Michael Jackson Rocks Red Pleather In Beverly Hills


Now that we know that Michael Jackson has decided to postpone the first few dates of his This It It Tour until next year, I guess we can understand why he has so much time to spend shopping and hanging out all over SoCal. Jacko was spotted making his way out of a medical center in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday and he was rockin’ the fugliest red pleather jacket (possibly a nod to his famous red, zippered leather jacket from his Beat It music video) and the scariest nose and lips on Earth … behold:

EEK! I think I actually prefer it when he wears his surgical mask now. These lips even make Lisa Rinna’s lips look normal by comparison. This man is just so bizarre. As I said earlier, I fear the postponement of his first few concert dates is only the beginning of a terribly embarrassing mess that will, most likely, ruin his career. I hope I’m wrong … for the sake of his fans, I do hope I’m wrong. Thus far, I’ve yet to see anything that gives me hope that he can pull off a comeback. Do you think it can really be done?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Meghan

    He’s a nightmare. I will be surprised if he actually pulls off this tour.

  • Krissy

    I agree Meghan, I have a bad feeling that he will go down in a ball of flames, and this concert tour seems like it has the potential for disaster. He really doesn’t seem competant enough to do that many shows…even one show. He looks so scary, but at the end of the day I really worry about his kids. Those poor children. I hope they are safe.

  • Lis

    What about his NOSE?! His nose is scary looking in that profile picture.

  • Chase


  • I wonder how many pleathers had to die for that outfit?

    Oh, and Lisa Rinna’s lips look like an anus under a magnifying glass (surrounded by a face)

  • Ashley

    his nose looks like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Scary!!

  • PixiesBassline

    His nose and mouth are both scarey. I think he looks better with a mask on. How could someone NOT totally regret doing that to their nose?? It seems that it would cause breathing difficulties.
    LMAO@ KENT’S comment – There’s not telling how many pleathers had to die in order to create MJ’s outifit… what a sad world….

  • PixiesBassline

    *no telling, oops

  • Masher

    I think most may consider his career already in ruins. He is such a mess on so many levels.

  • richard s

    no love for brother mikey? he changed the world a bit

  • Ella

    I feel really really bad for him.

  • Jadedkitten

    Put it back on put it back on PUT THE MASK BACK ON D:

  • he’s so gross. i wish people who used to be celebrities could just be de-celebritized so we don’t have to ever see them again and so they won’t scare our kids.

  • Mindy

    I bet it’s really hard to sing with lips like that…give the guy a break;)

  • tatiana

    lolol. I told you Trent. Hes never going finish (or start) this tour. Sorry MJ fans. The man can barely keep his nose on his face. Theres no way hes going to dance around on stage for 50+ shows. Tragic.

  • duh

    Let’s not forget he is a kid toucher! Can’t go see or celebrate this guy for his atrocious crimes. He should be in jail.

  • Sources close to Jacko claim he’s not yet turned up for one show rehearsal even though D-day is now less than six weeks away. AEG are said to have insisted on a clause in Jackson’s contract stipulating a minimum amount of time that he himself would be singing/performing on stage during the whole show time.
    And that minimum amount?
    13 minutes. Which is probably about three songs.
    ~via popbitch

  • Cinner

    The chin implant thing on his chin is just all, all wrong…his whole face just seems like it is built of decrepid plastic parts held together by tape. Man the plastic surgeons who did this to him over and over again were obviously only in it for the money…there’s simply no pride in work that shoddy. YUCK!

  • shebo

    Holy moly. So much hate.
    I dont know why people find it so entertaining to slam on people. Or to judge on appearance. Oh humans you silly silly things. If he is happy with how he looks who cares? We should have the freedom to express ourselves without people getting bent outta shape because it is different. What is so scary about different anyway?
    I really hope everything goes well for him, honestly. I wouldnt wish a crash and burn on anyone.
    much love

  • Doubt

    I bet you all feel like real assholes now. Poor guy just wanted to make a comeback, and all you talk about is his fucking nose and his jacket.

    Well, he tried, but of course even if he was alive today and tried to comeback, it’d just be pointless. The audience is just a handful of nit-picking snobby bitches like the cretins that make fun of his looks.

    Dude, the man is a dancing legend. Watching him dance makes me forget all about what he looked like and how he lived. Doesn’t that mean anything to anyone?

    He wanted to be a kid forever, like everyone else, and had the money to do what he wanted. I bet if all you guys had to do all day was stay home and be rich, you’d fuck up your faces too. No one’s perfect.

    The man was under so much medication, and under so much social burdening, and so much BS I’m surprised he lived as long as he did.

    God, I know it sounds ridiculous for me vindicating a celebrity, but man you all are so fucked up for making fun of him.

    • @Doubt — I can’t speak for anyone else but your comment “I bet if all you guys had to do all day was stay home and be rich, you’d fuck up your faces too.” is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. In all honesty, I stand behind my comments. The man was odd, it was worth noting. He died tragically and that is sad but does not take away from his incredibly odd behavior.

  • shaker

    if someone doesnt like how he looks like, its up to him to change any partof his face you fuckers plus if he had money to do it. what do u care about his nose and chin. let him, he liked what he did! and ‘bitch’ what is so odd about michael? explain what’s odd behaviour? lol. obvuously u didnt follow his life carrier and dont make such a stupid comment. most of people in this world got some inspiration from him, he’s a great man inmany ways. please do some research before you guys open your mouth.

  • OnlyMJs

    Michael’s nose or lips aren’t scary at all..

    Get a life, dudes, you’re wasting your time on this crap..
    What about looking at your selves?

    Michael is waaay more lovely than all of you guys.. I love you 4-ever Mike..

    P.S respect to “shaker”

  • YouIdiots

    ….Looking through the comments on this page makes me sick. What this poor guy had to put up with because idiots like you only believe the shit that tabloids write… you should really be ashamed.

  • kad

    You, me and Micheal… we all are humans! Each of us has our own weakness. People (including his family) made fun of his acnes and also his nose and it had made him lost his confident. I’ve been in that situation too and it felt like you’re the ugliest person alive! So I know exactly what he had been through! Then Michael became a superstar… and with all that money he had, he wanted to ‘fix’ his appearance. I do believe that he had tried very hard… he didn’t want to be the ugliest person alive anymore!


    Fuck you whoever wrote this.
    he is beautiful. and yeah for calling him bizarre your wrong. you dont even know him. you dont know whats going on in his head. maybe if you’ve been through what he has. you would understand why he changed his face so much. but you all dont give a shit about anyone but yourselves. you believe the crap in the newspapers & let the tv tell you what to believe. do the research. & if you researched right. you know that michael is an amazing human being.
    and stop calling him jacko its fuckin jackson.
    how many times does someone have to repeat it.
    and for those who will reply back to me with some ridiculous comeback. fuck you & go to hell where you belong.