Zachary Quinto Does German ‘GQ’ Magazine


Zachary Quinto, star of Heroes and Star Trek, is featured in the new issue of German GQ Magazine in a photoshoot that has him lookin’ all James Bond (in his tux), all bad ass (on his motorcycle) and all Sylar (thanks to those trademark eyebrows) rolled into one hawt package. Here are a few pics from this shoot:

Unfortch I was unable to find the accompanying article/interview from the mag but since I got thru learning German in college by the skin of my teeth, I doubt I’d be able to decipher much from the piece. The official German GQ website does offer a behind the scenes video from this photoshoot which you can watch HERE. Now that Zachary is a bona fide movie star, I think we’ll be seeing much more of him in magazine photoshoots as the year progresses. While I like the snazzy duds, I’d like to put in a request for less clothing in any of his upcoming photoshoots … Chris Pine can’t be the only fine fella showin’ off some skin, right?


  • ahhh what a fine post you have here. a fine, fine, fine, hot as hell post indeed.

  • Thank you for posting this up! Wow, he’s really handsome and the eyebrows are very cute. Wow!

  • Cleo

    His head looks huge in the tux photo!

    Does anyone know what motorcycle he’s on in this shoot?

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    He’s gorgeous.The thing with him is that he is extremely hairy.Lots of black straighy hair all over him.I think it is really sexy.

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  • Green Is Good

    He makes me think impure thoughts. Hawt!

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  • Sandy

    What a beautiful man… that last picture made me shiver in all the right/wrong places! Very James Dean-esque!

  • Sunny

    With photos like these, who needs the stinkin’ article? HOT HOT HOT!

  • DaliSalvadorAde

    he is so beautiful. LOLZZZZ

  • carma

    After watching Star Trek, I am unable to see him as anybody other than Spock.

  • gokarm

    He’s a perfect blend of adorable, sexy, masculine, brainy, confident, and talented.

    And that’s just how he looks. I love seeing new pictures of Quinto. He fascinates me, visually speaking. Like Christina Ricci.

  • Meagan

    Zachary steals the scenes of everything he is in!! He is amazing as Sylar and he absolutely stole the movie Star Trek for me. He morphs into his roles absolutely and I find that my attention is always drawn to him. Aside from the fact that he’s georgous in a dangerous accountant type of way!!!