only ones doing it. And the important thing is whether these two guys manage to make a career out of this experience. Recent history would suggest the odds are against them, but they both seem good hearted, so I do wish them well. The more distance they put between themselves and this over-produced, superficial circus the better.

  • April

    HAHA. I love how you didn’t even mention how you spoiled the ending for all of your Twitter followers :)

    I still love ya Trent! :)

  • Aidan

    Regardless of ideology, religion, or sexuality, this show is first and foremost a popularity contest. Both of the finalists have talent, but Adam is far and away the better VOCALIST. Please note that I’m in no way dismissing Kris’s musical ability – he has a decent voice and his way with instruments is fantastic, but Adam is the better singer in terms of range, power, phrasing, and interpretation. People dismiss him out of hand and call his style ‘shrieking’ – that’s an unfair description. As far as I’m concerned, it’s only shrieking when you can’t hit the notes, but Adam did, and did so beautifully; the notes were full and rich, not thin or straining. I have to wonder why he’s attacked for this. People don’t bitch when Pariah or Xtina do the same thing. Is it just expected of women? Kris is a nice guy, but his vocal abilities are limited and comparing him to Jason Mraz is a JOKE. If anything, Kris is the next John Mayer, and the one we have already is MORE than enough. Of course, you can never have too many douches. Just ask Paris Hilton. In the end, both guys will be okay, but I predict Adam is the one who will have the most staying power.

  • bopeep

    i cant believe how people can be dense sometimes, of course adam is talented but so is kris in a different way. the problem is that adam as trent said is overhyped with lots of supporters but just never supported him during the voting process.

    kris’ fans on the other hand are very quite & never said any unnecessary stuff , they were very supportive to the end! so i guess it all paid off…

    this is america people! you can vote whoever you want, just stop sourgraping coz it make u sound like total loosers!

  • kaitlin

    I only watched a few eppisodes of AI this season and Kris was my favorite early on. I’m into the Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz type of music which is the kind of artist that Kris Allen is going to be.

    While Adam is clearly talented I think his voice and persona are more suited for the stage rather than a mainstream album. He uses a lot of gimicks to make his personality larger than life rather then letting himself shine through. Plus everytime I heard him sing it sound the same as the song before (wailing and lots of it). Adam’s singing style wasn’t for me and truthfully I only think he could be sucessful is if this were still the 80s.

    Trent, I think a lot of people were getting upset with the Christian thing because it’s kind of stereotyping them. There are many Christians out there who voted for Adam and it’s not true that because you are a Christian you can’t have your beliefs outside of the church. (Personally I could careless about the Christian deal)

    Overall it was a tough competition and Congrats Kris! He deffinitely deserves it!!

  • Denise

    The media overhype really hurt Adam IMO. I know several people who thought he was so likely to win, they didn’t bother to vote. They were just so sure he already had it all locked up. When magazine covers are declaring him the winner, people take that message to heart and just assume it’s a done deal when it really isn’t until all the votes are counted on the last night.

  • Well thanks Bleeding Ears, I like you and your jokes! lol

  • Taylor

    Where else but American Idol can you see such amazing mix of talent/artists on show!? It was such a crazy mix: KISS, Steve Martin, Queen Latifah and Lil Rounds, Keith Urban, The Black-Eyed Peas, Cyndi Lauper, Carlos Santana. Loved it!

  • Denise

    There is another factor, and that is the fact that the pre-teen, teen girls are the ones most likely to vote over and over. They have the patience to text in their votes and call multiple times. Kris is the cute little guy who appeals to this group. Not saying he didn’t deserve to win. He did, but I think Adam deserved it just as much. But when it’s close like this, the little girl factor weighs heavily on the outcome.

  • Whitney

    I heard Adam say last night that he is not worried about last night, he is only concerned about tomorrow. Adam will go on to have an amazing career. I’m sure Kris will do OK, but like someone else said, winning Idol doesn’t always guarantee sucess. I will be definitely be buying Adam’s CD’s and buying tickets to his shows.

  • Deidre

    Trent, it’s not that I’m attacking you or your opinions. I’m trying to as non-confrontational as possible in my reply and I appreciate your response. What I am referring to is the fact that it just seems wrong to say Christians were a factor in Adam losing. And as a minority I think it does suck when people say what makes you different is a handicap of some sort. I love Adam and Kris and I think if Adam won it wouldn’t be because he’s gay or Christians didn’t vote against him, I think he just got more votes. I just don’t like it when race, sexuality, or religion are used on either side as reason to support someone. We all want to be judged on our merits and work ethic.

  • whatever man

    Wow at the Christian bashing! I am a Christian and I voted for Adam RELIGIOUSLY after every Idol show! Not cool putting people in a box. We’re not all Bible-thumping maniacs, and we don’t all hate gay people, so please ease up. MOST Christians love their neighbors and treat people the same no matter what. Kris won because 38 million votes came solely from ARKANSAS, where I happen to be from. Arkansas has been firmly behind Kris from day 1 and they came thru with the massive vote count Kris needed.

    • @whatever man — what Christian bashing? to what, exactly, are you referring?

  • kay

    Yep, It was Arkansas, the state, that gave Kris the win.

  • yrfavoritekt

    I’m not really sure what the Christian vote has to do with American Idol… It’s a reality TV show, I’m not so sure ideology plays too heavily into deciphering a winner to be honest with you. And I really don’t know that comparing Kris’s win to Prop 8 is all that appropriate really… I actually find that pretty offensive.

    • @yrfavoritekt — I’m sorry you’re offended. I don’t even know what to say … if you cannot see my point, then there is nothing else to say. Reading comprehension goes a long way.

  • jadedsweetie

    this was just so wrong. but singing on pitch and being charismatic has nothing to do being a star. i’ll forget who this kid is while i see adam selling out venues.

  • Meghan

    yrfavoritekt–I believe Trent was using Prop 8 as an EXAMPLE of the power of the Christian vote.

  • Libby

    I don’t think it was simply the Christian vote that gave Kris the win (obviously they’re not the only people who voted for him). I maintain that the teeny-bopper girls got Kris into the final two. I honestly believe Danny and Adam should have gone to the end, and I think Adam deserved to win it. They’re both amazingly talented, of course, but Adam really went all out every single week and just WOWED everyone. He is a true performer, for sure.

    Kris was great too, and they’ll both do amazing things, surely. But I definitely think the young girls had something to do with giving him the win. Let’s face it, when there’s a cute boy on stage with a nice smile, the young girls are going to put him through simply for that fact.

  • danna

    TRENT is NOT implying that only the christians voted for kris. many of the talk shows/news/media are questioning votes based on “christian vote” or “whether america was ready for a ‘gay’ idol” (if he is gay). it is NOT just trent asking this… A LOT of the media is questioning these ideas. *which i think are stupid. america voted for who they liked best, isnt that the point of the show?

    what it came down to is that the week before 88 million people voted. there was only ONE MILLION separating adam and kris. that really is NOT that much… danny and kris have a similar sound so it makes sense that most of the danny followers would go for kris.

  • CMGeek

    I was just glad to see someone who hasn’t already been in the spotlight or been on stage most of his life win. That to me was the whole point of American Idol.

    Both were equally talented and I see Adam going pretty far in the business. Kris deserved this win!

  • Kat

    I am not sure why everyone thinks that “Third, you can never underestimate the Christian vote (just like in California when it was widely believed that same-sex marriage would be upheld, Christian voters came out in droves and won … it’s very clear who they were supporting in this competition).” that is bashing Christian, or anything to that effect.
    It is obvious that Trent meant NOTHING like that, nor did he mean to offend Christians. He was just pointing out who he obviously believed they voted for. He never said ALL christians voted for him, nor did he say ALL christians believe a certain way, nor did he say NO christian voted for the other guy. He was simply saying he believed the majority voted that way. I actually felt like it was a compliment. Saying that they had more power than people gave them credit for.
    I don’t think anyone is trying to take away from the talent of either guy either. Obviously they both have some talent. He was just listing factors that lead to him winning. All winners of the show have factors on why they won, and they aren’t as simple as “They were the best”.
    Look at Dancing with the Stars, the best dance did not win, but they were good. (I am not taking away from their obvious talent either, I felt like they just wasn’t the BEST).

  • Libby

    I completely understand what you were saying, Trent. I’m sorry so many people have gotten confused. But I definitely agree with your views on why the voting went the way it did. I definitely think the young girls held a part in getting him there too.

  • Jonathan

    At first I was surprised and rather pissed at the results. However, I didn’t vote and don’t vote for that show because it’s asinine to do so.

    Now, I have accepted that Kris is the better choice. He has the same mundane, generic voice that will sell some records, but nothing to keep him from having lasting appeal. This is cruel to say, but not out of the bounds of reality. And all I have as proof of this is that Marvin Gaye cover.

    Congratulations to Kris, a million smackers is awesome. Congratulations to Adam, now that you have no ties to bind you, you better bring what’s coming!

  • Bleeding Ears

    *wants to buy the world a Coke*

  • AJ

    I completely agree with your opinion on how it all went down. I was never a fan of Kris and Adam actually annoyed me (I was an Allison fan :) but I think they are both extremely talented. This is the best possible outcome for Adam. He’s not stuck in contracts with AI and he most likely will release his album before Kris. I just hope he has some good advisors who tell him not to scream in every song! :)

  • yrfavoritekt

    I read your post a couple of times before commenting… so I did try to understand where you were coming from. The reality of it is, it’s your blog, you get to say what you want… I just don’t see how it’s fair to compare AI to Prop 8 is what I am saying.
    And thank you, yes I get it’s an EXAMPLE Meghan, I just didn’t feel it was an appropriate correlation.

  • Shana

    Trent, honestly, just quit responding to this nonsense. A) This is your blog and you’re entitled to your opinion. B) If people get oversensitive about something as trivial as AMERICAN FREAKING IDOL, they need a hobby or a boyfriend, something to occupy their time more efficiently than living vicariously through a television show. C) Diplomacy can only work when both sides have the intellect and wherewithal to contribute.

  • Stef

    I have read a bunch of these posts, and Im glad to see many people agree with me.
    #1- they are both talented in different ways
    #2- if the “christian”vote was soooo important and oh-so-powerful, how the heck did Adam get so far? really? when are we going to be able to live in a country where, when people dont get their way, they don’t say they are discrimated against.
    I loved Adam and Kris in the beginning. The judges ruined Adam for me – not his possible sexual orientation, honestly who gives a crap? and I was definitely not influenced by Kris’s religion. My sheer reason for a vote… Whose cd I would buy.

  • jeannie

    adam losing on idol may have a more positive effect on his career. the boy, without a doubt, has talent. he got to the final two but i believe that this is all about who is more marketable. while the public gets to “vote” on who is their top pick, i believe that the end results are fixed. of course, kris is guaranteed a recording contract. however, he will play puppet for the agency who signs him just because it’s american idol. this has been the case for some (ruben, fantasia, taylor.) what can you say about their careers now? kris may go the way of the buffalo (or excaping the tax man!), despite winning idol. adam can look forward to having a career that displays his true talent, not what idol labels him to be. he created a niche for himself, with the broadway-esque performances and stellar voice. idol did not crown clay aiken or jennifer hudson but look at where they are now! unfortunately, all people could focus on was his sexuality. this should not–and never–be the litmus test for someone’s talent. we may have a new american idol but it was not the superstar–thankfully.

  • bopeep

    geez. no matter how you break down what u think trent, there are people who still dont get what u mean…

  • Jake

    Ugh where did Trent cry discrimination? Christians backing the Christian contestant isn’t rocket science just like Trent said a lot of gays will of backed Adam it’s what happens in these competitions it’s a popularity contest and if the audience can relate to a contestant, shock horror they will often vote for them. It’s Media 101 audiences look for ‘personal identity’ i.e. a character or person they feel they can associate with and in reality competitions this equates votes. I don’t understand why people are getting so hung up about Trent mentioning the Christian vote when he mentions the gay vote and that Kris was talented and deserved to win, and though you can view the Christian vote as a blanket term I sincerely doubt Trent meant to imply EVERY Christian voted for Kris. Jebus people are touchy…

  • Blair

    Lambert was robbed, thats all im going to say.

  • The Jaxon

    The best AI finale EVER, cept someone should have yanked that frog out of Rod Stewart’s throat and dabbed some fake tan around his eyes lol Kiss had me up dancing and making Rock On hand jestures, Lionellllllll was smooooottthhhh as ever and Kris winning was a shocker. Night full of fun and music. FINALLY something worth watching!

  • Margie

    At least Adam doesn’t have to release that horrendous song Kara penned. Kris has to though.

  • LizzyMae

    While I agree with the three points you listed playing a part in Kris’s win, I think you forgot one really important ting, which is people love Kris and he peaked at exactly the right time to win. He gave the best performance on Top 3 night with Kayne’s “Heartless” and was amazing in the finale with “Ain’t No Sunshine.” He connected with viewers with these types of performances and built up a pretty impressive fanbase that only sent him to the bottom 3 once. I think there were far more votes for Kris than votes against Adam that lead to Kris’s victory.

    • @LizzyMae — yes, I think your observation about timing is right on. Adam peaked too soon, Kris’s momentum lead right up to the finale … and the win.

  • Kelly

    Actually, I take offense to what you said Trent. I am a Christian and I did NOT for Kris Allen or Danny Gokey…ever. I was and still am an avid supporter of Adam Lambert. Adam is talented and a natural born performer, it’s a shame he didn’t win. He was robbed plain and simple.

    I love Adam for who he is as an artist and religion and sexuality should have nothing to do with it. I would never vote for someone strictly because they are Christian, or not vote for them because they are gay.
    That is shallow, terribly sad. I really hope you know that all Christians are not that way.

    I do agree that Gokey’s voters went over to Kris last night, That’s for sure.

  • Bleeding Ears

    Wow… religion and American Idol… I’m not Agnostic, but still, I can’t believe what I’m reading here…

  • _M_

    I liked both Adam and Kris but I was really rooting for Danny. There are SOME people out here who voted on talent, not someone’s sexuality or belief system.
    I’m not really offended by anything other than everyone thinking Christians are dramatic religious fanatics with an agenda for everything. There are millions of us out there who don’t judge, who have gay friends, who believe that people make choices and if it’s wrong, God will decide one day.
    Everyone wants Christians to be tolerant of gays, but it seems that it’s ok for gays/gay supporters to not be tolerant of Christian beliefs. (I know you didn’t say that, Trent, but I get this feeling on “other” gossip blogs.)

  • Kat

    I agree with Jake. He never said the other guy was discrimated against. Never did he say that. SOme people are putting words into Trent’s mouth here. He was simply stated that he felt that most Christian’s would vote that way.
    Again, he never said ALL christians voted that way. He said Majority, so if you didn’t vote that way… then I guess you aren’t in that group. He also never said that no Christian voted for the gay guy. But in all honesty, the christians around where I live, wouldn’t have even thought of voting for a gay person. People around here, are scared to come out as gay, because of the way people are. But that is Christians around here, doesn’t mean them all. My parents are Christians and they aren’t that way. So again, he never said ALL christians did that.

  • xsheeesakeeper

    To be honest, I think the very last night that they sang, [which is the one and only time I had either heard any of them sing], I was a little disappointed to hear Adam, but Kris rocked that song even though it was terrible. Maybe it came down to a horrible song [No Boundaries, I think?] and the fact that honestly, Kris did do a better job that night at least.

  • Ally

    The thing I don’t get about the whole Christian debate is really who cares? Personally I liked them both and thought Adam was going to win, but at the end of the day it is just a TV show. It isn’t exactly something as important as an election or Prop 8. And both of these guys will have great careers (hopefully). I mean, if Adam had been kicked out really early then maybe people would have a reason to be upset. The guy came in second when 100 million votes were cast! Enough with the finger pointing, let’s just be happy for Kris AND Adam.

  • Nadine

    Does anyone agree that last night’s finale was the best ever? I was blown away by the performances and star power. I just can’t believe that it was the lowest watched finale! It was mindblowing. It featured Kiss, Queen, Rod Stewart, Lionel Ritchie, Black Eyed Peas, Keith Urban, Cindy Lauper. It was just incredible and the idols were fantastic. I love both Kris and Adam. They both will be successful.

  • Marzi

    What happened to being able to vote only a certain number of times? Being able to vote as many times as you want during two hours does not in anyway determine the popularity of a contestant. I liked both contestants, but I have so many other things to do than vote for two hours. Viewership on AI is going down (least watched finale since first season) yet votes are still setting records? Dancing with the Stars limits the number of times you can vote (I think it’s 11 or 12), maybe AI should as well.

  • mimi

    im not american, i didnt vote – but i have been watching the show on tv (we get the show a day after it airs in the US) – but they had even hyped this adam dude here! the commercials they showed for the finale only featured adam for crying out loud (no mention of kris!)..
    as far as im concerned, kris had a more chilled subtle style that i absolutely adore. i think his style of music would have more longevity for a career.. whereas adam will have the hype for a while and then … who knows?
    with that said i could be totally wrong! however, the songs i did see adam sing (mad world in particular) i thought were pretty awful. thats just me though!

  • mimi

    ^ sorry, forgot to mention im in australia! :)

  • joey

    i have to agree, people made this too much a political statement about gay acceptance, its about whose a better singer and kris allen had a way more laid back style than adam who was too theatrical. I didn’t like how Adam had to make every performance so over the top and shriek, if people voted b/c of political/religious beliefs they missed the point of the competition. I’m just glad Gokey didn’t win, he was annoying and arrogant and very sanctimonious.

    • @joey — just a request, is there another email addy you can use in the comment field? your current one keeps filtering your comments into the spam mailbox.

  • Laura

    While I don’t think you meant to offend anyone, Trent, it seems as though some people, myself included, were slightly perturbed by your comment about the “Christian vote.” I do think that it was on of several aspects that led to Kris’ victory over Adam, however I think it was inappropriate to single out Christians as a cause (not the cause, mind you). I think a more appropriate choice would have been “conservative” or “religious.” Making assumptions about Christians is just as bad as people of conservative or religious values making assumptions about Adam or the gay community in general. The light that you casted on Christians, though hopefully unintentionally, with your comment was fairly negative. I’m not pleased with some views that Christians have taken, especially regarding gay rights, but Christians are certainly not the only people who take issues with gay people. I am not attacking anyone here but merely pointing out my thoughts. Everyone is, of course, entitled to his or her own opinion.

  • sarah

    ahh adam will do perfectly fine, he already has a music contract .. so im pretty sure just because he didnt win idol and a trophy? doesnt mean thats the end of his career. Arkansas is what won it for Kris. Like 39 million just from the state.

    I both loved Kris and Adam, i would of been happy if any of them won. But now thinking back im kind of happy that Adam didnt win hes not under any dumb american idol contracta nd hes free to do whatever he wants to do.

    Comparing Kris and Adam is like comparing an apple to a watermelon , completely seperate things. Thye both sing for different genres and good at what they do.

  • Apples v 2

    Wow, surprising Christian comment!

    Somehow I knew Kris would win, and not because people hate the supposedly gay Adam, but because Adam is “too out-there”. Of course I don’t believe in that, but that’s how America rolls sometimes.

  • Bebe

    About the “Christian vote” thing – which hasn’t been beaten to death at all…

    I’ve never taken that term to mean “the vote of any and all Christians”. I’ve always taken it to refer to those (relatively few) people who DO vote “Christian”. Like someone said above, it’s more of a conversation or religious thing. THOSE people (i.e. Christians who vote Christian, not just Christians who vote) would have voted for Kris… You’re right there, Trent.

    I think the problem is, while lots of Christians are watching AI, not a lot of “Christian voters” are, so the statement is rubbing people the wrong way… because, seriously, teenage girls (even if Christian) do not equal the Christian vote in my mind. I also would not consider my own vote a “Christian vote” though it is a vote from a Christian. I hope this distinction is actually what you meant, Trent, because I don’t want my vote being lumped in there, especially since my stance on most real social issues doesn’t align with the conception of the Christian vote.

    And… I can’t resist saying I loved Adam – I was surprised when Kris won. I /really/ look forward to more from Adam, though hopefully with slightly less screeching. (I’m sorry but not /every/ song benefits from it). But Kris was adorable and good with instruments so I hope he can pull off a decent career and not go the way of Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks.

  • Wendy

    “it’s very clear who they were supporting in this competition”

    While I am not offended by any of what you commented about, I do think it is unfair about the Christian comment. How is it clear who they were supporting? Is there a breakdown of who all the voters are? I voted and don’t recall being asked if I was a christian. I voted for Kris because I think is he a great talent and I like his style of music. I agree that Adam is extremely talented too, but I don’t care for all the “shrieking” he does in his songs. I wish them both the best in their careers. I’m sure they will both do well. And even though I think the comment was unfair, you are entitled to your opinion and I still adore you!!!

  • Karly

    From the beginning I could never understand the appeal of Adam. When he doesn’t shriek he can sing nicely but theres no lovelyness to his voice like Kris. you could feel what Kris sang. I mean you could feel what Adam sang too but bloody ears isn’t a feeling you like very well

  • I think Kelly and Laura have valid points. I think what is offending people is that by mentioning the “Christian vote” you are equating being a believer in Christianity with being a horrible, evil bigot. I think we can agree that they aren’t the same thing! By the way I am gay, not a Christian and deffo not an AI fan! But I am a Trent fan! :D

  • Carolina

    Adam has a powerful voice, but he is just way too damn theatrical, i could never imagining listening to him on the ready.. he also doesnt really have a wide range, he can sing mainly high and cant get the low, emotionally charged notes. he doesnt have enough relevance in todays music scene, maybe in the rock n rolll eras of the past, but we dont need another freddie mercury right now, because we already had one and he was better, also adam just comes off arrogant at times, the judges favoring him and the media aswell week after week became such a putoff, it was enough already, people always look for someone with modesty. kris fits more in the music of today, can sing low and high and he is such a charming sweet, shy guy, never came off arrogant and who doenst love a bloody underdog. Adam will get a record deal anyways so who really cares if he lost. but yay for kris! dont be mean people, dont rain on his parade!

  • Carolina

    and let me just add im not religous in any shape or form, i love gay people,straight people,white people, pink purple i dont judge people on race or gender or sexual preference. I did not like adam i couldnt stand listening to his screechy performances that looked like a broadway show. I also think him getting the entertainment magazine cover before he even won, the first contestant ever… was a huge slap in the face to everyone else in the competition. everyone was pushing adam so far down our throats it just made you w ant to throw up, if someone is forcing you to buy coke, you get turned off because its annoying so what do you buy? pepsi. get over it people stop being so freaking angry about adam winning. not everyone voted for kris just because he was straight and adam was gay. that is like saying every black person voted for obama just because he is black (not the case) and that gay people are only allowed to vote for adam because adam is gay. so dont say christians only voted for kris because he is straight, that is bigotry in itself. dont put people in boxes based on their religion or race or sexual preference because that is what is wrong with the world. ITS JUST A TV SHOW PEOPLE! yay for adam yay for kris.. everyone just get along

  • Ashley

    Adam may have to sing that song again, his version was released on Itunes as well.

  • Karie

    Trent! You had me until you joined the “Adam lost because he is gay” bandwagon! I don’t think the “Christian” vote, at least in the sense the media is referring to, had much to do with it. I think the hype for Adam (well deserved, mind you) probably hurt him most. He was crowned Idol from the get-go so I am sure this “loss” wont hurt him one bit! The Dude rocks in every sense of the word. He’s golden…he’ll be just fine.

  • Personally, I think people underestimated the “teeny bopper vote”
    I mean, c’mon, look at kris. As american as apple pie and cute to boot. Little girls latched on to him like they did with Hanson in the 90’s and voted and voted and voted until they couldn’t vote anymore. That plus something like 43 million votes coming from Arkansas alone (Kris’ home state) put him over the edge.
    AI at the end isn’t about talent, it’s about appeal.. and Kris appeals to a wider spectrum of people. Maybe due to beliefs, maybe due to looks.
    No one’s denying the guy is talented- but if it were voice vs. voice, Kris wouldn’t stand a chance- and even HE said that himself.

  • kim finn

    i personally think that either would have made a great idol, but kris won because he does have a really good voice, he doesn’t have as wide of a range as adam but he is good. The main this is both of them will have great musical careers now that they got this far on american idol and were loved so much by the fans.

  • KellyK.

    Trent, love you and the blog…i read and understood everything you wrote…and i agree, reading comprehension goes a long way.

  • shannon

    I’ve read many of the comments (and replies) here and there are a few I agree with. I, too, thought that Christianity/sexuality should not play a part in who could win American Idol and it should be based purely on talent. Alas, as many would argue, is not the case. While I think bringing up the “Christian vote” is a little innappropriate, I also have to go back on my thinking and say that religion, sexual orientation, race, sex, gender…all of them, play a part in our everyday life. Whether it be the way we look at someone, who we hire for a job, the way we speak to someone..and even who we vote to win a television show contest, it is almost 100% completely impossible to take those ideologies out of our minds. They surround us all the time. As much as someone would like to say that they don’t think a certain way and that something like Christianity shouldn’t be brought up is mildly hypocritical. How many of those people judge other things in daily life because of a factor such as that? While I admittedly snicker at the fact that Adam’s loss has been partly credited to a factor such as his sexual orientation or the religious practice of the viewers, I understand why it’s brought up. It’s the world we live in and we can’t escape it.

  • TandSara

    some of the people who posted shouldn’t have bothered, this is Trent’s blog, you don’t like what he says than there is a little x at the top of that window that you can click and poof you’re gone. You don’t have to come here, and Everytime you disagree with what a blogger says, you DONT have to comment either, I bet some of the naggy posters came from perez or justjared or some mess. Alot of you really didn’t read what Trent said, you just saw a label” christian” felt personally attacked( because for some reason you think someone said your name) and felt obligated to type out a full on rant. I was brought up christian and I am not offended by anything that was posted ( b/c I don’t make everything about me). I hate when people bring up stuff like being christan ( which is a religious choice and encompasses people of all walks of life) and compare it to being a race , sexual identity or ethnicity. Are you serious, it isn’t the damn same. When I was born I had black skin, when you were born you were NOT a christian( it’s something you choose and can undo). Why be offended ,this isn’t about YOU. BTW some of you posters were downright rude and disrespectful, we are all entitled to opinions but please have some tact. I didn’t even watch this season after the funny episodes in the beginning, so Im not invested in either guy, nor do I care about who won, but I live in California, don’t try to tell ME about prop 8, I had to work for a family who was out protesting it( they were morman) and it was awkward for me b /c I did not agree with them at all( and their church voted in droves) and they would tell you that they have no problem with gay people( oxymoron). Alot of christians who actually read the bible will tell you in a heartbeat how they feel about the gay community(it’s called the midwest people, Im from there, I KNOW what Im talking about, Arkansas is VERY midwestern it’s the bible belt, it’s southern baptists, church of christ and evangelists, it isn’t this liberal christianity alot of folks here may be practicing, it is very conservative,DON’T even pretend that for some people that will not bias them, it can, it doesn’t mean it does that for all, but alot of AI viewers are older people who may not be for the current progress the country is making, just as obama’s win doesn’t mean racism has dissapeared, the fact that the country is increasingly more progressive doesn’t mean these types of things don’t happen. Some people need to get out from under their rocks and meet some folk, travel,than maybe something you say will actually apply to what is going on within the topic.

    Me, I’m not nice Like Trent I could care less who I offend, If somebody else wants to get their panties in a knot, I wont lose any sleep over it. Just wanted to make sure things were said that hadn’t yet been said.

  • Carolina

    i really just hate that kris is being discredited as if he doesnt have talent. i dont believe that adam is any better they are completely different in their styles you cannot compare the two. kris has an amazing voice and better liked style of singing that is why he won. i think this whole thing is ridiculous. If Adam was straight and Kris was gay, everybody would just say oh well Kris lost because he was gay. Like there is a no win in situations where people put stupid stuff like that first. Maybe im just a daydreamer but its not just the bigots who need to not be prejudiced in social situations and disagreements but the group being cornered cant just use their social difference as an excuse for everything. people should just be who they are, and we all just need to LOVE who gives a shit honestly i dont. i personally hated this season of american idol, so boring, and simon is going to be leaving soon so there will no longer be a point in watching the show anyways. now I will leave you all to argue amongst yourselves once again, as if that will solve anything. but please, everyone just get worked up, youre the ones missing out on life. i prefer to be an optimist and not a pessimist, because i believe that we as a society are moving forward with how we treat people, we are nto their fully yet, and we never iwll be as long asp eople argue over little things such as who won american idol and why. there is an aids epidemic out there killing millions of people everyday, lets worry about that and not AI. LOVE TO ALL YALL!

  • Carolina

    “Maybe im just a daydreamer but its not just the bigots who need to not be prejudiced in social situations and disagreements but the group being cornered cant just use their social difference as an excuse for everything”

    when I said the above, obviously i know about racism and the treatment of gay individuals etc etc… and obviously in many situations people who are misguided and ignorant do hurtful and cruel things because of the difference of the group of people. but i dont like in petty situations like a tv singing contest that people put these excuses into play. so i dont want anyone to take that comment out of context as if i dont understand that sometimes the reason for what is causing the ignorant behavior is valid.

  • eiBeauty

    Laura, although this argument about being Christian in relation to AI is silly, perhaps using a different term like “conservative” or “right-wing” would be better than using Christian as a blanket term for “not tolerant” or “old-fashioned”.

    I enjoy Trent’s blog and agree with his opinions for the most part and see that there might be some ambivalence here which can go either way. I consider myself Christian and a core value of that being tolerance and love for all.

  • Shazz

    thank god, now Adam can do whatever he wants. =]

  • Courtney

    Adam is better off not winning, he will out sell Kris in sales by a long shot since Kris is sooooo boring and the world does not need another John Mayer-type singer.

  • hellgurl

    yeah! kris is just ur everyday average type of guy, with a simple voice, a simple appeal,and a simple personality, yatta,yatta,yatta…..BORING!…I think adam is the more better singer, atleast he puts more life into it wheh he sings ratherly compared to good ol’ christian kris allen who does’nt stand a chance in beating adam in vocability. i just feel sorry that he will probally turn out to be one of those john mayer guys…how tell you frankly, i really hated kris’s singing and thought that it was just about time for him to hit the road and go home.i am a reaally big fan of adam and allison and was shocked when i heard that allison was going home.i was even more shocked when i heard that kris allen was the 1rst 1 2 b safe. to me, he was just some kinda plain and boring person with just only a a little talent in singing. i really loved allison and her strong, powerful voice and hope to see her in the future making records. i relly love adam to not only because for his talent in singing and hitting the high notes ,but because he’s really cute too.and was born for rock n roll…..GO ADAM!…woohoo!

  • I loved the top 5 Idol group medley last night. It was a pity to see Aaron Kelly eliminated however I believe the others were better hence he needed to go!