Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni Are Gettin’ Hitched!


Happy news to share today … Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon announced yesterday, at the Love, Peace and Marriage Equality Rally in NYC (which brought out folks like Kristin Davis, Cheyenne Jackson, David Hyde Pierce, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and more), that she and longtime girlfriend Christine Marinoni have gotten engaged and are ready to finally say I Do! The couple, who have been together since 2003, share custody of a daughter and a son and are now ready to take their relationship to the next level. At yesterday’s rally, Cynthia announced that she and Christine got engaged last month … they’re gettin’ hitched, y’all:

While rallying for gay rights in New York this weekend, Cynthia Nixon announced her engagement to girlfriend Christine Marinoni, the Sex and the City star’s rep confirms to E! News. The couple has been together since late 2003, shortly after Nixon split from her longtime companion Danny Mozes. The exes share custody of their two children, Samantha, 14, and Charles, 7. Nixon shared the news with audiences during the Love, Peace and Marriage Equality rally in New York City.

The actress and Marinoni became engaged last month and are currently working to support the new gay-rights bill proposed by New York Gov. David Paterson. The goal is to achieve equality for same-sex unions. Access Hollywood first reported the engagement. Nixon and the rest of the Sex and the City gang are set to start filming the movie’s sequel this summer.

This is very happy news. I’m thrilled for Cynthia and Christine. The couple have been together for so long and have previously announced that they didn’t want to get “pretend married”. Now that there are 5 States in the US that have legalized same-sex marriage, with New Hampshire on the verge and NY working towards the same, I guess the time was finally right for the couple to start making plans for their nuptials. Much love and congrats to their entire family! I can’t wait until they’re finally able to get ‘er done.

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  • nae

    yea! i’m happy for them! =]

  • Madsme

    Bad luck, steve.

  • Aww this is really cute. I’m so happy for them. I’ve always wondered when they’ll do it :)

  • Jess

    Oh that is so exciting! I have loved her forever, and am so happy to see that she has realized true happiness! Congrats Cynthia and Christine!

  • Bleeding Ears

    I love, love… of any kind. Congrats ladies!

  • Jadedkitten

    Huh I thought they were already married……but yay

  • Tracy

    Yay. I am so happy for them. Cynthia’s girlfriend scares me a bit but I am still happy for them nonetheless.

  • Janice

    I didn’t know she was dating a woman! Where’ve I been since 2003? Haha. Best of luck to them.

  • artgirl774

    I am very happy for them, but can’t shake Chistine’s eerie resemblance to a younger Danny Bonaduce–eek!

  • Reading this reminded me of when Cheyenne Jackson called Kathie Lee Gifford a bitch on TV so I just went and watched that little clip again – it’s really quite hilarious!

    And CONGRATZ to these lovely ladies. Cynthia Nixon sure has come a long way since Little Darlings!

  • Jewett

    so when are You going to get hitched?

  • Ford

    I <3 kristin davis